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Comment Re:Well, and it was a pig (Score 1) 275

Never took off? I thought it had hundreds of millions of users. In what world is that not taking off?

Where people actually *use* it. Sure, it has millions of users, precisely because google tied it to it's various services.

But do people actually post on it? Do people actually open it and use it to keep in touch with friends and family? No, and by your own admission, they couldn't because it gets "pretty heavy" when you keep it open.

Fanboy's aside, g+ isn't used and at least part of that blame has to be on the interface.

Comment Well, and it was a pig (Score 1) 275

Some great reasons as to why G+ never took off, but something I haven't seen mentioned is that the interface was a pig.

Go ahead. Go open it up and time how long the damn thing takes to load up. I have a fairly quick computer and it took over 10 seconds for first load ( around 8 seconds for each subsequent load ). On top of that, it loads my hangouts list again; I already have it in my browser and my email tab.

I am constantly amazed how frequently big companies completely screw up the interface thinking it's not important.

Comment How? (Score 2) 333

I'm not sure how they hope to contain such a yeast strain. Sure, they can lock it up *now*, but for how long will that last? It'll only take a single corrupt employee, or group of employees, being offered more money than they could ever hope to make in several lifetimes. Then it's out in the wild. Unless they plan on building in some kind of critical vulnerability in the strain, any home brewer can replicate the yeast with ease. Even if they do build in a critical vulnerability, it'll be an "addon" and thus, possible to disable.

I foresee another "War on Drugs" coming, where the objective in unobtainable. Fortunately after the first round of funding, the objective becomes irrelevant ( of course, the cynic in me is YELLING that the objective IS the funding..but I digress ).

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