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+ - High Temperature Super Conductivity Reported->

Submitted by MozeeToby
MozeeToby (1163751) writes "The EE Times is Reporting a developement in near room temperature super conductivity. Professor John Tse of the University of Saskatchewan announced the discovery of a new family of superconductors based on Silane (Methane with Silicon replacing the Carbon).

This new discovery does not come without its own obstacles to overcome. While the new superconductors don't need to be supercooled, they do need to be super-compressed, on the order of 100-125 GPa."

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+ - Ohio Voting Machines Tampered With Last Year->

Submitted by MozeeToby
MozeeToby (1163751) writes "The Columbus Dispatch is reporting on a criminal investigation currently being performed in Franklin County Ohio. It seems several voting machines listed Jay Perez as withdrawn from the race when in fact he wasn't. By the time the investigations tracked down which machines had been affected, Mr. Perez's name was back on the ballot.

Normally, we could dismiss this as confusion or a mistake on the part of the voter(s) who noticed it. In this case, the person who first noticed the discrepency was Ohio Secretary of state Jennifer Brunner. Further compounding matter, the Franklin County Board of Elections had dissabled virtually all logging on the machines to speed setup of the balot.

Naturally, the county board remains sceptical of these accusations."

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+ - Electronic Scholars to Interpret Muslim Law->

Submitted by MozeeToby
MozeeToby (1163751) writes "
An 'Electronic Mufti' is currently under development that will use artificial intelligence techniques to issue opinions on contemporary Muslim affairs. A mufti is an Islamic scholar who offers interpretations of Sharia, Islamic law.
Apparently, such a system does not violate muslim law and is welcomed by most traditional clerics; after all, what could possibly go wrong."

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+ - No link between violent behavior and video games->

Submitted by MozeeToby
MozeeToby (1163751) writes "In a study confirming what most of us already believed, it was found that there is no link between violence and video games. Christopher Ferguson of Texas A&M has published a meta-analysis of the results of past research done on the topic.

He concludeds "Once corrected for publication bias, studies of video game violence provided no support for the hypothesis that violent video game playing is associated with higher aggression."

As an added bonus, he also found that violent games improve spatial awareness. Maybe this will finally put the debate to rest... or most likely not."

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+ - Dark Matter May Not Exist->

Submitted by MozeeToby
MozeeToby (1163751) writes "Last August, a collision of two huge clusters of galaxy's was found to have separated the normal matter of the clusters from the dark matter. Now scientists are saying that this is not necessarily the case. Instead, John Moffat and Joel Brownstein propose a Modified Gravity theory that they say can explain these results and others without having introduce dark matter."
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