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Comment: iRobot Corporation (Score 1) 125

1. A Roomba may not injure the cat or, by bumping open the patio screen, allow the cat to escape outside and be killed;
2. A Roomba must behave rationally when swatted by the cat, except when such action would conflict with the First Law;
3. A Roomba must remain plugged until it finishes charging, except where this would conflict with the First or Second Law.

Comment: Re:What a stupid piece. (Score 1) 314

Cherry-picking one hydro lake with an odd emission of methane - what a hokey stretch! It's like those analyses "discrediting" solar as a renewable because a little carbon is emitted in making the panels.

Yes, the real problem with hydro is that all the good places to use it are already taken. But where it has been exploited, it's so far ahead of every other renewable that it can't even see them in the distance.

Comment: The Dashboard needs to be an iPhone app (Score 1) 91

The user could customize the display of his/her Apple Watch with of the real-time status of one of the indicators in the dashboard, with the time display as minutes to midnight in any desired time zone and time display format. It would be a doomsayer's dream.

Comment: Re:Needs a honeypot (Score 1) 332

The Detroit colony, which dates to long before the radical era, has spoken up, but the problem is worldwide. The Saudi king may claim to be our ally against radicals, but his royal family is riddled with princes whose money enables terror to go international. If the King were sincere, he would repudiate the Wahhabism that started Islam on its radical turn just as the rest of the world was industrializing and reach back to, say, the Abbasid tradition to define a non-radical version of the faith.

Comment: Re:Careful, they might shoot back (Score 1) 332

The article you linked refers to military gear we gave Yemen to hold off jihadists and which has now is presumably in ISIS hands. It is well established that the same thing happened to the arms we gave the new Iraqi Army, the one which fled at the first sign of fire.

Why exactly would we want to keep the Russians out? My impression of the best outcome in the Middle East is for the Russians or the Chinese to take over the region and grind it under a generation or two of the sort of iron-fisted colonial rule that Europe or the US would not contemplate. Let them have its oil in return - we are well on the way to producing our own needs, and this would spur the eventual replacement of oil by nonfossil energy sources.

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