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Comment Re:More bad (Score 1) 34

"TPP will gut the Canadian dairy industry and flood the market with cheap American milk"

This news will have Canadians rioting in the streets for more expensive dairy products.

If you love in the touristy parts of Vancouver or Toronto, I'm sure you've seen the hordes of skinny, starving Americans who have been drinking US milk their entire lives.

Comment Re:If that's how Pokemon Int'l treats its fans... (Score 1) 200

Under US law, you can't be sued for libel if you stick to the truth. This is why deep-pocket libel plaintiffs in cases of international exposure will take the trouble to file in London, where it is effectively illegal to rake muck about a famous person if he/she decides to make a case of it.

Comment Re:If that's how Pokemon Int'l treats its fans... (Score 3, Insightful) 200

Ketchum's response should not be to wimp out by trying to GoFundMe the ransom. Blare the whole thing on social media, concentrating on Pokémon fan sites, with the aim of turning fans off as much as possible. So long as he doesn't make anything up, there is no possibility of additional suits for such activity (this isn't Britain!). Make them wish they had never tried to pull such a tactic.

Comment I still like Adobe DNG (Score 1) 295

Digital Negative was originated by an Evil Corporation(TM), but Adobe insists that they want to keep the format open and IP-free. It has been submitted to ISO a s a standard, basically TIFF with room for the rich metadata that photographers crave:

I will give up my DNG when you pry the cold dead platters of my drawerful of external backup from around it.

Comment Re: And this is a bad thing why? (Score 1) 50

I think this is what happened. Early yesterday MST I installed El Capitan, a 6.08G download, onto my two machines without problems. Late last night I tried updating my mother's system (same town, somewhat slower broadband), but by then the servers had bogged down to a crawl and it was impossible to complete the download.

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