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Comment: Re:Public Shaming the Red Chinese ? (Score -1, Flamebait) 50

by x0ra (#49548023) Attached to: Github DDoS Attack As Seen By Google
The US (ie. the US government, and to some extend every western country) needs an enemy. They can't just live their lives. They need a red herring to drive the masses to buy their shit (including policies). The population has been conditioned to woe hatred against a mythical being. It used to be the Russian, it was a great lengthy success. Terrorists don't provide such a good target, the notion is too diffuse, but it's a great tool to fill the gap. Now, the Chinese are perfect.

Comment: Re:Bias in article? Or sarcasm? (Score 1) 629

by x0ra (#49447667) Attached to: Florida Teen Charged With Felony Hacking For Changing Desktop Wallpaper

How refreshing would it be if Sheriff Nocco appropriately laughed at the teacher, said they had both done worse as kids, and lightly chastized the guy for wasting his time because he had real crimes to work on.

That's probably how 99.99% of sheriff/LEO reacts, and then, there is this 0.01% who seem to think they are white knights in shinny armor fighting a crusade which makes the other 99.99% looks like waffen-SS... I wonder if MSM have an agenda...

Comment: Re:because amorphous associations are shadiest. (Score 1) 157

The government is specifically and explicitly set up to represent and defend the interests the most influancial of its citizens.


It's not the majority, it is the majority of voters, which themselves are a subset of the whole citizen group. Just the convicted felons represent about 9% of the total US population, and they are denied any right to vote.

Comment: Re:A hit-piece of a submission... (Score 1) 157

How about being able to carry weapons to protect myself from Mikey the Loan Shark ? Currently there is two entities who can use force. The Government, because it decides of the rules, and criminals, because they don't give a fuck about the rule. The latter have been helped by the former to prey on "law-abiding" citizen. To some extend, even the former also prey on "law-abiding" citizen.

Comment: Re:A hit-piece of a submission... (Score 1) 157

Quite the opposite, repeal local telco monopolies, let competitor install fiber and equipment on street pole, offer *more* competition and the problem of badly behaving monopolies will stop. This is what happened in France. The historical formerly state-owned operator service was crap, the market was deregulated, a competitor entered the market, slashed prices, offered more services and everything went better. NN offer nothing but more regulation over and already heavily regulated market.

Comment: Re:A hit-piece of a submission... (Score 1) 157

On one side, if you are careful enough, the government already has no reach in such a contract. So your example is pointless. Government are not an all-knowing entity.

On the other side, it could also be argue that if you support death penalty, you agree for the entity you call "government" to contract a hitman (which happen to be itself) against an individual you judge harmful to you. If you also extend this reasoning to the law enforcement/justice system, the government itself is an oppressive entity which punish by various violent methods (fines, imprisonment) misbehavior.

Comment: Re:A hit-piece of a submission... (Score 1) 157

I don't agree with your point. What I want is the end of Government's monopoly in the use of force (ie. own, bear, and use arms in defense of lives and property) as well as end of violence-enforced compulsory theft (also known as taxes). To some extend, anybody should be allowed to negotiate the social contract, and opt-out from unwanted clause.

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