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by Applehu Akbar (#48199293) Attached to: Your Online TV Watching Can Now Be Tracked Across Devices

I get my content through a nationwide cable provider, but if I miss an episode of something on a cable network and want to catch up using the network's iPad app or website, my provider is never in the tiny list of Verify Your Provider options. So it's torrent time for me too.

Even over-the-air networks are starting to require Verify Your Provider now. What do the people who get the channel OTA do?

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by Applehu Akbar (#48180265) Attached to: Researchers Scrambling To Build Ebola-Fighting Robots

It's true that the original Ned Ludd protests in 1811 were purely a labor movement by crofters who perceived their artisanal fabric-making business in danger from the Jacquard loom. No concept of what industrialization would mean in the long run existed at the time.

It would be nice if we had a more historically accurate term for it, but the movement that we call Luddite today actually is a visceral hatred of innovation itself. It's the idea that applications of science are by default dangerous and 'corporate'.

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by Applehu Akbar (#48177615) Attached to: Apple's Next Hit Could Be a Microsoft Surface Pro Clone

The latest OS X includes Handoff, which right now is just a way of starting work on one Apple device or computer and subsequently continuing it on another ("Handoff"). ArsTechnica, in their long-form review of OS X 10.10, has some details on the internals of this feature. It seems to be implemented in a way that would eventually allow for having client tasks on your iDevice interact with server processes on your remote OS X machine - or on a cloud server.

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It's an election year. This is the occasion for prosecutors to lobby for jail construction bonds, at the same time as inventing new categories of prisoners to fill them. How many people are jailed for "paraphernalia," which means common items that might possibly be used in the drug trade. Failing that, we can always crank down the blood alcohol limit one more time until one beer with dinner out is enough to expose middle-class people to the prison system for the first time.

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