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by ruir (#47557885) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Resources On Programming For Palm OS 5?
Windows mobile/CE is much worse, I actually threw a Windows CE based GPS out of the window of my car, and bought another Linux based on the very same day. As for Palm, ugly, slow, cumbersome use except for the writing recognition, no command line interface ;) and really no incentive to program the darn thing; no manuals...I was used to have all the ROM listings, Spectrum, XT, AT, name it. And losing everything due to battery failure was not funny. I also ended up backing it up with linux in command line, as the official software was horrible. Nevertheless the thing lasted for ages, and it was the first time, with it paired with my phone that I used IRC and www while in the go.

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by ruir (#47555755) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Resources On Programming For Palm OS 5?
Why strange? I had a Palm, and it was basically a piece of crap even back in the day. Once the novelty wore off, and after losing all the metrics of a project, and on top of that, having a netbook issued by the company, it was basically a deadweight. Back in the day, I did not even understand why my consulting firms was burning resources developing for it.

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by ruir (#47555369) Attached to: OKCupid Experiments on Users Too
I have a completely different opinion of online dating services at all. When you are trying them in the trial period, which of trial is a waste of time, as just it lets you browse the public profiles and receive messages, you are most certain to receive one or two messages, often in english, no matter what your mother tongue, of someone VERY INTERESTED in meeting you, just to make sure you sign up for the service. Do those people think we are dumb?

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No, sir, this is a perfectly normal situation. Let me tell you, comple-te-ly normal. We even are not reading it in the news, actually, I have just dreamed it. The power that jackass cops and MacDonalds cops like the TSA or this lady think they have is completely out of bounds. I hope the guy sues her ass and her company out of orbit actually, and I would donate for a fund for that. Heck, I also hope EFF steps up and goes to court pro-bono. And that is why in the nearest future I wont travel to the USA, civil liberties are being squashed - and because of sheep like you that think an employee of an airline is liable to take out of a flight a dad and two kids because she did not like something. This time was a tweet in Internet, next time was maybe because she did not like something the guy said, or a comment some lady said about her backside or her boobs, or because some guy looked sideways...Are you for real?

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