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Comment Re:We should discuss the GitHub problems instead. (Score 1) 29

sounds like github is trying to become profitable (lol), so to distract people from a gigantic management shakeup/shakedown, they're trying to use the useful idiots on both sides of the "culture war" as an excuse/cause/strawman for massive failures. you know, kind of like they did with reddit and every other unprofitable wank site on the internet. and by unprofitable wank site, i mean any wank site apart from literal porn sites. those seem to make money somehow.

instead of rallying to the side of whomever most of our friends are rallying to and pretending to share principles with, here's a great idea: let's ignore it completely! the net effect of github crashing and burning would be approximately zero.

Comment hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score -1) 216

I can already sit in a high speed transportation vehicle that doesn't need evacuated high-tolerance tube, it just needs the pressurized tube that everyone sits inside (with luggage and avionics down below). Just like the Tesla, Musk pushes expensive toys that solve nothing and are inferior solution to existing tech (Telsa car inferior to piston engine running on biofuel)

Comment Re:Missing an option (Score 1) 120

I was going to post something similar. I just tell them "This is a cell phone number." Of course they know that already, but what you're really telling them is that you know the law. This tells them two things: that you might possibly take legal action and, more importantly, that you're not an idiot and therefore probably won't buy their bullshit product/service. The response is always something like "I see. Sorry for the trouble. Have a nice day. (click)"

This is assuming that you are using a cell phone of course.

Comment Re:Maybe it's not profitable? (Score 1) 244

Try Comodo Dragon, which is Chromium without the Google crap baked in, they also have a version of FF called IceDragon if you want the Gecko engine.

I use Dragon on my netbook I use for service calls, we're talking AMD E350 which is a 5 year old lightweight APU, and once it loads its quite snappy and a pleasure to use. Firefox IMHO has just gotten too bloated as of late and really slows down older systems.

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