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Comment Re:It worked (Score 1) 146

You're not thinking like Microsoft, which was the point of my post. That's what I imagine THEY thought. It makes sense to me. It doesn't matter how many Windows Phones sell. The point is that Microsoft felt threatened by Nokia and then took what it considered to be appropriate steps to eliminate the threat.

Comment They had a lot of developers (Score 1) 146

Microsoft had a pretty large number of developers on board, in part to incentives they were handing out left and right...

The problem is even with that support, it did not matter because people were just not buying the phones.

Between the giants of Google and Apple, already well established, it's pretty hard to make other people know you exist much less buy your phone... even if you are Microsoft (or Blackberry).

Comment It worked (Score 3, Funny) 146

So, everything was fine until Microsoft somehow (the article doesn't say) determined that goodwill was worth only $116 million instead of $5.4 billion. That's huge. This is the crucial piece that makes it all "make sense".

Microsoft bought their rival and destroyed them. It's all done now, Nokia isn't coming back. Microsoft can rest easy now, the threat to Windows Phone has been eliminated. It cost billions, but that's OK. Plenty more where that came from. What's the point of being a huge corporation if you can't do things like this from time to time? It's time to stroke a Persian cat and sip a snifter of brandy. The Company has been saved.

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