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Comment: News: Tony Abbott evolved a punchable face (Score 1) 190

by David Gerard (#47201343) Attached to: Study: Male Facial Development Evolved To Take Punches

OLDUVAI GORGE, Warringah, Monday (NTN) — A new theory suggests that Tony Abbott's ancestors evolved remarkably punchable facial features, accounting for people's deep desire to do so today.

The bones most commonly broken in prehistoric Liberal Party punch-ups gained the most strength in early "conservative" evolution. They are also the bones that show most divergence between Liberals and Nationals.

The paper, in the journal Guardian Australia, argues that the reinforcements evolved amid fighting over females and resources, in which communication by kicking each other's heads drove key policy changes.

Fossil records show that Australopithecus menzieii had strikingly robust facial structures. This was long seen as an adaptation to a tough diet including nuts, seeds and Malcom Turnbull's balls. But more recent findings suggest that violent intra-party competition was the cause: the "protective buttressing hypothesis".

Interestingly, the evolutionary descendants of Australopithecus — including more left-leaning humans — have displayed less and less facial buttressing. "Human arms and upper bodies are not nearly as strong as those found in Liberal Party members," said the author, Prof David Carrier, dusting off his gloves.

Studies from Canberra emergency wards show that faces are particularly vulnerable to violent injuries, many self-inflicted from being banged against desks when Coalition policy proposals reach the news.

"The historical record goes back a short time, but anatomy holds clues as to what selection was important, what behaviours were important; and so it gives us important information about what caveman notion Mr Abbott is going to come out with next."

Photo: Tony Abbott actually getting punched in the face. What a happy-making photograph this is.

+ - U-2 Caused Widespread Shutdown of US Flights out of LAX 2

Submitted by Hugh Pickens DOT Com
Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "Reuters reports that last week's computer glitch at a California air traffic control center that led officials to halt takeoffs at Los Angeles International Airport was caused by a U-2 spy plane still in use by the US military, passing through air space monitored by the Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center that appears to have overloaded ERAM, a computer system at the center. According to NBC News, computers at the center began operations to prevent the U-2 from colliding with other aircraft, even though the U-2 was flying at an altitude of 60,000 feet and other airplanes passing through the region's air space were miles below. FAA technical specialists resolved the specific issue that triggered the problem on Wednesday, and the FAA has put in place mitigation measures as engineers complete development of software changes,” said the agency in a statement. “The FAA will fully analyze the event to resolve any underlying issues that contributed to the incident and prevent a reoccurrence.” The U.S. Air Force is still flying U-2s, but plans to retire them within the next few years. The U-2 was slated for retirement in 2006 in favor of the unmanned Global Hawk Block 30 system, before the Air Force pulled an about-face two years ago and declared the Global Hawk too expensive and insufficient for the needs of combatant commanders."

Comment: Microsoft extends XP downgrade option to 2101 (Score 4, Funny) 341

From the vaults:

REAL VIRTUALITY, Seattle, Thursday 2099 (NNN) — Microsoft Corporation has announced a limited one-off extension of availability of its Windows XP operating system to April 2101 after criticism from large customers and analysts. This is the fifty-sixth extension of XP’s availability since 2008.

Through successive releases of Microsoft’s flagship Windows operating system, demand for XP has remained an important factor for businesses relying on stable XP-specific software and installations, who have pushed back strongly against the software company’s attempts to move them to later versions. Windows administration skills have become rare in recent years and consultants have demanded high fees. Reviving Windows administrators from cryogenic freezing has proven insufficient to fill the market gap, as almost all begged to work on COBOL instead.

“Windows XP is currently in the extremely very prolonged super-extended support phase and Microsoft encourages customers to migrate to Windows for Neurons 2097 as soon as feasible,” said William Gates V, CEO and great-grandson of the company founder. “Spare change?”

Microsoft Corporation, along with Monsanto Corporation and the RIAA, exists as a protected species in the Seattle Memorial Glass Crater Bad Ideas And Warnings To The Future National Park in north-west Washington on the radioactive remains of what was once the planet Earth, under the protection of our Linux-based superintelligent robot artificial intelligence overlords. Company revenues for 2098 were over $15.

Comment: Re:Ha ha (Score 1) 465

by Dunbal (#46368575) Attached to: MtGox Files For Bankruptcy Protection
So you mean the rich get richer because since they own the capital, labor and production and there's less of it to go around, then people will pay more for it. And the poor get poorer because since there are plenty of poor offering exactly the same man hours, the cost of labor is relatively less? How is this different from the status quo? If I was in charge why the hell would I want to grow production at exactly the same rate (or more) than population growth? I want my things to be scarce. I think real economics might not work exactly the way you think it does, when government and special interests get involved in the market.

Comment: Re:Ha ha (Score 5, Insightful) 465

by Dunbal (#46368001) Attached to: MtGox Files For Bankruptcy Protection
And we need growth because? Growth is sustainable forever right? How about you think about things instead of just parroting them? Those who benefit from growth are governments and monopolies, because then they can increase their budgets or offset future losses without having to do anything at all. It's the low hanging fruit and that is all it is. One day, you run out of easy fruit and have to do work. Debauching the entire system in order to fool yourself that there is more easy fruit will soon bring the whole tree down on top of you. We are fast approaching population sizes and technological levels where exponential growth is no longer possible (or even desired). Why should our economics not reflect this?

Comment: Re:Sad (Score 1) 695

by Dunbal (#46334175) Attached to: Mt. Gox Gone? Apparent Theft Shakes Bitcoin World
That's not what I mean - I mean about the fact that nothing changes (people pool their resources into 3rd parties giving them power when they really don't have to). Look at google. Google probably isn't the best search engine anymore. It certainly isn't the only one. But absolutely everyone uses Google because they're too lazy to stay on top of research and search engine trends. And when Google brings out a new service, it is instantly adopted (good or bad), because, well, it's google. For example why the hell do I keep coming back to slashdot? Inertia. It's the same shit.

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