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Comment Re:title (Score 1) 312

What I also see in here is also a lot of free-floating hatred of China which really should be directed at those forces here at home that are preventing us from regaining the leadership we once had in technologies like this. I don't like the idea of our spending the rest of our lives as kids with our noses flattened against China's showroom window, waiting awestruck for the next miracle to be rolled out any more than you do, but that is our own fault, not that of China.

Comment Re:Energy in? (Score 1) 143

Just dumping waste energy into methanol production doesn't seem to be a viable way to sequester carbon to me.

Well I'd prefer a non-toxic solid so we could just re-bury it. Calcium Carbonate or something along those lines.

Even better: make biochar, so that we could bury it as almost pure carbon in farmed soil for thousands of years, while at the same time having it improve the soil. We could get rid of a lot of municipal waste that way.

Comment Re:Your conclusion is wrong. (Score 1) 275

I feel for you, most certainly, but at some point you have to face the truth. The football players have flushed your chess pieces and stuffed you in your locker, yet you still hope that if you just stick it out you will (a) magically become one of the popular kids or (b) wait a year and hope that Principal Trump will see fit to take your side.

It's time to boldly transfer to a more nerd-friendly place. Before joining the TMT, China was developing its own similar design and was scouting its own locations on the Tibetan Plateau above 5000m.

Comment Re:eminent domain for nice [public] things (Score 2) 275

Actually his controversy is about using eminent domain for private development, which is not at issue here. The TMT site was on a 52-acre 'telescope reservation' that has existed by contract since 1960, and where a number of other instruments are already located.

Comment Re:Unhelpful Whining (Score 1) 275

Since this controversy started, I've been following the state news closely, and I from what I can see the response to the native oppositions is...lukewarm indifference. I see a few positive comments in newspaper story response threads, sandwiched between huge blocks of misspelled but fervent screeds from the religious opposition. Where are the business organizations like Rotary and Chamber of Commerce? Where are the counterprotests? Where are the academics at UH and other schools?

I get the impression that the natives have been weaponized by ethnic studies programs that nobody ever bothered auditing for historical accuracy.

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