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Comment Re:Battery Advancements (Score 1) 141

We're geeks and nerds. We don't get out much. We kind of expect everything to increase at a rate similar to Moore's Law and anything less means there's a conspiracy [...].

Not specifically, it's more along the lines that, if we want to store unreliable "renewable" energy, we'll need a boatload of batteries, which is a field which has been pretty much stagnating. This really comes down to the fact that "those in power" are comfortably shoveling "progress" on actual engineer, or "some" smart ass, without looking at the math. Efficiency follows a logarithmic scale, which mean it's easy to make 90% of the gain, but the more to tend toward 100% of the physically possible, the more difficult it gets. Look at Intel, they're starting to get bitten hard because they are reaching hard physical limits... I made this prediction 20 years ago during recess in secondary, everybody laugh at me.

Comment Re:Battery Advancements (Score 2) 141

#1 Radio Shack NiCad D size battery from the late 1980's. 1.2V 1200 Mah
#2 Energizer NiMh AA size battery from the late 2000's 1.2V 2600 Mah (up to 1.4v when fully charged)

1) battery voltage without load is meaningless, 2) a 2x capacity increase over nearly 30 years is pretty laughable and 3) I think you meant mAh, not Mahhttp://hardware.slashdot.org/story/15/11/30/2018211/researchers-create-sodium-battery-in-industry-standard-18650-format#

Comment Re:Godwin (Score 1) 594

You're still foggy on the meaning of that word, aren't you?

Sure, if you look at the dictionary, fascism is gonna be described as right wing authoritarian regime. But if you look closely, the left is now pretty much using the same argument as the far right was using 20 years ago. Though, real fascism was essentially only an Italian movement. If you look as nazism, it *is* a socialist movement. The engligh for "Nazi" being" National Socialist German Workers' Party "

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