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Comment: Erh... do not want! (Score 2) 260

by Opportunist (#47752371) Attached to: The Evolution of Diet

The main reason "caveman" didn't die from high blood pressure is probably that something else got him first.

Human, like every animal, is built to guarantee the raise of another generation. Not more. For that, reaching the ripe age of 40 is plenty. More than plenty actually, considering that our species gets fertile around the age of 12-14 years of age (that we don't accept that 'cause we want our kids to be kids longer isn't natures fault). So actually reaching 30 should do. 40 is already a bit of a luxury and would almost enable us to get another generation raised. Some may even reach 50, or even 60 and serve as teachers to propagate learned wisdom.

Huh? Yeah, we can write now. We're talking "caveman" here, don't we?

So don't worry about high blood pressure or living unhealthy lives. You'll still get to be 30 or even 40. What more could you expect, caveman? Anything more is a luxury!

Comment: Re:Why do they want us to see it anyway? (Score 1) 298

by Opportunist (#47750953) Attached to: Put A Red Cross PSA In Front Of the ISIS Beheading Video

I don't mind believing in some deity. I mind those that insist that they have to make a religion out of it and get on my nerves.

To illustrate it: It's ok if someone feels the urge to follow some set of rules made up by his deity.
It's NOT ok if he feels the urge to make ME follow said rules.

If you're willing to die for your religion it's all right by me. I'm not. But I'm more than happy to kill someone trying to force his imaginary friend on me. Maybe you could say that's my kind of religion: Not having to have one.

Comment: How do deal with copycats? (Score 4, Insightful) 111

by Opportunist (#47750861) Attached to: Is Dong Nguyen Trolling Gamers With "Swing Copters"?

Gee, I dunno. Maybe ask some of the big studios that squeeze out sequel after sequel of identical games that look in no way different than the identical games offered by the studio next to it?

It's not like that phenomenon is unique to the handheld gaming market. You get the same kind of crap on PC as well. A thousand similar FPS combat about as many RTS clones for popularity.

And since AI is hard, you get the same shit with crappy AI from the Indie devs and call it Zombie shooter, since you're kinda expecting a zombie to be kinda mindlessly dumb, so nobody is gonna complain about an AI too dumb to dodge simple pits with mindless straight-to-the-player pathing. Actually, I'm kinda astonished that only a few big studios jumped on the latest Z-shooter fad to cut corners.

And of course mix in the load of "Minecraft meets $genre" games we've been thrown at recently. From Minecraft-zombieshooter to Minecraft-spacerace, everything's available.

You think the handheld market is full of copycats? Compared to the PC market they're petty amateurs.

Comment: Re:Why do they want us to see it anyway? (Score 1) 298

by Opportunist (#47749843) Attached to: Put A Red Cross PSA In Front Of the ISIS Beheading Video

Actually being more afraid of religious nutjobs from the Bible belt than from the middle east makes more sense (for me) than you might imagine. The former may actually at some point gain enough power to direct military power that can be used against me.

The Islamist nutties have no military to speak of. Their success is best described as "in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed is king". The beheading doesn't really scare me in any way. They are limited in their ability to act. They lack any kind of weaponry that reaches beyond the immediate area and they cannot spread their area of influence much more. Where do they want to go? How far do you think they can go before some actual global player (unlike those petty local criminals) goes "Nu-uh, that's far enough!"?

Face it. They may feel important and powerful now, but essentially they're nothing a few well placed air strikes can't rub out.

Comment: Re:I forced myself to watch it (Score 1) 298

by Opportunist (#47749279) Attached to: Put A Red Cross PSA In Front Of the ISIS Beheading Video

Sincere condolences to your loss.

I can understand that this was certainly painful to see it again and again on TV. But now imagine what it would be like if it was not only reported but turned into a global spectacle with some idiots taking the pictures and turning it into something "funny".

I agree that suppressing reporting is most likely not the right reaction, but likewise it would be wrong to just let anyone and everyone take it and turn it into some macabre spectacle.

Comment: Why do they want us to see it anyway? (Score 3, Insightful) 298

by Opportunist (#47748839) Attached to: Put A Red Cross PSA In Front Of the ISIS Beheading Video

That's what puzzles me to no end. Why would they want to show us how they behead someone?

To make use hate them? Our media accomplish that easily already, but thanks for the aid.
To make us fear them? Why should I fear a bunch of religious lunatics somewhere off in lalaland? Hell, I'm more afraid of the religious loonies in the Bible belt!
To show us they can do it? Any idiot can kill someone who can't defend himself, no big deal about that.

So, what should that accomplish? I'm sitting here, puzzled, shrugging my shoulders with a "meh".

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