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by bill_mcgonigle (#47940215) Attached to: New Study Projects World Population of 11B by 2100

Can we quibble about the statistical method to use after we've settled the basic cause and effect relationships? Here's the retired TED talk: Religions and Babies.

I think the title is supposed to be provocative but I find it has the opposite effect (two things young men don't want to talk about...) - it's really about assumptions underling the modeling of world population.

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by nimbius (#47937781) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police
Government law enforcement realized private companies would eventually do this, so they dont target the devices directly. Its why warrantless wiretaps by major telecom companies were later granted retroactive immunity. this hurts local municipalities prosecuting sexting cases and drumming up charges to shore up votes for the prosecutors re-election, but the FBI and CIA dont care.

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Correct! the Balfour Declaration from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild helped to calcify the Zionist Organization (ZO) in their drive to establish an israeli state after Jews took control of the region. My apologies.

Comment: lets pump the brakes here and analyze. (Score 0, Troll) 136

the "islamic state" is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. ISIS removed "Iraq and the Levant" from its name and began to refer to itself as the Islamic State, so for anyone who doesnt dive headfirst into whatever "foreign conflict" the US is interested in this week, theres that.
ISIS seeks the establishment of a caliphate, a type of Islamic state led by a group of religious authorities under a supreme leader (caliph) who is believed to be the successor to Mohammed. Thats fine. Many other countries in the middle east are governed in terms of the Qur'an. Heck, we divided up the middle east for the better half of 45 years into various citystates based on the misplaced concept of manifest destiny, which finds its origins in Christianity. Israel is governed as a Jewish state and believe me, if you arent a birthright Jew your options for public services and housing are severely limited. The problem with ISIS is that it rejects the political divisions established by Western powers at the end of World War I in the Sykes-Picot Agreement as it absorbs territory in Syria and Iraq. Then again the United States basically ignored Palestine when it pulled israel from its magical sky god book and transported displaced Jews into it after WWII. Historically our response is to bomb the everloving snot out of anyone who disagrees with American anything but it cant work against a sustained, strategic effort. in short, Arabs are Muslim, and extremism preys on those who have become determined with nothing to lose.

If Australia wants a peek into the exact reason this keeps happening, its because of our foreign policy. Iran and Iraq are only the most recent that come to mind but this extremism only flourishes because of more than 50 years of americans, under pretexts ranging from anti communism to the carter doctrine, fucking with middle eastern countries. We tried to overthrow the palestinian freely-elected government, hamas, and when it didnt work, israel entered a 2008 land war and simply murdered their elected political officials. we overthrow countless governments and prop up dictators in the region that serve out interests while casting average arabs and persians, mostly muslim, into torment and strife. We choose who governs in syria by funding rebel groups, we determine if and when an Egyptian president stays or goes by funding military leaders and ensuring coups proceed as planned. Our problem is that we are completely blind to the fact that while we control political leadership across the region, we have forever lost "the hearts and minds" as george bush so eloquently phrased it, of the very people we we claim to help by bringing our special brand of democracy.

This is very controversial but ill say it anyhow. Osama Bin Laden had some, not all but some, reasonable requests of the US government in response to the terrorist event on 9/11 that we could have implemented along with domestic security measures that would provide a reasonable, but not perfect assurance, of our security. Instead, we chose to dump 3 trillion dollars into a 15 year campaign of scorched earth across afghanistan, and in the process created more terrorists. we dumped a portion of that cash into Iraq, murdered their elected leader (whom we supported during George HW Bush and whom was willing to negotiate a surrender and truce) and watched as sectarian violence killed millions. That was the democracy we brought. and in the wake of Iraq, we have the exisence of a militant group that not only rejects western democracy, but has slammed hard right into religeous extremism because after failing all else, most members are content with trying a nuclear option having exhausted their resources. Maybe it is allah punishing them, maybe its not, maybe its all arbitrary but at least its something, and so far the americans hate it so it must be correct.

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I've got solar. I don't imagine that those who are in areas where they burn dirty coal and dead babies for energy are big markets for Tesla. California accounted for 36% of Tesla sales in 2013 - and hey, what do you know, not only does California have a growing percentage from renewable, but there's incentives for installing solar in California too. Oh and even in most of the metro areas in Texas, you can choose to pay extra to get renewable for your portion added to the grid. So....yeah.

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by nimbius (#47930827) Attached to: Obama Presses Leaders To Speed Ebola Response
researchers in 1973:Jesus christ we've just found a horrible disease in africa!
Nixon: lol africa.
researchers in 1995: jesus guys this outbreak just killed 250 people in the congo.
the clinton: but i dont play the congo.
researchers in 2007: guise this deathtoll is over 1000 so far and Western Uganda is looking pretty bad.
Dubya: What do you mean western union kicks ass their commercials are funny.
Ebola 2014: remember me? LOL KILLSTREAK=4000 and i took a few medics too u mad?
Obama: I'm dedicating 175 million dollars to fight this horrible disease
congress: nope.jpg
Obama ....seriously....
Congress: LOL y u mad bro?

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by nimbius (#47930627) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?
If theres a magic number for tesla, somewhere theyre hoping to get in order to dramatically increase sales of their technological wonderland on wheels, theyre sadly mistaken. Your target demographic in the future does not fucking care.

According to the AAA, From 2007 to 2011, the number of cars purchased by people aged 18 to 34, fell almost 30%, and according to a study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, only 44% of teens obtain a drivers license within the first year of becoming eligible and just half, 54% are licensed before turning 18. Speaking as a millenial, let me be frank when I address the clearly shocked and disappointed Baby Boomer parents that find my lack of enthusiasm infuriating.

You're right, i want electric vehicles to staunch global warming and climate change. and I sure do like that cellphone I'm always carrying. However, You're delusional if you think I want a new car . You wrecked the economy, crushed the housing market, and saddled me with student loans that can never be forgiven and that will garnish my wages even after death. until last year, i didnt have a chance in hell of getting health insurance. Most of my friends work more than one job, not many of them earn a programmers salary like me and even if they did theyd be furious to find out most of it (after the universities generous cut) is going to an apartment owned by a capital investment firm that doesnt care about my broken shower. I've never met my landlord but i sure as hell know who my loan officer is. A car represents tax, title, license, maintenance, and fuel money I dont have. It represents parking tickets and accident insurance and a parking space. Not only do i lack the cash to buy this car, but chances are likely i'll never have the credit rating you did.

so drop it low. I dont care. I live downtown and I reverse-commute to the exurbs because the traffic is easier and im not as frightened of minorities as your generation was. I own a bicycle and take the bus if theres inclimate weather. The car is a 2001 crown victoria fleet vehicle I purchased used from the city with a broken door lock switch and a sagging headliner and honestly, i dont care. cars do not exemplify who I am or my success as a person and as more companies become copacetic with telecommuting, they'll only become less relevant to me.

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by nimbius (#47927327) Attached to: Logitech Aims To Control the Smart Home
Logitech has some serious issues to contend with. Namely, they dont adhere to standards entirely like bluetooth and expect users to install management and configuration software. this software is cloud based and requires an internet connection to function as well as constant communication with the logitech servers. The other issue is that this might not be the right direction at all. Home ownership has sharply declined after the great recession. the new owners are investment firms that bought up the property for a song and would seek to minimize expenses like regular maintenance and home automation upgrades for their tenents. At best their venture will amount to a bunch of neat devices that still dont entirely play nice with eachother, and a few houses with enough background RF radiation to broil a turkey in the living room.

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Is FDD here to stay?

It seems like you're extrapolating from that experience, to thinking "FDD" is a current trend. AFAIK it's not. A small number of dysfunctional shops like that has virtually always existed. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you've only been doing software development for a few years, so you're working from a limited sample size.

I have been in a few jobs where the managers were verbally and/or emotionally abusive. In both cases I left ASAP.

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This has always puzzled me why some developers list this as a negative. What is wrong with wearing a suit?

They're expensive. They generally need dry-cleaning. Spilling stuff on them is expensive. They're typically less comfortable than some alternatives. They tend to be hotter in the summer than what I'd normally wear.

Every professional workplace has an expectation of a formal atire.

Either you have an unusually narrow definition of "workplace", or your statement is just factually incorrect.

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by Just Some Guy (#47924043) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

I'm Just Some Guy. And yes, I'd be furious if I gave my kids a CD and they whined as petulantly as half the posts I've been reading here and on Twitter. It's OK not to like any particular band, but I lack an understanding of the amount of entitlement required to rant about someone receiving a free gift that they have every ability to ignore./p?

+ - NASA awards "space taxi" contracts to both Boeing and SpaceX->

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ugen (93902) writes "Contrary to the rumor posted on Slashdot earlier today, "NASA will partner with Boeing and SpaceX to build commercially owned and operated "space taxis" to fly astronauts to the International Space Station, ending U.S. dependence on Russia for rides, officials said on Tuesday... Boeing was awarded $4.2 billion to SpaceX's $2.6 billion. ""
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