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You are misquoting me. I never said all laws were bad, I'm just pointing out government overreach. As for your example, it's silly. The road system is similar to the Internet, yet, governments don't regulate how Internet communication are to be made. Everything we have now has been mostly driven by the private sector. There is a few rogue corporation, but globally, everybody cooperate to build what is the best code of conduct (which is pretty much what the rule of the road are, a code of conduct). The existence of this code of conduct (and strong enforcement) does not forbid people to violate them. Heck, when I drive the speed limit, I am generally at the head of a trail waiting to pass me. Nobody respect the law by the book, but they violate the law in a "common sense" fashion. If the limit is 50 on a wide 4 lane highway an a sunny day in the middle of nowhere, nobody's gonna drive 50. If your argument is that people are stupid and cannot follow a code of conduct, then you are patronizing them. Even the most stupid individuals are not doing burnout and donuts in dense urban area. They do it on country roads or abandoned parking lots.

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Btw, you are ignorant of the rather recent (US made) Remington 700 massive recall. From their own words: (emphasis *not* mine)

DESCRIPTION OF THE HAZARD: Remington has determined that some Model 700 and Model Seven rifles with XMP triggers could, under certain circumstances, unintentionally discharge.

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Of course they do. No matter how well done the tampering is, sears wears out, disconnector wears out, etc. Heck, the Russian SKS is known for its possibility of slamfire. Here in Canada, I had several report of Chinese semi-auto bullpup T-97 going full-auto. You're going to blame the Chinese, but Israeli's Tavor have also had reported cases of slamfire (floating firing pin + soft commercial primer).

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Weapon was not my entire point. My point was when anything new appear, whenever a part of the public freaks out (or a politician, ala. Feinstein, convince you should fear for your life), then the automatic answer is ban. Ban, ban, ban. It generally takes a business to lift part of that ban, but only for the uses relevant for that business. I guess this shows the order of priority of politicians: at a low priority, personal interest (find a new topic to scare people with to get vote), and then, at a higher priority, business interest (because that damn campaign ain't gonna finance itself by doing nothing). Which once again point to personal interest, to keep (or win) a legislature. If in the process you can create a federal / state agency which will buy you a bit of social peace employing housewives, then it's a double win.

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Government bashes free speech, and then some private agent comes with the wonderful idea of "free speech zone".

I hate what the US have become, it is such that everything is considered "potentially dangerous", and thus need to be banned and/or operate in "controlled" area. Drones accident will happen, just the same way car accident happens, planes accident happens, or even accidental discharge happen (gun are as much subject to mechanical failure as anything else).

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