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Comment We have all seen questionable things (Score 1) 143

I have seen many funny things, and that even without trying hard, most of the things accidentally:
- the manager that went all day long looking at tranny porn instead of working;
- the secretary that had viruses with horse bestiality all over her folders;
- the HR department that left a text file with ALL the salaries in a public folder;
- the department that used the bank transaction system as a games console;
- the consultant that used to spend the billable hours playing galaxians;
- the ISP were 90% of the users had the same password;
- people using sex meeting sites at work;
- people running file sharing servers at work *extensivelly*;
- users sending their VISA cards over the email system;
- workers running joke emailing lists enterprise wide and then complaining about "email not working";
and so much more. I actually preferred I had not stumbled over those things.

Comment I wonder... (Score 1) 164

I really wonder who really still will be affected by losing TV channels. It is a situation of abundance of turds, not a damn channel has good programs...Even National geographic has the fucking reality shows under the banner of wait for it..."science"... Really, news for who, slashdot? We do give a flying fuck for TV channels...they are outdated technology and produced on the cheap, pure garbage.

Comment Re:Sad they are not doing anything much these days (Score 1) 428

I do not have an idea if Jobs had a technological vision. What I know for sure is that while he was a douchebag, he had charisma. He lusted for perfection. He was maniac in what touched organisation. He managed to get people doing what he wanted. He had presence. He had something that definitively captivated audiences. Now, the last WWDCs have always have some major glitches. Heck, either it was them crashing all the time, or in the last one, not putting on time the current one, and the web site broadcasting the new, and Apple TV the one of the year before. Timezone glitches? (...) Especially in the last one, my wife was saying all the God, are THEY ALL GAY? ...and ending that launching the Weekend from San Franscisco...amauteurish. Women seem to have a more developed eye for that. Honestly I used to come on as soon the job allowed me too to see WWDC live events, now excuse me...Gay pride has a corresponding event, and bands are for MTV. I wont be hurrying up to watch more WWDC events. Will read about them in Mac Rumours. About buying Apple products...I see no match for the iPhone, however may next notebook may run Linux.

Comment Re:Are ther any honest companies in India? (Score 3, Insightful) 85

It seems you do not use and facebook regularly. As a non-native speaker, - and mind you my tongue and grammar is radically different from English - it irks me people educated in an English speaking part of the world have systematically such a weak English. It really seems they do not care about it. And do not get me started on the sorry display they make of themselves when using technical boards.

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