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Comment Re: 15? (Score 1) 280

Not exactly. Win95/98 had to maintain compatibility with a lot of hardware and softwre, and hence replicated *most* of the functionality of DOS into what they called if memory does not fail me "protected mode". However, from times to times they had to go all way down to protected mode, either for the real mode sound card drivers, or for an hard disk that had not the 32 bit "mode" activated, or for a TSR or a virus you had running (no kidding)...shit like that. And Win95 depended a lot on real mode for I/O at least, the situation was only slightly better under win 98. The 95 does not running and needing DOS was a lot of BS talk from MS.

Comment Re:Actually, the common saying... (Score 1) 280

Well I was trying to avoid DOS/Windows all the time, and to be fair tried to use W95 as a development platform, and even did there my thesis. However it did not take long that it was not stable as a design and a moving target for MS and cronies to make money, and I moved again to Unix afterwards.

Comment Re:So it's not unlimited, then... (Score 1) 267

Morally you are right. In practice, I do not see why in the future I have either to see my service slower or pay more because of freeloaders. I understand nowadays with streaming and good quality internet it is quite easy to reach 100-500GB, 2TB seems a bit over the top.

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