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Comment: Re:Cher gouvernement (Score 1) 234

I lived there during the Duplessis administration in the late Fifties. If you think la belle province is corrupt now, back then it was corrupt beyond all human imagination. Small wonder that when Maurice Duplessis died, they had to screw him into the ground.

And remember, folks, any criticism of corruption and the insular culture there is racist.

Comment: Re: Cher gouvernement (Score 4, Interesting) 234

English as spoken in, say, the southern US had its origin in Elizabethan times. But no law has ever prevented the dialect from changing from its original form or required that visitors use a specific set of words and expressions. Meanwhile in France and every other part of Europe, stop signs say STOP. In Montréal, they have to say ARRÊT.

Comment: iRobot Corporation (Score 1) 129

1. A Roomba may not injure the cat or, by bumping open the patio screen, allow the cat to escape outside and be killed;
2. A Roomba must behave rationally when swatted by the cat, except when such action would conflict with the First Law;
3. A Roomba must remain plugged until it finishes charging, except where this would conflict with the First or Second Law.

Comment: Re:What a stupid piece. (Score 1) 316

Cherry-picking one hydro lake with an odd emission of methane - what a hokey stretch! It's like those analyses "discrediting" solar as a renewable because a little carbon is emitted in making the panels.

Yes, the real problem with hydro is that all the good places to use it are already taken. But where it has been exploited, it's so far ahead of every other renewable that it can't even see them in the distance.

Comment: The Dashboard needs to be an iPhone app (Score 1) 92

The user could customize the display of his/her Apple Watch with of the real-time status of one of the indicators in the dashboard, with the time display as minutes to midnight in any desired time zone and time display format. It would be a doomsayer's dream.

"Mach was the greatest intellectual fraud in the last ten years." "What about X?" "I said `intellectual'." ;login, 9/1990