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Comment Re:There have been 4 "Silicon Valleys". (Score 1) 106 106

"No, Fourth Silicon Valley, which is rife with Hipsters and social rejects, will not mine asteroids. But I think that the Fifth Silicon Valley very well could!"

Yes, if Andrew Carnegie were alive today, he would live in Mountain View and call his company "Smeltly" rather than US Steel. But the ingathering of brainpower in the area will bring us new projects Let's allow them to bring an end to California's drought with cheap desalination.

Comment Re: This is just an attempt by the Republicans... (Score 1) 129 129

Japan being a high-tech nation with a much smaller land area, they're going to genetically engineer a bioconcentrator that will mop up the cesium in their exclusion zone long before the 25 years is up.

Nature points the way: http://pelagiaresearchlibrary....

Comment Re:HAHAHAHA! (Score 1) 213 213

All states, so far as I know, have the option of posting a bond instead of getting mandatory auto insurance. If self-driving cars are going to be mostly owned by manufacturers and leasing companies, they might find the bonding option a savings over insurance because the risk is being spread over a big fleet of cars. Since that's all that insurance companies do, the reasoning will be, "Let's post our own bonds, pocketing the profit that would ordinarily go to some insurance company."

Comment Re:When do I get to be a multinational corp? (Score 1) 300 300

"how do I get to be a multinational corporation so I can tell local authorities to fuck off too?"

France is free to make it illegal for its citizens to use Google. This would be the kind of money pit bureacrats love, like British TV licensing.

Comment Re:Wind (Score 1) 34 34

First, you have to be really lucky to find a place that has directly opposig winds at different nearby altitudes. This is what makes Albuquerque such a favorite place for ballooning.

Then...what happens to your broadband signal as the balloon changes altitude while whiffling all over the place trying to keep station?

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