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Comment Re: Poor example (Score 1) 285

In Quebec, Ontario and BC (places I've lived), school zones have speed restrictions, but only when defined. In Quebec, for example, that's 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, September to June. All to 30kmph signs say just this, too.

And here, travelling more than 15kmph under the speed limit is ticketable too.

Comment Re:Hang on a minute... (Score 1) 742

Yes, I most certain do "honestly, seriously" sometimes wonder that.

"Wonder", in this context, can be understood to mean many things. Including, speculative thinking.

Speculative thinking is at the heart of all invention, all development, all creation.

It is often called 'an imagination', which often can bear fertile fruit and great change to society. Other times, it provides amusement and entertainment. Sometimes, when you think of something poorly implemented, and put forward without technical merits, you try to think of why such a thing might exist. You wonder "what if".

But of course you are just a troll, looking for any way to criticize any form of speech you can... so, I suppose there is little point mentioning this to you.

Comment Re:Hang on a minute... (Score 4, Insightful) 742

I honestly, seriously sometimes wonder if systemd is Skynet... or, a way for Skynet to 'waken'.

And if Pottering isn't just a T3 from the future or some such, working to prepared the existing internet for it to awaken.

I mean, really -- honestly, he has essentially re-written the entire userland, as one package, maintained by one. More kernel patches are next.

Comment hmm (Score 1) 23

While I would not draw a clock as per the example image, I've always been *crappy beyond belief* at drawing circles, you name it. Hell, my hand writing makes chicken scratch look like fine art.

For the circle, I'd get the numbers in the approximate correct place, you know, put 9 and 3 and 12 and 6 in first -- but, I can imagine people that never really drew much, perhaps not even thinking about that ahead of time.

So yeah, my circle might be as misshapen as the one in the example article. And, someone that is poor at makin' a circle as me, but has also never thought of the clock-draw, pre-set your numbers concept -- may do just as the example did.

My point is that the pen is an excellent idea, but the doctor's subjective opinion is a detractor AND an benefit. The pen will get rid of both sides of the equation. I'm not sure how accurate it will be, and it may be more of a 'this is a cool product!" that isn't wanted or needed.

(I'm willing to bet that if you ask many doctors, they'll say "My educated, well informed opinion on test outcome is a benefit, not a detractor!")

Comment Re:Wish I Could Help You. (Score 1) 318

Home work can indeed be = awesome.

A few things though.

I've seen people completely fail at this task. This seems to fall into two categories.

1) People with unhelpful spouses, which are home a lot. Constant interruptions, not understanding that home does NOT mean that you are actually HOME! Thinking that if something is urgent, it is OK to bug / talk to / etc. Heck, sometimes the worker finds this interaction enjoyable, making it harder to say no. Which can easily lead to failure.

2) Some people are quite simply put, unable to work at home without being at home. They can't get into the work mindset, no matter how much they try. For myself, taking that morning shower, and behaving as if I'm about to leave for work, helps quite a bit. It seems to kick the body into drive, and get me going.

However, it can't be stressed enough.. you are NOT at home, you are AT WORK! People think of sitting around in their bathrobe all day, and sure one can do that, but is that really the state of mind that will engender you to work hard? To think of time away from your chair, as cheating?

On the other side of the coin, I've found that I hate working from home in the summer, and enjoy it in the winter. The winter, with -40C -- well, the reasons are obvious. The summer? Well, there's a lot to see on the way to work, it's pleasant and nice to get out.

Overall, it's a plus. However, if you do not have a supportive family -- just give up right now. You're not going to be successful.

Comment Re:Exercising "roughly the same amount" (Score 1) 399

You've hit the nail on the head.

Our bodies require a specific amount of protein, fat, and various trace elements daily. Protein specifically, will be stolen from muscles to keep organs healthy, if there is a deficit.

If the food is formulated incorrectly, you need more of it to get that base requirement.

Women, often having less muscle on their body, require a different diet than men. And sure, there are variations in metabolism and absorbtion....

So, I wonder what the diet was? One prepared scientifically, or one conforming to political silliness.

Comment Re:Sounds like he hasn't gotten the message (Score 1) 993


Hate is most certainly deserved. How you treat someone, hate or not -- well, that's a different matter.

However, part of the 'hate' aspect is that the way that systemd is making it into the kernel, and into every distro, is not based upon traditional meritocratic principles. It is not that Lennart is not skilled, merely that he holds incredible influence and political power through Redhat. And, that Redhat's power and tendrils spread everywhere, including the Gnome foundation.

This political power is FORCING systemd into distros. Some distros (like Debian) are doing what they can to defang systemd and including it... but it becomes more onerous daily.

Without this political power, systemd would NOT be where it is today. It would ABSOLUTELY not be in Debian, and many other distros. While you may contests some of my points above, one thing that is an actual fact is that this is the key reason for the hate.

Not the software. Not the quality of the product. Rather, the use of political power (intended or not!) based upon Redhat's money, instead of based upon merit. And yet, Redhat has done a lot of things for the community based upon that money, but this one is a TRAGEDY. And, that political power is bypassing all of the traditional checks and bounds the community has, which would normally FORCE an author of a product to shape up, or see his product ostracized!

And that, most certainly, is deserving of hate. And further? It isn't only Lennart that my hate is targeted ate. I see him as a problem, and Redhat as the real target.

Lastly. Redhat. I started with Redhat 4 (not RHEL) in 96. I switched to Debian as soon as possible, because back then? Debian wasn't just twice the product, or 10 times the product... Redhat was a *joke* comparatively.

It should be known, and it *is* known by anyone with a sense of history, that Redhat and most other commercialized distros learned MANY THINGS from Debian. The list of firsts is endless. The adoption by Redhat and others, was a constant catch-up game.

Fast forward almost 20 years. As expected, many of the 'core' things, such as online updates (yum = apt), automatic dependency resolution, installation of a distro in a 'secure' state, the list goes on, have been adopted by Redhat. And, in my profession, I work with many distros on a daily basis.

And Redhat? Every time I work with it, I find bugs that you would never find in Debian. Every. Single. Time. Their QA process is not up to snuff. Hell, I've even run into *their own configuration tools* not working, on a point release (should be more bugs squashed), and this from a company with the cash for QA that Redhat has!

My point? This poor dev methodology is showing with the hap-hazard adoption of systemd by Redhat. Its inclusion and dependency by Gnome, via Redhat's influence, is a CLEAR indicator of the problems internal to development at Redhat. What baked design philosophy would allow for a dependency on a project that has *no* *clear* *design* *specification*. Systemd has grown enormously, has morphed and changed repeatedly, and before it has even stabilized as a product?

Everything depends upon it?!

This is so ass backwards, it is like designing a car body, when the size, power, or weight distribution of the engine has not even been determined!

No. Hate is deserved. How you treat someone, hate or not -- well, that's a different matter.

But the hate? It deserves to exist.

Comment Re:Thank God (Score 3, Insightful) 328

But they are developing their electric own cars. All car manufacturers are.

The lobbying is a tool they are using, the laws, to hold back Telsa until they have a suitably competitive product to sell.

Once that happens, it won't matter is a Telsa can sell direct ... the big boys can crush them with advertising and normal market pressure.

After any salary raise, you will have less money at the end of the month than you did before.