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Comment Depends on the SSD (Score 5, Interesting) 327 327

See http://blog.macsales.com/21641... for an example of a properly designed SSD.

kext signing is a GoodThing for security. Making the system less secure so that lazy implementors are protected isn't a good trade off.

Apple *should* have provided a better upgrade experience so that users wouldn't be surprised, or end up with unbootable systems. Users that don't want to have kext protection CAN turn it off see http://www.cindori.org/trim-en...

To me this is akin to Apple's desupport of WPS ages ago. It took everyone else a while to figure out that WPS was a major security hole (indeed, its still there for most consumers).

Comment Re:Lisp, Forth, APL, J, Prolog, PostScript (Score 1) 387 387

APL and J are useful for doing the sort of ad hoc big data analysis that R is also popular for.

The speed (or lack thereof) of your terminal isn't really the issue, its being able to think in matrix/vector transformations. A skill which is actually more important today than 40 years ago.

Comment Re:Mainframe Programmers (Score 2) 387 387

"...access to a mainframe system"....

Well, there is more than one kind of mainframe, and they aren't much alike. But let's assume you really mean IBM zSeries. You have several options:

1) Take a course. Many schools have IBM sponsored classes with access provided.
2) Find a copy of the "Hercules" emulate http://www.hercules-390.org/
3) Sign up for ANY university class to become a "student" and apply to IBM http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/...

Also note the growing popularity of Linux on zSeries systems, so your Linux skills can be directly applied.

Comment Move Corresponding (Score 1) 729 729

Removed from modern versions of COBOL, the traditional "MOVE CORRESPONDING" was unique. Given two records with differing layouts, MOVE CORRESPONDING would shuffled the values based on the names (putting in default values where needed, or tossing aside unneeded ones).

Comment Clearly there IS a question (Score 1) 506 506

90% of accidents (or more, depending on the study) are due to human error. So the DMV insistence on putting the humans back into the drivers seat is actually counterproductive. "there's no question when it comes down to the safety of those on the road." ... the question is are the other humans on the road more or less safe with the google vehicle operators able to override the computer?

While I'm not interested in being an early adopter of this or most automotive technologies, there are lots of questions when it comes to safety. It is a pity that government hardly ever uses science or logic in the decision making.

Comment What was the performance impact? (Score 1) 1 1

The "article" is just a pointer to the bugtracker entry which is good but lacks any clues as to measured performance.

LTO has been a win in commercial workflows for many years. Obviously it can be an obstacle for debugging (when entire call trees are eliminated or collapsed single stepping in the debugger is problematic) and if build times become excessive the results may not be worth the cost.

But in the end the real payoff is runtime. Without impressive speed ups for user critical to acceptability operations it is just air guitar!

Comment Consider Unix (Score 1) 826 826

Compare and contrast SysV init vs Solaris SMF. Not that systemd is SMF but there are real Enterprise class problems with the more traditional model. And systemd developers aren't the first to notice them.

I haven't looked closely enough to have an informed opinion about how good the systemd solution is, but SMF on Solaris is vastly better than the situation in older SunOS system I've dealt with over the years

Comment *the* greenhouse gas! (Score 1) 190 190

Given that methane is known to have a larger immediate effect one would have thought that a multimillion dollar mission would carry more than one instrument to nail down which of the many green house gases are having the most impact ... rather than assuming the models are right and that it's the CO2

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