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Comment: Re:Glaing Error (Score 4, Informative) 303 303

The protesters call themselves kanaka, the working class of precolonial Hawaii. Did you know that in that culture only the ali'i, the hereditary nobility, were permitted to go above the treeline on Mauna Kea? Thus by the laws of their own culture, the protesters at the 9,000 ft level, are there illegally.

Comment: Let a D-9 Cat and two fire engines lead the parade (Score 1, Insightful) 303 303

The Cat should make short work of the piled-up rocks, and the high-pressure hoses would be ready in case the demonstrators start throwing anything.

Now that science itself is under attack, we need to be prepared to defend it.

Comment: Re:And how do they deal with the G-Forces? (Score 3, Informative) 153 153

" Freight rail in the US, which is a much, much better use of resources, on the other hand, is top of the world."

Except for our umpty-ump brazillion grade crossings. If we could only get these separated, we would be able to increase freight speeds enough so that a few passenger trains could be sent through on each route with realistic, competitive run times.

If the government wants to help the railroad business, let it build grade separations, a type of construction that governments on all levels are already used to. Then let railroad men invest in improving the railroads.

Comment: Re:Sure ... (Score 1) 153 153

"And why would it take 5-6 hours for emergency help to arrive? This thing is not in the middle of nowhere, it is following I-5 between LA and SF."

Because it's California, and that's probably how long it would take to file all the required statements of environmental impact and get a court's okay, even with the expedited procedures I'm sure would be put in place if Hyperloop were actually built.

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