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Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 568

Honestly the parent posters in this thread seem to be oblivious to the fact that due to the bad rap some ingredients have near consumers, lobbying was made that if they are present in less than x quantities there is no need for them to be on the label. Off the top of my head, aspartame in fruit flavoured water, xylitol and colouring in meats.

Comment Re:Why did they need his passwords? (Score 1) 396

If you are speaking of China government that must be true...I am sorry to burst your bubble, however in faculties the penetration is around 30-50%, and much of the corporate world including Cisco, IBM and HP are shunning desktops to shave costs and giving the employees the choice between MS and Mac notebooks supported by their corporate services. Try to guess what is their choice, it is not really that hard.

Comment Re:Surprised this still works (Score 1) 139

As a anecdotal tale, I provided a virtual CC to the free tier of amazon, ending, guess what, at the term of their "free" time interval. My luck, because I had forgotten a stopped virtual VM that was paying for hard disk used. First month out of the trial got an email...cannot charge you on your expired "VISA", give us a new one,... good way to control hidden recurring fees after "free" trials.

Comment Re:Surprised this still works (Score 1) 139

There are other obvious answers. In my country we have virtual CC cards. I just create one with the amount I need for the article I want to buy, with a margin of a couple of euros - or a recurring one for a period of one year, say for my Apple account, with a limit of 100 dollars. However, once I set it to one entity, it cannot be used by another entity. This technology proved to provide a huge boost in electronic commerced as it provided an inceptive for many sceptics to buy things using "VISA". I also hear back in the USA you can buy coupons with CC numbers but just from word of mouth.

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