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by Kielistic (#47525095) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

My point was that survey was designed specifically to prove the authors' biases. That men rape women at alarming rates. It is an immediately visible flaw in their methodology. I did not have time to look through it in depth to find how many other flaws it has. I predict a few more. The original sentiment put forward was that results of these studies are wildly inconsistent. I am suggesting that is because of bias from those performing them.

It is also relevant because if you look up a bit you will notice Rei using these kind of numbers to show why women have more to fear about these things than men. Well when these numbers are so specifically tailored to completely erase female perpetrators and male victims then of course women are going to be the primary victims.

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by Kielistic (#47522301) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

White men do. But the point about this article is that women get it much, much more.

And others disagree which is why they're trying to give you evidence to the contrary. I would say that this dogmatic belief of yours causes you to ignore and overlook any contrary information and thus reinforces your bias. Some might even think that's a bit "special".

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by MightyYar (#47517415) Attached to: Microsoft FY2014 Q4 Earnings: Revenues Up, Profits Down Slightly

Well, they've already become AAPL - their margins are almost identical at around 20%. But that is down from the roughly 30% margins they enjoyed over the last 5 years. And the trend is downward. A pessimist might look and see them trending towards Samsung's 12% margins if they insist on ramping up their hardware business.

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I agree that it is hard, but we've had over a hundred years of public education to figure this out. I suspect some combination scoring from peers, parents, and administration along with maybe some test scores. We have to do something, and that is why I don't push too hard against the standardized testing - despite the obvious flaws, at least they are trying to affect change. It should be completely routine to lay off the bottom performing teachers in a district each year or so. Tiny districts are exceptions, of course - but most of your cities and suburban schools would stand to benefit.

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