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Comment Re:Ziggy Stardust (Score 1) 296

Green Day's American Idiot. Three major Marilyn Manson albums together tell a story, from Wikipedia:

After the release of "Holy Wood", Manson said that the overarching story within the trilogy is presented in reverse chronological order; Mechanical Animals, therefore, acts as the bridge connecting the two narratives and remains constant whether the trilogy is viewed in reverse or not.[5]

Comment Re:I wonder if TiVo is long for thisworld (Score 1) 85

The newest models fully integrate the main on-demand and online services. If I search for a show, it shows me that it's available on Comcast or Amazon Prime. You can even add OnePasses (previously Season Passes) for shows like Amazon's Bosch, so it shows up in your main "Now Playing" to remind you to watch it.

Comment Re:The Golden Mean (Score 1) 1328

I disagree with the analogy. The most likely reason that not many people are going around saying "the sun will rise tomorrow" is because there are not many other people who are trying to do things like putting stickers on science books saying that, "tomorrow's rising sun is 'only a theory.'" Or blowing up themselves and sun-believers in the name of a non-sun. When that begins to happen, you will hear more from the Silent Sun Army.

Comment Re:SuperSpeed USB... (Score 4, Interesting) 322

The problem is the original nomenclature from USB 1.0 - "full speed" is a whopping 12Mbit/s (vs. "low speed" at 1.5Mb/s). Of course, compared to serial ports that were starting to push 300kbit/s, it was nice. So then USB 2.0 was "high speed" and for 3.0 they needed something "higher" than "high." Pretty stupid, especially when somebody says a USB 2.0 device runs at "full speed" it could simply be MarketSpeak(TM) saying that it won't slow the bus down below 2.0 but the device itself only communicates at 1.1 speeds.

( Oh, BTW, I vote for PlaidSpeed(TM)! )

Comment It depends (Score 1) 2

A few years back, it was end of year finances time at Dell. FatWallet had some seriously crazy coupons. I picked up a fully loaded XPS with one of the first PCIe video cards for cheaper than I could even piece it together at NewEgg.

Checking my old email archives (thanks GMail!):

Now, with coupons, FatCash (3% cash back from FatWallet), $99 shipping rebate, and 1% back on my MC, it comes out to $1626.67 total. Supposed to be $3113 to start with.

But dude, that's a lot of money for a PC. Build one yourself!

OK., getting the cheapest possible items to meet the specs:
(you don't care about the details)
Total = $1997 BEFORE NewEgg's shipping. ...and that doesn't include the time to build/configure, 4 year warranty, case, power supply, keyboard, and 17 inch LCD monitor.

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