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Luddites also worry about the environmental consequences of high-tech pollution and yet other subtle problems technology introduced, like the danger of mass control, massive surveilance, a world economy slanted to favor a few and impoverish an increasing slice of the population.

+ - PengPod 1040 Native Linux+Android tablet crowdfunding starving

Submitted by OneSizeFitsNoone
OneSizeFitsNoone (3378187) writes "Old-time, hardcore Linux fans are supposed to be jumping of joy at the prospect of having a tablet that can boot Linaro GNU/Linux natively and has images in the making for booting a host of other Linux distros like Fedora, Debian, Arch, OpenSUSE. Yet, crowdfunding for the PengPod 1040 Quad Core Linux-Android Dual Booting Tablets is languishing, having raked in just about $34,000 of the $349,000 goal. One wonders how comes so few linuxers are keen at supporting a tablet that matches up against most big brand ones, hosts OpenCores openhardware components, and set itself a target that is just 1,09% of UbuntuEdgde's. Can it all be explained by the lack of media attention, as PengPod's main developer maintains? With just two weeks of crowdfunding left and not even 10% of the target met, what are the reasons this project has been lagging behind in fan's support after previous models like the PP700 and 1000 where welcomed and much more talked about in the tech press?"

+ - RMS on the Painful Birth of GNU->

Submitted by Freshly Exhumed
Freshly Exhumed (105597) writes "In some ways it was very comfortable because I was doing almost nothing else, and I would go to sleep whenever I felt sleepy, when I woke up I would go back to coding, and when I felt sleepy again I'd go to sleep again, and I had nothing like a daily schedule. I'd sleep probably for a few hours one and half times a day, and it was wonderful, I felt more awake than I've ever felt. And I got a tremendous amount of work done — I did it tremendously efficiently.

And I thought of myself as being at war. I had myself taken off of all mailing lists, because I wanted nothing to distract me because I knew I had to compete with a much larger army and that I would have to do the work of several people. I'd have to work in the most focussed way I possibly could. It was exhilarating sometimes, sometimes it was terribly wearying."

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