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Comment Re:And, it cheaper (Score 1) 74


My cable yellowed and the length of the jacket started to crack and crumble within two years. This had nothing to do with the failure mode you mentioned, and it was not uncommon in my Ph.D. program, where MacBooks were used heavily for statistical analysis and other number crunching. I suspect that the heat of actually being used for long periods of intensive computing was enough to degrade the cable jacket. This is a failure, and probably a calculated trade-off based on the (arguably reasonable) assumption that most Apple users don't actually do real computing.

Apple replaced them quietly, except for mine because I was too lazy and didn't bring it in until the cable shielding was frayed. This set off the (totally arbitrary) biases of the Genius Bar, and they refused to replace it. When I pointed out that the cable jacket had cracked already anyway, and the fraying was just an inevitable side-effect, the guy got his supervisor. The supervisor came back and completely reversed the story, saying that they wouldn't replace the cable because the plug had a small, completely superficial, ding on it, which he counted as "abuse." The only abuse was from the Genius Bar, and directed at me. Assholes.

Apart from their weird small-minded bouts of vindictiveness, I still like Apple. But this was fucking ridiculous.

Comment Re:We should discuss the GitHub problems instead. (Score 1) 29

sounds like github is trying to become profitable (lol), so to distract people from a gigantic management shakeup/shakedown, they're trying to use the useful idiots on both sides of the "culture war" as an excuse/cause/strawman for massive failures. you know, kind of like they did with reddit and every other unprofitable wank site on the internet. and by unprofitable wank site, i mean any wank site apart from literal porn sites. those seem to make money somehow.

instead of rallying to the side of whomever most of our friends are rallying to and pretending to share principles with, here's a great idea: let's ignore it completely! the net effect of github crashing and burning would be approximately zero.

Comment Re:Missing an option (Score 1) 157

I was going to post something similar. I just tell them "This is a cell phone number." Of course they know that already, but what you're really telling them is that you know the law. This tells them two things: that you might possibly take legal action and, more importantly, that you're not an idiot and therefore probably won't buy their bullshit product/service. The response is always something like "I see. Sorry for the trouble. Have a nice day. (click)"

This is assuming that you are using a cell phone of course.

Comment Re:Keep going (Score 1) 224

When I was very young I discovered some way to manipulate the computer opponent in Mail Order Monsters into making stupid decisions, so I trivially chalked up a 252-0 win-loss record, which was saved to floppy. At the time, my legitimate enjoyment of the game's aesthetics was confused with the thrill of making that number higher, and I was frustrated by the higher difficulty options in the game, so I kept beating the crap out of a training dummy. I kept doing this until my brother loaded up my game one afternoon and sabotaged my record by losing intentionally.

Now at 252-1, I was furious for a while and then realized how silly the record was in the first place. I don't think this realization is inevitable for everyone, nor that you only need to realize it once.

Comment Re:Linux: the BET of operating systems (Score 1) 152

yeah, i don't see how that contradicts my point. it just means that nvidia's product is so desirable (for whatever reasons) that linux users are willing to deal with the proprietary drivers. AMD, in second place, wants to up their numbers by "opening" their stuff and offloading the work onto the community. there's nothing wrong with that, of course, but that's what it seems like.

and apropos of nothing, i don't own a car. i have an nvidia card in a linux box though. :)

Comment Linux: the BET of operating systems (Score 0) 152

Linux is to the hardware market as BET is to the cable TV market. If you're having trouble selling your product, you can just deal with the free software crowd to up your sales for as long as you can stand it. Sure, it's not nearly as profitable, and yes, they will occasionally whine about their "rights" and inevitably accuse you of betraying some kind of confidence, but at least in the short-term they'll be so grateful for the recognition that they'll put up with your shit and do a lot of promotional work for you.

Comment Re:They Made Mozilla Their Bitch For a Reason (Score 3, Insightful) 406

yeah, they don't really care about whether you watch the ad. they care about convincing the person hiring them that they're making a "good effort" to show the ad and that their viewership statistics are at least approximately correct.

so why disable rewind? because there are people (and semi-organized companies) who will intentionally re-watch ads, both manually and automatically, to inflate the view counts. disabling rewind doesn't do a whole lot about this, but some clueless manager will check it off on their list. the online ad industry is a total fucking joke, and a great example of how capitalism can also build Potemkin villages when the margins of return are slim and market information is sparse.

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