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Comment: Re:For everything there is a season (Score 0) 228

by Kariles70 (#48138351) Attached to: Pentagon Unveils Plan For Military's Response To Climate Change
Yes, but global warming is as big a problem as a Bigfoot uprising. We need to prioritize our goals! I am sure they'll say we can end Ebola by fixing global warming and then tax our electricity bill some more.

Its the nature of government to try to scare you to death with imaginary boogey-men. Then a real live, fast acting one comes along and on cue they mess it up!!! I am sure they'll handle Ebola as well as they did AIDS!

Comment: Re:Diseconomies (Score 0) 610

by Kariles70 (#48138293) Attached to: Wind Power Is Cheaper Than Coal, Leaked Report Shows
Government has done very poorly as a sentinel to alleviate externalities. They take way too long to come to a decision on what they will allow to happen and in many cases appear to be ignorant of solutions staring them in the face. In the case of fuel for cars, they have done all they can to suppress technology that we already possess to increase gas mileage (and therefore decrease pollution) in which they could easily have fixed it in 1 day. For 1 good example of hundreds:
  • * A diesel engine is inherently more efficient than a gasoline engine at just about any size, but the govt. saw to it that taxes on diesel stayed much higher than for gasoline.
  • * Modern diesel engines get anywhere from 10 - 20 mpg MORE than gasoline engines of the same size and horsepower
  • * So for every 10 gallons of fuel a car holds that would mean an extra 200 miles more out of the tank
  • * Modern direct injection diesel engines are now burning sulfur-free diesel so they are about as clean as gasoline. Therefore there is no longer a reason to overtax the fuel
  • * So of course the govt. leaves 30-50 cents more tax on a better, more efficient fuel as we go into the future, ignorant, wasteful, and even more polluting

Don't expect them to fix it either. Solving a problem is not their business as far as they are concerned. If government actually solved problems there would eventually be no need for them, and that haunts their nightmares. Lets see, more than 200 miles more distance per every car out there: 200 miles * 1,000,000,000 cars worldwide ~~~ 200,000,000,000 more miles traveled per car on the same amount of fuel. Energy "crisis" solved.

Comment: Re:Diseconomies (Score 0) 610

by Kariles70 (#48138133) Attached to: Wind Power Is Cheaper Than Coal, Leaked Report Shows
If you consider the fact that environmental quacks don't want us to get to our own oil under our own feet the cost to achieve a free energy economy becomes enormous.
  • *By blocking us from becoming energy independent they think they're doing us a favor when all they're doing is making everything more expensive.
  • *They think they did just that when they blocked the Keystone Pipeline - all they did was make it travel by rail instead.
  • *This poor substitute makes it inherently more expensive and more environmentally dangerous, more prone to spills, derailments, and other accidents.

Lord save the earth from environmental quacks!

Comment: Re:Read the Report (Score 0) 610

by Kariles70 (#48138033) Attached to: Wind Power Is Cheaper Than Coal, Leaked Report Shows
I knew there was a problem with the report somewhere. Wind at its best is only going to pay for itself when it is blowing constantly. Solar only pays for itself in sunny areas during the day. Yes, storage would help, but it is STILL way too expensive. Nuclear is the only unlimited carbon-free power source that can operate day and night and regardless of how much wind, sun, or rainfall there is. If nuclear power was not actively suppressed by the government and then hounded by environmental quacks with lawsuits we could build so much of them as to make carbon free power almost free in price as well. Only certain places in America is wind steadily blowing on land. It blows constantly offshore but then here come the environmental quacks again who don't want it mucking up the landscape offshore. Solar helps some too, but is much more efficient in desert areas. Only nuclear eliminates all problems with energy without cuisinarting or frying birds. It can also desalinate seawater by the ton per minute (California are you listening? Is it dry out there?)

Comment: Re:not totally (Score 1) 238

I really hate pseudo-scientists with a long track record of wrong predictions telling me I have to give up basic rights to change weather that is supposed to be hotter to a colder setting. Particularly when we have record breaking cold in both hemispheres. -135.4 Fahrenheit this July at the south pole. Record breaking cold in Australia this July. The Great Lakes all froze solid this past winter and didn't thaw out until June.

Comment: Re:Its not the technology - it is the tech company (Score 0) 238

Our stupid government could stop all off-shoring tomorrow by simply lowering corporate taxes to where we are not the highest corporate taxed country on earth. It would also increase corporate revenue into the national treasury. Of course that would fix the problem and politicos are not about fixing a problem. If they fix something you don't need them and that is the scariest thing on earth for a politician. No, they'll prolong and exacerbate the problem as much as possible.

Comment: Re:Call it a "Driving Plane" not a "Flying Car" (Score 1) 203

by Kariles70 (#48080963) Attached to: A Production-Ready Flying Car Is Coming This Month
Again, it will not serve much purpose until people are allowed to take off and land on roads. It is not just possible it is feasible for competent pilots. I have seen crop-dusters do it successfully since this old man was a little kid. Notice I said competent pilots, not someone with a DUI record as long as your arm. There would only be certain roads that could be used. They would have to be straight and flat and unoccupied. Many roads would fit that bill and many sections of interstate would be perfect.

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by Kariles70 (#47878389) Attached to: When Scientists Give Up
H1-B visas are for giving giant corporations even cheaper labor than they have now. We have plenty of networkers and programmers. We don't have a bunch that will work for $25,000 a year though. So you import workers into an economy that is now at the height of a recession with over 90,000,000 people unemployed with the claim that they can't find anyone to work for them. That is the brilliance of our government in action.

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