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Comment Re:This is a big bitchslap to Mozilla (Score 1) 267

And that's quite unlikely to change. Almost any feature of FF that requires a setting's change (beyond trawling through about:config) also requires a third-party extension to do so.

A very basic example:

Built into Firefox is "Scratchpad" (an on the fly JS editor). The Scratchpad window is an implementation of CodeMirror. The code itself is utilized across many of the Firefox Dev Tools. Within the Firefox Dev Tools is a "Style Editor". Everything you need to access|change a site's CSS and custom User Css is implemented by Firefox except none of it is exposed, and there is no management gui to do so.

So we need to use Stylish or the mostly-broken-for-the-last-year "User Style Manager". Neither of these addons implement CodeMirror|scratchpad. USM's editor is the thing that breaks constantly and poorly implements some of the features of a Scratchpad window. Neither of these addons allow you to use a custom (external) editor for css - like GreaseMonkey does. Stylish stores your CSS in database files, so when Stylish breaks you don't even have css text files that you can access.
There's many such features like this in Firefox

Comment Re:Repeat after me: Vivaldi, Vivaldi, VIVALDI! (Score 1) 120

Opera 12 was quite possibly the worst browser Opera has made in recent memory. Opera 10's development cycle was horrible - for most of it's existence you likely needed to use Opera 10.10 due to regressions and bugs. Opera 11's development cycle improved, then Opera 12 - bugs, regressions and the worst JavaScript engine out of all the browsers, including Opera 10 and 11.

Comment Re:Repeat after me: Vivaldi, Vivaldi, VIVALDI! (Score 1) 120

Revisionist History? In fact we were told Opera Blink would NOT have many of O12's features. It also took over 2 years for Opera to have functioning bookmarks while the Opera Devs repeatedly claimed that we actually don't need bookmarks, users don't use bookmarks, just use SpeedDial and Stash! Yaaaaay.

As it stands now, 4 years later. Opera 30+...? You still can't organize your extensions on the only place you are allowed to put them (the address bar).
If you want a browser that is actually customizable - your options are Firefox and yeah Firefox. It almost galls me to say that after being an Opera user from 2000 to late 2012.

Comment Re:Jails (Score 2) 86

Different Use Case, I believe.
Jail --> Honking Big Ass Server running a bunch of restricted processes. While said process is running self-contained, it's not easily transferable at all.
DockerSelf-contained program (that can be plugged into many different systems now). Runs self-contained. Easily transferable, everywhere, anytime.

Think something like nGinx running as a proxy front-end, which could pass thru to servers, vms, dockers on a server, etc. Or using docker images of different configurations during development.

Jails just don't provide the same functionality beyond limiting a process in a very complicated manner.

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