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Comment: Re:Must...resist...gender-based rant! (Score 1) 86

by Applehu Akbar (#49799051) Attached to: Feds Bust a Dark-Web Counterfeit Coupon Kingpin

"You stupid cocksucker. You just had to ruin the moment with your ugly hatred of women."

Don't you just live the hearty give-and-take of intellectual discourse?

What I was actually flaming here is the marketing industry's cynical exploitation of women in selling the whole concept of retail coupons. The same applies to the design of slot machines.

Comment: Must...resist...gender-based rant! (Score 2) 86

by Applehu Akbar (#49798621) Attached to: Feds Bust a Dark-Web Counterfeit Coupon Kingpin

I hope this scam works, and that it will mean the death of coupons as an inducement. When I think of the time expended cutting them out, fiddling with them on every shopping trip, and snipe hunts for products we don't usually buy but-there's-a-great coupon-this-week, I will rejoice at the extra time that awaits us in our future. Then consider the time and money expended by retailers and by manufacturers. Wouldn't we save just as much if coupons didn't exist at all? Whenever I'm out shopping by myself, ignoring the whole coupon world when I do price/value analysis, I find I'm saving just as much.

But coupons will persist so long as they keep appealing to the wives of this world.

Comment: Re:The race is already on we're just not in it (Score 1) 263

"The US doesn't even have a man rated launch platform any longer."

But Silicon Valley is in the final stages of developing one. No need to weep over the lost technological prowess of the federosaurus, which as we speak is busy indicting a foreign sport for the crime of depositing cash into US banks without going through all the sacred FATCA paperwork we were recently saddled with.

Comment: Re:And who's going to pay for it? (Score 1) 263

There has been no instance of settlement to relieve surplus population on Earth either. The number of Italians living overseas may exceed the number who stayed home, but Italy and each of its "colonies" had to manage the population/resources question anew in each place.

Ultimately we will settle the solar system for maintainability, to assure that no imaginable calamity could wipe out all humans.

Comment: Re:instead of space race (Score 1) 263

Cuban communism will vanish within a year now that the country has opened up to trade. First the long-suffering peasants will sell their carefully preserved classic Fifties cars for half a million each to Stateside collectors, the they'll plow the money into restaurants, AirBNB hostels and Uber cabs for the onrushing tourist trade.

That leaves two remaining Commie countries. Venezuela will run out of bullets and toilet paper this summer, while North Korea will fold as soon as China gets tired of making excuses for it.

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