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Comment: I'll explain it this way... (Score 2) 186

by dAzED1 (#48277607) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can You Say Something Nice About Systemd?

(stay with me here...) Once upon a time there was a community. In the community were lots of different opinions - Slackware, Redhat, Debian, the weird *BSD folk - we all worked together, despite being of different religions. We'd yell at each other, and to an outsider we'd look as though we hated each other, but we were yelling at each other at the same bar while buying each other drinks. We yelled at each other because that's just what we liked to do. We had a certain set of rules that we all followed - and those rules were our real religion. We contributed code upstream. We filed bug reports. We did code review. We contributed. We Kept It Simple, Stupid. RMS was one of our major prophets - maybe even a god (though, we often started rolling our eyes and heading home for the night if he showed up at the bar to drink with us). We laughed at people who would declare, year after year, that this would be the Year of The Linux Desktop.

Then, along came two things - Ubuntu, and modern capitalism/culture/media/whatever - a mindset where there should be no plan, just go go go new feature new feature new feature go go go (I'm looking at you Agile, facebook, google...). Suddenly, the highest and best praise your project can get became whether it was "disruptive."

The *NIX/FOSS community would not have been a place for this to take hold, were it not for Ubuntu. Ubuntu decided they would break all our paradigms - they'd refuse to contribute patches upstream, they'd take simple processes that worked well and left tremendous power in the user's hands, and replace them with very broken messes of stuff. (In contrast to what we had...) they'd make an experience that mostly worked for complete novices - to be distinguished from most other distros that rarely worried much if even their initial installer failed because meh, you should know enough to know how to fix it yourself. They'd ignore religious ideals like only using OSS. And last but most certainly not least, they replaced init.d.

Problem is, when a lot of new people started in on the scene via Ubuntu (and the like), the established distros decided that they had always wanted their distro to be the desktop featured in The Year of the Linux Desktop, and realized they were losing overall "market" share (@#$%@ for those nitwits thinking of people as a "market," when we had been a "community" for ages), even though the number of users of each of the major distros was still increasing. So they looked around at what Ubuntu was doing to become popular, and tried to decide what to adopt from it. Unfortunately, this new crop of people included the likes of Lennart Poettering, who would have ideas such as this one, regarding systemd. Instead of seeing diversity and differences as good things, those of his ilk decided to destroy (yes, a harsh word...but it's pretty much accurate) the FOSS community. An entire set of ideals just...disappeared. No longer are simple things kept simple, no longer is "Do one thing and do it well" followed, no longer do we try to let open inter-connectivity organically solve problems of integration (instead, we just birth a giant Rock Biter to mow our laws).

Systemd came from a new set of ideals where solving problems that don't exist is great, so long as the big bad Establishment is taken out. I actually saw it as a bit of agism - where youth expected to be peers to those who had been around for ages, and when they weren't immediately accepted as experts they just co-opted the entire environment and left us old farts without any toys anymore. Oh wanted something good about systemd. Um, well, my laptop now boots 0.5 seconds faster than it otherwise would have, even if I no longer know why and can no longer really do anything about it. That's good, right?

Comment: its like theyre getting worse. (Score -1, Troll) 33

by nimbius (#48277505) Attached to: Microsoft Enters the Wearables Market With 'Band'
when he iphone came out redmond took 4 years to consider the prospect of a competitive product. Once they released it, nobody cared because two smartphone manufacturers already existed in the market. The fitbit is a 7 year old product. most cellphone accellerometers do the same thing, including the windows phone. regardless microsoft decided to make this thing, 7 years into the market when everyone from nike to apple already have a competing product with greater market share.

Comment: maybe try reddit? (Score 1) 186

by nimbius (#48277357) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can You Say Something Nice About Systemd?

about as informative as an old Bud Light commercial

If the technical discussion inevitably inherent in most historic articles regarding the controversy and operational functionality of systemd is indistinguishable from spuds McKenzie or three gurgling anthropomorphic frogs, you may not be a good fit here.
Why not try Wired? they have a bunch of real neat articles on halloween costumes and even a picture hunt challenge! If you find yourself worn out after a few paragraphs its okay. Cookie clicker should help to clear the frustration.

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by halivar (#48277121) Attached to: Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare

This right here is some willful ignorance. The law was not written by congress. Few in congress even read it. The administration peddled it through several House committees, but in the end, they gave up and just voted on the Senate version (which many Democratic senators admitted they had not read, either).

Comment: clarification of the summary (Score 1) 239

by nimbius (#48276933) Attached to: Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare

Many of the poorest and most rural states in the country tend to favor Republican politicians.

Many of the poorest, most rural states also feature a large minority population disenfranchised by Voter ID laws, early voting elimination, absentee ballot restrictions, and gerrymandered districts that favour a republican leadership. Most of these states like Kentucky, Georgia, and Louisiana also strip your voter rights if youve been convicted of a felony in the past, requiring a governors pardon to restore them. Stacking the desk means people like louie gomert can call for a ban on muslim immigrants, shariah law, and female contraception because they understand no matter how incendiary their comments, the chances of their unemployment are pretty low. a large plurality of residents in these states categorically do not care for republican politicians.

Comment: Re:Gay? (Score 1) 667

by LQ (#48276469) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

I don't see why it should be a reason to be "proud". Gay is the way he is rather than something he has chosen but it does not confer some form of superiority on him. If he was a paedeophile though, that definitely *would* be a reason to be "unproud".

Whatever, see if I care.

Some people are even proud to be American even though there are lots of heterosexual American paedophiles.

Comment: Re:Unless the plant is surrounded in a glass dome. (Score 1) 76

Even more fun: drain the Sheik of Qatar's bank account by feeding his drones carefully concocted false information, say that a particular exploitable "access port" through the containment vessel exists. Applaud as the local ISIS sleeper cell strike team vainly slams into solid concrete.

Comment: Techniacl details of the dummies (Score 5, Funny) 139

by nimbius (#48268975) Attached to: New Crash Test Dummies Reflect Rising American Bodyweight
What ive found to be lacking in this article is the technical details of the dummies. Here at humanetics our dummies are actually quite advanced as the details on a few recently manufactured units will surely attest:

model 13543: Fudge: Meant to simulate the average child in america, Fudge comes pre-treated with cookie dough and its kinematic range has been artificially limited for realism. Fudge stands 4'4, and weights 230 pounds. Convenient multi-grip handles are provided as Fudge requres a team-lift for safety.
model 9543: Lerleen: lerleen measures 5' tall and weighs more than 400 pounds. Kinematics have been removed for savings/realism and the materials impregnated with a mix of cigarette smoke resin, liquid yogurt, and imitation chocolate. Installation is easy with the included guide rails and lift straps for most counterbalance indoor fork-lift trucks. Mass can be redirected to the feet, and feet are also removable in order to simulate lifelike condition of end-stage diabetes.
model 15442: Cobbler: Cobbler represents the average adult american male, at 5'11 and 550 pounds. This model is not kinematic, however is poseable in a variety of styles to simulate heart attack, COPD related loss of consciousness, or food-related motor vehicle operator distraction. Cobbler is impregnated with a malty, earthy aroma comprised of barbecue sauce and artificial cheese, and must be installed by a certified mover/millwright.

Comment: a quote not reported yet. (Score 1, Funny) 58

by nimbius (#48268873) Attached to: Lenovo Completes Motorola Deal
"I'm proud to see this purchase has been completed. I've always advocated for Motorola to be purchased by Google, and now that theyve been purchased by Lenovo im sure they'll make even better products and services. Who knows, maybe 6 or 7 other companies can purchase them and I can finally retire in hawaii."

--Joes Electric Business Sign co.

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Being clobbered by a rock is one of those low-probability-but-could-happen events, like suddenly having a new plague come at us from Africa. It behooves us to prepare for such things. Rock clobberings, on scales ranging from Chicxulub to Chelyabinsk, HAVE happened.

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