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Comment: Re:AT&T Autopay - Ha! (Score 1) 220

It was probably a problem with the corner junction box servicing the area, as several years ago we had a similar problem in one of my customers neighborhoods and it turned out it was a mouse that was building a nest in the box and gnawing on the wires.

You'd be surprised how often shit like this can be traced back to actual bugs and rodents, we had power knocked out to nearly a quarter of the city, the culprit? A squirrel had managed to get itself fried climbing on one of the large transformers and the surge blew the transformer, one deep fried squirrel shut down power for nearly 3 hours.

Comment: Re: SAVE US AND THE WEB FROM MOZILLA! (Score 2) 313

by hairyfeet (#49595285) Attached to: Mozilla Begins To Move Towards HTTPS-Only Web

So you are against free markets? Thanks for clearing that up...FTFY

Since you seem to have trouble grasping the two completely separate concepts allow old Hairy to elucidate....freedom of speech, a right protecting you from the government keeping you from speaking. Free markets, people are allowed to vote with their wallets and support or not companies....see the difference?

Eich and Windows 8 are NOT examples of the former but the latter, in BOTH cases people said "I do not like this therefor I will not use your product and will encourage others to not use it too" and the companies saw their users drop like a rock and CHOSE as companies in a free market to change their direction to increase sales, MSFT by coming up with Windows 10, Mozilla by firing Eich. And yes Virginia the Mozilla move had everything to do with sales, Mozilla gets their money from search, no users using their browser? No revenue.

So I find it hilarious that the right wing is all for the free markets when its crony capitalism, offshoring, or anything else that restricts or distorts the free market in their favor, but when its one of the most fundamental bedrocks of a free market, the RIGHT to vote with your wallet and CHOOSE which products you will support? Well we can't have that, now can we?

THE FREE MARKET HAS SPOKEN, if the majority believed as you did? Their share would have gone UP, they would have seen this indicated in their usage numbers, and they would have kept Eich. Instead their numbers went DOWN, revenue was put at risk, and they chose to get rid of a CEO that frankly wasn't even bothering to do his job (two important roles for a CEO is press relations and damage control, and he refused to do either one) and wadda ya know their numbers stabilized.

Voting with your wallet is one of the most important tenets of a free market, its how the consumers can influence direction even in large corporations, again see Windows 8 (which it looks like will never even reach much higher than Vista) and compare it to Windows 10, which is exactly what the users asked for. So when I see guys like you trying to say its "free speech" when the market doesn't go your way I have to ask....why do you hate capitalism and the free market?

Comment: Re:Paid Advertisement (Score 1, Insightful) 75

by hairyfeet (#49594761) Attached to: Once a Forgotten Child, OpenSSL's Future Now Looks Bright

If there is but one thing everyone should have learned from Heartbleed and Shellshock it is this....many eyes is a myth based on an "is ought" fallacy.

OpenSSL and Bash are the two most widely deployed pieces of code on the planet, bar none. If "many eyes" were true that fact SHOULD have made them the most vetted code on the planet....but they weren't, why? Because "many eyes" is an "is ought" fallacy in that because the source code IS there and it IS in wide use there OUGHT to have been at least one or more people with the years of training in low level code auditing that should have looked at the code and found the bugs and reported them.....this ignores the facts, which are 1.- The guys that can do low level auditing are very few, 2.- They are usually swamped with jobs that pay them, and most importantly 3.- Everyone is gonna ignore the code because they'll believe somebody else did it thanks to the "many eyes" myth.

This is why "many eyes" should be considered a harmful myth to allow to spread, since everybody just assumes somebody else has done the work when in reality? I bet if you looked at the number of downloads of the source for the low level code in your average Linux distro you'll find that nobody other than the guys that are actually working on the code have downloaded it. So let us all put the "many eyes" myth to bed, and then maybe everyone won't just assume the work has been done and actually start looking at the code!

Comment: Re:Who's dense? (Score 1) 629

by rubycodez (#49593739) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

But every single object you see in your daily life has buoyancy, it has to be corrected when weighing things very precisely. And am also amused at everyone spewing the 9.8 m/s^2, that's only at ONE certain distance from center of earth's mass, it varies by height and is NOT a constant at all. They are just spewing high school level simple model without understanding.

Comment: Re:Must have 2 usb and Ethernet! (Score 1) 300

yes, and they have issues that a true rs-232c does not. I have to use a usb to serial often on my job for configuring certain network gear and initial configuration of big iron, it's less than ideal. When I'm in the home office I have an ancient laptop with a real serial and openbsd on it for that, it's much more robust when having to unplug and then plug into another device

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