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Where the ISP argument breaks down is that, ESPN forced people who wanted their content to either pay or have a cable subscription. So if I didn't want to pay and didn't have cable, I'd have to find my "ESPN fix" (like I would have one) elsewhere, which most likely I could at something like any other flipping news site. But let's say that I can't do that. Well, then I guess I'll have to invent something to compete with ESPN. The flip side of that equation is if I don't like my cable company, I'm basically fucked. I have no other option and I cannot build something to compete with them (in the cable biz at least) because my county has laws on the books that prevent that kind of crap.

That is the big difference. A content provider tries to extort fees and we can find something else. A cable company randomly asks to fuck you in the ass and you have absolutely no choice about it. There literally is no one else. So this "mega" edge threat they are bitching about is not even a flipping issue, it's not even remotely an issue. To make the argument that the cable companies are making here would be like to argue how highways compete with airports. Yes they both have paved surfaces, but if you don't understand how one gets you to the other, then you're a fucking insane money twat.

I think at this point Comcast should just start cycling commercials showing Brian Roberts on his mega yacht looking real sad saying, "if you don't give me a total monopoly on the Internet, then I won't be able to expand my six bedroom, three bath yacht. I mean c'mon, if I can't do that, then how will my other 23 fucking houses that I own all over the world feel?" Because at this point, this guy is just going for bragging rights over how much he can truly extort from people.

PS: If you can't tell I have a very large dislike for Comcast/NBC and good comment there guy.

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by slack_justyb (#47212563) Attached to: Latin America Exhausts IPv4 Addresses

If the bulk of human history isn't a lesson. Pretty much no one does anything until all hell is breaking loose. I don't know if it is in our genetics or what.

At any rate. A lot of "technical" folk will say, let's use NAT! And that will work for maybe a few years, maybe a decade or so, but then eventually that will break down. Finally, people will just shrug their shoulders and say, "Well, I guess it's finally time we switched over to IPv6." IPv6 is indeed the solution, but we've first got to do every other solution just because for some reason that's who we are.

So IPv4 isn't going away any time soon but for all the wrong reasons. So they will continue to not listen to any specialists till ALL other options are completely exhausted. Then after all of that we'll finally get to move on to the next big thing that was purposed twenty years ago.

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Yeap, this guy had a golden chance to make a cause and blew it by standing by people who kill other innocent people. Having a cause is one part knowing what to do and three parts getting the general public to like your cause. Using people who kill that general public tends to make them not like you all that much.

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by slack_justyb (#47050161) Attached to: Driverless Cars Could Cripple Law Enforcement Budgets

Holy crap! I want to be a cop that gets paid $100k a year when including benefits!!! Cops, especially beat cops, are like the lowest of the low in the police food chain. City I live in, the ones pointing a radar gun at you and responding to 911 calls typically make $24k a year. Include some of the crappiest health care (HSA for the fund yourself insurance type of person) and $10k life insurance policy (for when you eventually get shot, enough to put you in the ground, maybe)

No cities look at cops as the grunts to go out there and make them money, they are paid crap, worked till they're about to pass out, and given next to zero chances to actually excel in anything except maybe get more tickets. I'd say total box, a police officer in my neck of the apparent hood, makes about as much as your average shift leader at Wal-Mart plus with the added privilege of being shot at.

Also you can find that nation wide, the average is roughly $57k. Some cities actually treat their cops well with good benefits. The city I live in does have the up side of, if you make it to age 65, you can retire on pension. But also, many cops supplement their pay, by other things, like security, doing parades, funeral service, and stuff like that.

But hell, if there was a cop job being paid $100k, I would be seriously considering a field change.

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You all use the help function? What company do you work for? Typically, if a user can't figure it out by just looking at it, then its a help desk issue. You can only imagine what it was like going from 2003 to 2007. Can I come work for you, it seems your users actually want to seek out help before jumping ship. Mine just tend to call my seven digits non-stop. Also, the MS Office help is on-line as well. So slow connection would be a problem there too.

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by slack_justyb (#46924947) Attached to: Chernobyl's Sarcophagus, Redux

Agreed, we are very bad at it because no one wants to be good at it. Just good enough to be profitable. A company can run a good plant and still make profit, just not the pie high in the sky kind. We've got little choice in the matter, we're going to either have to get good at nuclear or just accept insanely huge energy costs as norm in the next five to six decades.

I love solar and wind, but that's going to be an uphill battle with the coal and oil folks for at least the next 30 years. At least nuclear has already made it past the trail of fire. We just need to really focus on LFTR designs and how to overcome some of the still remaining challenges there.

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One of the things that people tend to overlook on these setups is the costly, filters that have to be put into place. Sea water contains a lot of life in it (microscopic all the way up to whale). Obviously, its pretty easy to take care of the stuff on either edge of that spectrum, boil the water and iodine for the microscopic; build an intake smaller than a whale. However, it is the between that is the bane of the plant. Not too long ago, a desalinization plant has to be shutdown for a few days because jelly fish had clogged the whole thing up.

While one could build filters and systems to prevent each kind of creature that tried to get into the plant, it would rise the cost past the breaking point for ROI.

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You are smoking crack. The reason is because non-open drivers have had this implemented since word "go". That's what people wanted to use. Hence, the whole supply/demand thing kicking in. That someone is doing it in the open-source drivers means that they aren't getting the love they expected from the third party, and suddenly there is a business interest in having better support in the open driver.

To draw a parallel, would you use the default drivers that come "out of box" on a fresh install on Microsoft Windows whatever, or would you actually go to the vendor's website and download their specific drivers? I think we're done here.

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by slack_justyb (#46862717) Attached to: The Koch Brothers Attack On Solar Energy

But you want just one? Let's start with Warren Buffet

Berkshire Hathaway / RJR / PacifiCorp, please! Here I thought you'd come with something hard. Here I'll even toss you a bone. Warren Buffet cancelled some coal fire power plants because of environmental concerns. He also bought a butt load of solar plants out in Arizona, I mean like massive amounts. Like he's like super epic hero!!! However, he might have canned six coal plants but didn't stop him from selling the coal overseas at a premium and those solar panels, I'll let you guess how much he really paid for them and how much was paid by the public / compare that to the ratio of how much of the energy will actually stay in Arizona. I love Warren Buffet, he's like the high school example of making off good by doing good. But please, if you honestly think he's trying to make taxes fair for you, you are not in the right ballpark, you are not even in the right sport. Next time try someone like Bill Gates who honestly is healing people while only conducting the most massive tax evasion program ever. The worst thing he did was give us a shitty OS. Warren Buffet wants you to smoke it up!!

You know, I remember someone once saying to me about increased taxes the following, "Don't regulate me, don't audit me. Everything else I have people to handle it."

Right... "Citizen, you can't win, so don't try.

Not saying you cannot win, but know how to fight the battle. Idealism is great, but actually knowing how to engage is a wholly different thing.

You say we shouldn't bother to try and get the government to help us (because they're bought.)

Nope, didn't say they were bought because that would be illegal, they work for the public and there are equally many people in each special interest group. So honestly you are promoting a strategy of which side can be the loudest, which in the end doesn't work. Just saying. But I guess it's pretty entertaining.

But instead we should put our money into another titan to clash with the older one?

Exactly, words are nice and cheap and with the advent of the Internet you can buy them them wholesale for a billion words on the penny. If you want change, you'll have to look elsewhere than words. Funding the "titans" so to say is one option that doesn't require a lot of bloodshed. Again, just saying, you're free to pick any other option you think is open to you.

But there's more at stake than just a fight. There's the environment, there's the economy, there's both the local and global senses.

You'll never get Joe six pack to buy into your "fight" talking in such big terms. You are going to need lots of small, easy to digest words (since that's what I guess you're going to go fight with anyway), or you'll never get anyone on your side just saying "think of all the children in 100 years." Most people are doing well thinking what they are going to do next week, much less their great-grandchildren. Your argument would go over like a lead balloon to most voters, you obviously aren't a politician (which that's a good thing, it means you have a heart).

We need the government ... to ensure that the fight benefits everyone

I like how you keep saying bought, government, and what-not, but they are not the problem nor the solution. That's the perceived problem but it isn't the real problem. There's just no "unity" (massive quote fingers here) on the matter and there are a lot of non-government people out there that are getting paid to ensure there isn't unity. You think money (or whatever because at this point money is just like anything else) is being funneled to people on capitol hill and the reality of it is, yeah there is some, but nowhere near the amount that's put into the public's hand. Joe six pack's vote can be bought for a case of beer and its not illegal to buy his vote. Coca-cola can put a dozen vending machines in a school and buy the football team's supplies for the next few decades. Doctor's can buy drugs to save the lives of their patients with a Delta Express card and get a free trip to Maui in a few weeks and then turn around and bill your insurance for a profit. There's all kinds of avenues of using resources to get what you want done and the main issue isn't how you use them, but that you had them to begin with, that there be the problem. If the oil/coal companies thought they could survive the public backlash they'd send $50 to every single person in America (a drop in the bucket to them) and tell them that they, "highly urge you to vote 'no' on solar whatevers". Even if they had a 20% up-take on that, it's money well spent. What's more, the hoot and holler of this, it doesn't even have to be money! That's what is so awesome about all of that. Awesome, of course, meaning "like massively bad." People think money is the root of all evil and the fun fact is that this whole notion that we have needs that need to be met in order to live is a pretty active player in that whole evil thing.

You keep pointing at DC and the reality is you also need to point to the public (because it looks like you are looking for someone to blame here). You can keep pointing at DC, but don't forget the other players as well. That'll at least get you a glimmer of how humanity has shaped its own society and might impart some idea of why changing it isn't something that'll happen overnight or over the next century for that matter. Honestly, I think we ought to entertain at some level the notion that intelligence just leads to extinction and we just need to get over ourselves. Also, if you read all of this and think I'm just saying the problem is Joe six pack and/or the government and/or we should just give up, you're not paying attention.

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