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Comment Re:Cost of access is key. (Score 1) 221

Tyson's subtext is that he somehow doesn't trust non-governmental organizations to conduct themselves in space according to his NPR vision of the proper role of Washington.

Because the technology for manned exploration is in such an early stage of development, we can't sit here and plan how it might develop over the rest of the century. Since NASA has a good track record on automated science, we can assume that it will direct more generations of scientific probes, but we have no confidence that it can plan risky manned missions. Let the adventuring sector do what it finds itself capable of.

Comment Blame Dallas? (Score 1) 407

" Survey data indicates engineering faculty at universities are far more likely to be conservative than people with other degrees, and far more likely to be religious"

The statistic associating engineers with terrorism has been around for a while, but this explanation is a new one. This means that Texas ought to be a hotbed of terrorist activity.

Comment Re:He she said (Score 4, Informative) 549

The Russian violation was technical, according tothis morning's maps: in a flight across northern Syria, the SU-24 crossed a narrow finger of Turkish land sticking out of its southern border. The shootdown was over Syria, the crash was in Syria, and the crew were killed by Syrians after ejecting.

Comment Re: Litigious Much (Score 1) 769

"A church that spent 500 years burning alive anyone who practiced science and singlehandedly held back humanity's progress for 5 centuries.

Flog Torquemada and the Dark Ages Vatican all you want to, but it eventually learned to live as part of civilization, and practices astronomy today. Imagine if there were a religion that once practiced astronomy, but degenerated over the years to burning people alive today.

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