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Comment Re:I just got bored of the bloody thing (Score 1) 194

Given that the show is based on a series of books, I don't see how they could trim 75% of the content and also maintain the story.
I think the violence is integral to the character development, especially when it comes to the villains. The "sensationalized cruelty" is a clever plot device by the author. He's taken characters that most readers would be inclined to hate and then put them in circumstances where it's easy to feel sympathy for them. That's also an essential element of the story and the development of particular characters.

Comment Re:Today at the post office (Score 1) 137

SMH. The person asked postal worker to "hold on a second" as opposed to interrupting the phone conversation? With people waiting in line? WTF?
Do these people not understand that they are being rude and obnoxious or do they just not care?

Rude people definitely suck!

Comment Re:This could be an interesting precedent. (Score 1) 587

I don't understand your point. Despite the opinion of this one doctor, "electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome" is in much dispute and is not generally recognized by the medical community.
By contrast, photosensitive epileptic seizures are a well known and well documented phenomenon which, AFAIK, is not being disputed. These types of seizures can be repeatedly induced and observed under laboratory conditions and confirmed by changes in brainwave patterns which show up on EEGs. Typical trigger frequency is more like 20 Hz however.

If the school, for some reason, had strobe lights (even fire alarm strobes) or say malfunctioning fluorescent lights. "What would happen" is that the school would be forced to make "reasonable accommodations" like excusing the kid from disco class or replacing the alarm system.

What "precedent" is this case going to set outside the context of "EHS"?

Comment Re:There is no difference in 'genetics' (Score 1) 381

Yes, but homo sapiens did not evolve in an environment with mass availability of processed foods. To a certain degree, we evolved to be opportunistic eaters. Agriculture, chemistry and other technology have changed the environment so rapidly that evolution cannot possibly keep up.

I used to believe the idea of eat less/exercise more but that's only part of the picture. Counting calories to lose weight is a fool's errand. Exceed your energy needs by 100 calories a day and you pack on 10 pounds a year.

I now believe the key is to eat less crap (especially simple carbs) and more natural foods so that your body more naturally regulates appetite.

One thing's for certain. The whole "eat more carbs and less fats" message was total BS. Whether it was spread through ignorance or malice, I'm not sure, but I suspect the latter.

Comment Re:What is wrong with being fat (Score 1) 381

True that aesthetics are arbitrary nonsense which change over time so there's nothing wrong with being fat in that regard. Nothing wrong with having a spare tire if you can still do your own yard work or take a long hike.
Not sure what "times get bad" scenario you're imagining, but if it's a "mass civil unrest" or "zombie apocalypse" type of bad, you might have to evacuate an area on foot, evade people trying to rob, rape or kill you or perform some hard physical labor. If things get bad enough so that there are prolonged food shortages, people who need a motorized vehicle to go through Wal Mart will not fare well.

Comment Re:PET, CAT and MRIs Are Cheap. We Overpay in the (Score 1) 311

Fostering competition and establishing price transparency are the obvious ways to reduce costs for medical services, but: "fees set by the gov't"?

Seriously? Government price controls have never done anything but create artificial scarcity and it's the massive government healthcare programs that cause these inflated prices. It's not the idle time of the machine that drives up prices. It's the fact that government pays a set amount for all of the Medicare/Medicaid patients. The REAL cost of those services is then shifted to the privately insured and working uninsured. Your $1500 MRI is not a fair market price. That price contains a massive subsidy for people on government programs.

Comment Re:99% of comments are garbage (Score 2) 226

"...a degree of anonymity can cause people to lose control of their inhibitions about what they say..."

I presume you're talking about insults, profanity and personal attacks. i.e. Things you would never say to a person's face. Discussions which devolve to that level are indeed useless. Still, the fact that people would feel the slightest bit "inhibited" from expressing themselves is why it's essential that we preserve anonymity on the internet. When people can be persecuted (in ways other than angry retorts) for what they say, it's good that we have forums where they can express themselves without fear of consequences.

I really like the slashdot moderation system. I would like to see other sites adopt moderation systems more elaborate than "thumbs up / thumbs down".

Comment Re:No, not economics at all (Score 2) 185

"these folks believe bitcoins have value"

Is there any currency in the world that has actual value beyond what the users believe? People believe that pieces of paper with writing on them have value, but the minute people lose faith, it becomes toilet paper. Your bank account is nothing but data stored on a hard drive, but you believe it represents purchasing power and you conduct transactions by shuffling bits around with other people who share your belief.

Fiat currencies have been around for centuries and have regularly experienced failures. Considering the fact that bitcoin has been around for less than a decade, it's a little unfair to condemn it for a "schism". Despite the technical issues, the currency still hasn't failed like the fiats which have died in bouts of hyperinflation.

I think your just arguing that your belief system is more widely accepted than the bitcoin belief system.

Comment Re:Careful what you wish for... (Score 1) 686

I disagree with that characterization and the whole left/right dichotomy. I see very little support on Slashdot for "right wing" nonsense like the drug war, the police state, rampant militarism and all the religious crap.
There's a separate continuum for freedom vs. authoritarianism. Republicans and Democrats (and Bernie) simply offer different brands of authoritarianism. The Slashdot crowd is far more libertarian.
Republicans and free markets? It would be fantastic if we actually had a Republican party that endorsed the principles of liberty and free markets. Unfortunately we don't. All they offer is more central planning cloaked in a veil of "free market" rhetoric.

"We learn from history that we learn nothing from history." -- George Bernard Shaw