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Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 301

> I would like the ability to share (or NOT share) my driving history with my insurance company to get a lower premium
> Many people install company specific devices in their cars to do just that

--See, that attitude right there? THAT'S PART OF THE PROBLEM. Benjamin Franklin had a quote or two for you.

" Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. "

--In this case, you are WILLING to give up a FREEDOM that you should have, just to save a little money. You should be able to drive where you want, when you want, without some insurance app SPYING on you! Being willing to be spied on EVEN MORE than we already are, is actively contributing to eroding the very concept of the USA being a "Free" country!

" I don't mind a camera in my phone... "
" I don't mind my insurance company installing a data-collection device in my car... "

' I don't mind a camera in my bedroom... '
' I don't mind a camera in my bathroom... '
' I don't mind a camera in my always-on TV... '
' We have always been at war with Eurasia... '

" Big Brother is Watching You. "

...That is where it will end up going. It's called "boiling the frog."

--As long as you haven't had an accident or ticket in $YEARS, the insurance company already knows you're a safe(r) driver. They don't *need* ever-more invasive looks into your private life to give you decent premium rates! Don't buy into the hype and marketing, and don't make it easier for them to take away your freedoms and liberty.

--Jesus, to think our forefathers died in the wars to protect our freedom, and now the sheeple are voluntarily willing to give it up for crumbs. Nobody learns...

--Truly, Sorry for the rant, I don't want you to feel like I'm going off on you... But my God I wish people would wake the hell up and realize that the East German regime would have KILLED for some of the stuff that people are **voluntarily willing to allow** into their lives these days, just by not being willing to protect what brave and heroic people already fought and died for. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

Comment Re:BTRFS is getting there (Score 1) 144

--You can definitely add more disks if you are using mirrored drives in your pool, instead of RAIDZ. I created a Linux ZFS RAID0 (no redundancy) pool with 2 brand-new drives initially, then bought 2 more drives of the same brand and capacity a month later, and upgraded the pool in-place with no downtime to a zRAID10.

--If I want to expand the size of the pool, I can just add 2 more disks in a mirrored configuration.

# zpool add mirpool mirror ata-ST9500420AS_5VJDN5KL ata-ST9500420AS_5VJDN5KJ

--Note that this syntax is using Linux /dev/disk/by-id devices.

--There are some caveats and best-practices that one should read up on, for instance using ashift=12 with 4K sector drives; and using GPT partition tables on ZFS disks; but ZFS has by far been the most reliable and useful filesystem I've ever used.



Verizon Is Merging Its Cellphone Tracking Supercookie with AOL's Ad Tracking Network 76

schwit1 writes: ProPublica reports that Verizon is giving a new mission to its controversial hidden identifier that tracks users of mobile devices. Verizon said in a little-noticed announcement that it will soon begin sharing the profiles with AOL's ad network, which in turn monitors users across a large swath of the Internet. That means AOL's ad network will be able to match millions of Internet users to their real-world details gathered by Verizon, including — "your gender, age range and interests." AOL's network is on 40 percent of websites, including on ProPublica.

Comment these two firms will go under (Score 1) 149

but this type of gambling will continue

the NFL got a specific carve out for this crap when sheldon adelson and other las vegas oligarch assholes got online gambling in the usa shut down a few years ago as threat to their business (welcome to capitalism! aka, cronyism, but this is what most american morons don't understand about unregulated "capitalism"... also amazing that adelson donates to republicans, you know "free enterprise, get government out of business"... lies the poor morons believe for some reason while they do the bidding of the plutocrats)

too many idiots easily parted with their money for this gamblign shit not to continue

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 89

i actually did subscribe to the dead tree service, and will be doing so again. i have no problem with accessing my existing account through the paywall in the interim. if nytimes has a problem with that, they can contact me. i believe you don't have any authority on this matter, as much as it pains your trollish heart

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 849

Note: I never said I didn't offer praise. Someone does something good, I encourage it. Leadership 101; positive reinforcement is more effective than negative.

That's not, however, what I was talking about.

When I do have to correct someone, men are usually easier to correct because I don't have to pad their egos first. I can deliver the necessary communication and we all can move on. Women? More work because I have to build them up enough to handle the criticism.

Note; I am not saying all women or all men. Just generally speaking.

Comment Re:ITT (Score 1) 270

You can sometimes legislate around them (which is legal), and in theory you can make a contradictory law not subject to judicial review by SCOTUS

thank you for repeating what i said

you can attack the problem from another direction and render the supreme's decision moot

why do you feel a need to disagree with me when you agree with me? the point of arguing is to make a point, not to just argue for no fucking reason

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 2) 89

or mangle the url

when i get back a nytimes.com page that is paywalled i go to the url and i

1. chop off the nytimes.com domain upfront
2. chop off the trailing querystring
3. hit enter, you get a google result, the first link always being the story you want
4. follow that link

the referer is now sanitized

so you get the article. you even stay logged in

Comment Re:what KIND of wildlife? (Score 1) 135

what are you babbling about? are you trying to support the lame excuses of a neoimperial mafia country?

georgia, ukraine: invaded because they were neighboring weak countries. and russia just takes territory from them. it's living in 1815. the lame ass bullshit excuses for the thugging don't mean one fucking thing, except as a barometer of how many people are ignorant gullible retards who will believe lies

but russia is failing. it exercises it's military muscle because it is all it has left. but tanks rust, you need a strong economy to back up that military. and it's corrupt oligarch petrostate economy is crumbling, putin never diversified it. it alienates all it's neighbors it thugs on, it has no friends except other authoritarian jokes like kazakhstan and belarus. it's society is rife with authoritarian abuse: of the press, of freedoms of speech and sexuality, of political expression and to assemble. it's destroyed all political maturity and replaced it with immature cult of personality bullshit from north korea, centered around a kgb goon. when he dies, there's no mature succession because there's no mature political apparatus

so russia is at an end game. it will revolt and collapse. could take 20 years, could take 5. hey maybe they can make the 100 year anniversary in 2017. russia is a pathetic joke of a country that deserves all of the misery that is coming to it, because russians haven't learned a fucking thing since 1917, apparently. "we need big strong leader" yeah, actual strength doesn't work that way, complete morons

"You must have an IQ of at least half a million." -- Popeye