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Comment Re:They got off easy (Score 1) 336

Sorry, but what?

Blacklivesmatter have shutdown multiple freeways over the past couple months, with little to no real punishment. And yes; They're "Black", not "African American". You very likely have never met a real "African American" ( duel citizenship ). If you had, you'd realize what a poor moniker it is for some of the whitest people you'll ever meet.

These hicks aren't getting any special treatment. We've just learned that if you wait long enough, the embarrassment begins to outweigh the self-righteousness.

Comment Keyboards? (Score 1) 332

While keyboards CAN last a long time, Think about it; they are the recipient of your grimy fingers, day in/day out. They are more disgusting than *anything* else in your house, pillows and toilets included.

Keyboards should be replaced yearly given how disgusting they are.

Comment Re:Surrounded? (Score 1) 336

Because of basic city planning? Surrounding yourself with solar power plants cause a break in zoning and can interrupt your tax base. Take a look at most small/medium sized towns, and check out just how severely the freeway segments them. Solar plant would be worse.

I wouldn't even want three sides. One, maybe two sides at most.

Comment Just a little reminiscing (Score 1) 345

Does anyone else remember a time when politicians paid lip service to upholding the constitution and what it stood for?

I mean, we all knew they were full of shit, and they knew we knew, but it was like a game. Who could spew shit with a smile and not blush about the bullshit they were feeding us.

I miss those days.

Comment Re:Reading between the lines here... (Score 1) 393

So yes, it is perfectly possible for intelligent, skilled people to end up in a job well below what they are qualified and able to do.

Not saying it's not. However, as you broached the topic, I would agree; it's entirely possible for someone to be employed well below what they're qualified for...for a short duration.

That doesn't seem to be what we're talking about here, however.

Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 5, Insightful) 602

Not only is this "just deserts", but it's also quite probable. Institutional and architectural information tends to fade quickly, at least for myself. 6 months into a new job and I will only have passing knowledge on the systems. 1 year out and I'm back to almost square one with a weird sense of deja-foo ( on purpose ).

So fuck them. Take the money, develop amnesia and when they come calling, create chaos under the guise of "being helpful".

Comment Economy and Society are one in the same (Score 1) 563

As the title suggests, any society and it's economy are one in the same. Two words, same concept. To truly understand this, you must first be willing to see what drives people together; what makes us want to be around others.

It's greed.

Alone we can survive, more or less. Depending on where, and one's ability, that "Survive" can range from "just barely" to "thrive", yet even in that "thrive" category,we still want more stuff. Better shelter, better food, better tools, more leisurely time, ect...It's this greed which drives us to work with others, to share in the responsibility of surviving so that we might both be able to "get more stuff".

Take away this need, and you take away society. In a truly post-scarcity environment, people wind up being hermits with little to no social interaction. Of course, that's a moot point as there will never be a post-scarcity environment.

Which is not to say anything negative about start trek, mind you. In fact, it's flawed concept of a economy-free society is what first got me thinking about this stuff, and underpinned my explorations of economics and society for decades to come.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 928

Note: I never said I didn't offer praise. Someone does something good, I encourage it. Leadership 101; positive reinforcement is more effective than negative.

That's not, however, what I was talking about.

When I do have to correct someone, men are usually easier to correct because I don't have to pad their egos first. I can deliver the necessary communication and we all can move on. Women? More work because I have to build them up enough to handle the criticism.

Note; I am not saying all women or all men. Just generally speaking.

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