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Comment Re:Music? (Score 1) 60 60

If you say so. There is instrumental music, you know? And between hearing music or slaving away in an open office and hearing all the private life of my workmates in their conversations over the phone, phones ringing, people talking, and some idiot or other that does not know yet phones were invented...actually music makes me far much more productive and with less murderous thoughts too.

Comment Re:Think taxes, not taxis (Score 1) 242 242

I come from a similar place, except the size. I doubt allowing more taxis will make the industry go belly up. As much I do not agree with Uber, the truth is the taxi model is a racket industry to have others working for you that could very well setup their business with your interference. But alas, the laws are setup to protect a predatory model in many industries where the intermediates earn more than the actual worker. Radius station same thing here, they were restricted to control speech and to protect the shitty national music industry - too many of them only broadcasted foreign music. Internet same thing, predatory industry. Big players even used the leverage they had in big cities to crush small nascent players with lower prices in their turf. Of course often the government then steps in to make them subside places where they have no profit, good that at least it does something, but on the other hand also hands them very profitable businesses in a gold plate.

Comment Re:Might have nothing to do with age. (Score 1) 633 633

For me the one that took the cake was interviewing someone that did not bathe and was stoned or drunk. And was complicated explaining to his father what happened. Anyway if a place asks me what do you think your strengths are, I do not care wether they are HR or not, im out of there.

Comment TRS-80, Xenix, Z80, C (Score 1) 614 614

I had my first tastes of IT in a ZX Spectrum and a commodore vic 20; at school in a TRS-80 doing BASIC until they switched to XT. Also had the introduction to Unix and C in HP/UX with serial consoles, and started working shortly after as a C software developer in Xenix and MS-DOS.

Comment Re:what this is really all about (Score 1) 633 633

Do not be dense please. In places like India, Africa or South Europe (where I live) it is the norm to not have any organisation at work and people to be jack of all trades, but in other cultures and in the "civilised" world, people have very defined responsibilities and they do not let you touch even other areas of competence without you have documented and proven training and experience on that.

Comment Re:It's discomfort at working alongside older peop (Score 1) 633 633

Quite by the contrary. I do mind working with 20s. They do have some patience for things we do no longer have, and also investigate things a lot. They also need some guidance. What often ticks me off is being interviewed by 20s. Besides them having no experience in life, they often do not understand when they are saying something they were told to say that they are insulting people actually (e.g. too lower offers, or private life questions, for instance), they do not have the life experience to often understand sarcasm, they also do not get it older people has more independent thinking, and also they denote clearly the place I am applying for hires as a politic cheap labor force.

Comment Re:Might have nothing to do with age. (Score 1) 633 633

People will be people after all. I have seen been in both sides at the interview table and see a lot of good things, and a lot of bad things. And it is rather childish of you assuming I am saying I would do that or not, and besides, not your business. And some interviews are not meant to be finished anyway. A short while ago I was called by a rather crude lady that came from, and as first question she asked me what my salary is. I told her why would you want to know my salary? To see if you are fit for the job....was the answer. Excuse me lady, the interview is finished here. Nobody is allowed to insult me. Now if she did the job and had read my profile. I actually do not think it was a REAL interview, but a market polling of salaries level masked as an interview. And anyway, she did not understood at the all the terrible social faux pas she made anyway, being 20 years old...which is a story for another day and another post.

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