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by x0ra (#47464635) Attached to: French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review
You lose. I'm a former European, by birth and culture, raised and grown. American (as in constitutional-conservative American), by heart.

And YES, I despise what has become of European values. Europe as-is has no other future than a slow decadence, fading away, remembering the good old, glorious time.

Comment: Freedom of Expression... (Score 0, Flamebait) 423

by x0ra (#47464317) Attached to: French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review
... is a completely unknown concept in France. This is not news. Noam Chomsky paid the price when he defended Robert Faurisson, not for the content of his book, but to denounce the Government legally imposing historical truth. France (and Europe in general ?) has strictly no culture of natural Rights.

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by x0ra (#47398007) Attached to: Free Wi-Fi Supplier, Gowex, Files For Bankruptcy
cf I'm not sure of when the interview was made, but the following is interesting (emphasis mine):

What are the biggest technical challenges you have faced in launching a WiFi network?

The technological challenges that we have faced in launching our WiFi networks are not mainly centered in the deployment of networks itself, but rather on the construction of the associated innovative, profitable and sustainable business model. Apart from the difficultness of defining the model, on the technological side both our Roaming system and our Geo-located advertising platforms had to be built using what in the time of developing were yet emerging technologies

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