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Comment oh, why bother? (Score 3, Funny) 194

"Other additions include carrot, cucumber, and avocado"

can't we be honest and just put a long skinny dick, a thick dick, and a stubby thick dick, so that people don't have to use vegetable analogues?

otoh, this way we can text shopping lists and sexual encounters/anxieties with the same symbols, so i guess it makes some sense.

Comment Re:Moronic (Score 4, Insightful) 157

people who make comments like this should be forced to sit in a corner and stare at a plot of a geometric decay function until the point sinks in.

suppose that, each usage, there is a 1-in-1000 chance that you fuck up. if you use the pen 5 times a day, that's about an 80% chance by the end of the year that you've fucked up, and it apparently only has to happen once.

Comment Re:Fallacy fallacy [Re: Lovely summary.' (Score 1) 1033

The upper tiers (no, i don't mean manager, necessarily) of any technical profession basically comprise offering your "opinion", albeit one which is tempered by a lot of experience, logical analysis, and education. Most peoples' delineation of "fact" vs. opinion is, actually, nothing more than a very uninformed opinion.

Linus Torvalds is probably not the best programmer in the world, but his opinions about practical kernel design are rather valuable. It's not a fallacy to act on that.

Finally, the truth or factuality of my statements is independent of whether i convince every schmuck on the internet of them. I simply don't owe everyone that much attention.

Comment Re:Fallacy fallacy [Re: Lovely summary.' (Score 1) 1033

The internet fetishism of refuting arguments by referring to a list of fallacies has made this one particularly relevant. There's a degenerate meta-strategy which goes like this:

A: [says something totally batshit crazy]
B: You're totally batshit crazy!
A: That's an ad hominem attack! I win!

It's all rather amusing, really.

Comment Re:Worst. Summary. Ever. And a lie to boot. (Score 0) 1033

Why would one expect a vote (ostensibly about writing merit, whatever that may be), to track on race in the first place? It's such a bizarre hypothesis to put forward, that I have to wonder. The Nobel prizes regularly go to winners with IQs significantly above the voters', and the medals in the Special Olympics are just the opposite. Why would one expect demographics of readers of science fiction to proportionally represent the demographics of the writers of science fiction, whether there are more whites than blacks or more blacks than whites or more filipinos or gays or transgendered people, or whatever else?

Comment Re:wtf (Score 1) 100

yeah, most people don't bother with shit like that because they correctly don't give a shit about the ridiculous possibility of someone heat-scanning their phone (immediately after they key in their PIN and set it down without pressing anything else) to discover their super-secret address book.

but if you're really concerned, it's easily "defeated".

Comment Re: Happily married? (Score 1) 286

uh, what would those diseases be? the only one i can readily think of is cervical cancer which, if your partner infers is from undisclosed HPV, that mostly just says they're crazy.

other diseases can cause genital irritation or discharge, conjunctivitis, lesions, etc., but again, assuming your partner isn't retarded or batshit crazy, it's pretty easy to distinguish the etiology. if your partner's immediate and irreversible conclusion from sores on your body is that you've been screwing around, something else is wrong.

Comment Re:Euphemism from hell (Score 1) 396

don't underestimate the amount of engineering required for the logistical infrastructure amazon has built. even apart from their gargantuan supply chains of physical goods, they also broker incredible amounts of computing resources. even if you don't like amazon, the chances are high that a company you do like uses the AWS "cloud" heavily, or even exclusively.