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Comment Not just now, but Apollo too (Score 2) 109

I'm not sure what the utility of sending a human into space is at the present time. Unless there's an obvious use case, it *seems* like the extra effort of sending a human isn't worth the risk, except as a political statement.

It wasn't worth the risk in 1969, either, but it sure was a political statement back then.

Comment No, it uses standard Windows kernel (Score 3, Interesting) 72

That's not true. WinPhone uses an ARM port of the same NT kernel used on desktops. It's essentially the same kernel as used on the Windows RT tablets, which had a desktop.

I know this because I managed to load an unsigned kernel driver using my CVE-2015-2552 exploit long before this release.

Comment Re:End the drug war (Score 2) 245

You have to be hit with the asshole stick to not serve. The jury is the very last line of defense from bad law, bad cops, bad lawyers, and bad judges.

People who think rationally, and who have a healthy distrust of the system, get kicked off the jury during voir dire. I would know =/

Comment Re:Same reason we're looking for earth-like life (Score 1) 275

At present, human scientists are attempting to communicate outside our species to primates and cetaceans, and in a limited way to a few other vertebrates. This is inordinately difficult, and yet it represents a gap of at most a few SQ points. The farthest we can reach in our "communication" with vegetation is when we plant, water, or fertilize it, but it is evident that messages transmitted across an SQ gap of 10 points or more cannot be very meaningful. What, then, could an SQ +50 Superbeing possibly have to say to us?

How about, "Hello"? My cat is sentient enough to say "Hello" in a primitive form that I can understand. Sure, an alien civilization much smarter than us wouldn't be able to discuss topics such as advanced quark interaction with us, but why couldn't they say, "Hello"?

I don't think that the problem with communicating with alien life is an intelligence issue. It is far more likely to be impossible, or be an issue of the wrong communication medium.

Comment Error at the start (Score 1) 485

I tried to use Windows 10's Media Creator to create a .iso I could burn to upgrade multiple computers. It threw the trending "Something happened" error message. Great start.

I later figured out that this error is thrown if you try to save the .iso to a directory junction. It's probably not the only cause, since directory junctions that aren't preinstalled are rare, but it is one of them.

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