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Comment Re:Great Flood (Score 1) 54

According to current standards, those ages seem ludicrous. Except, we pretty much know what causes aging --- we just don't know how to stop it or really even delay it beyond consuming less and expending less calories. We also know retro-viruses and other outside influences like possible protein generating bacterium can mutate and change DNA. Along with general long-term DNA mutations due to "natural" evolution.

It is not outside the realm of possibility that there was a period in our world's history where we lived longer, perhaps even even much longer -- than we do now.

Comment Re:What new version of the iPod? (Score 1) 319

The cNet link doesn't even support the supposed "article summary".

Hewlett-Packard is ending a high-profile deal to resell Apple Computer's iPod. The deal, unveiled with much fanfare at the January 2004 Consumer Electronics Show, took awhile to get going, with HP taking seven months to announce its first product. "We do remain committed to our digital-entertainment strategy," HP spokesman Ross Camp said Friday. "We decided that reselling the iPod does not fit within that strategy."

Although HP plans to stop selling Apple's players, it will take some time for that to happen. The computer maker recently announced a new lineup of HP-branded iPods. Camp said HP plans to continue reselling the music players through the end of September, when it expects to have sold through its inventory of iPods, iPod Minis and iPod Shuffles.

Camp said that HP's "current plan" is to continue including Apple's iTunes software on its desktop and notebook PCs, as it has done since last year.

Under the terms of HP's deal with Apple, the computer maker cannot develop or market a rival digital music player to the iPod until August 2006.

Comment "DISCOUNTING" Inflation... (Score 2) 203

It wasn't an inflation adjusted basis since 2002. The EPA has a smaller budget than in 2002 as they are DISCOUNTING (not even counting) inflation. If it was to be actually equal to the 2002 budget it would need to raise by ~1.02^13 (29%). If the budget hadn't been cut in 2010, then the EPA's budget would actually be on par with the 2002 figures.

Comment Re:About the government ? (Score 1) 108

At violating "Western-like" civil rights you mean. "Most" Chinese don't consider their human rights violated by their government. Perhaps people from countries that have only existed for less than 500 years don't have a damned clue when compared to Civilizations that have been around for at least 5000. History of China

China is one of the world's four ancient civilizations; here we give a concise overview of more than 5000 years of Chinese history, including the Great Wall and ...

Comment Re:Funny I was intrigued by WeChat (Score 1) 65

On its official WeChat blog, Tencent said the security issue affected an older version of its app - WeChat 6.2.5 - and that newer versions were not affected.

It added that an initial investigation showed that no data theft or leakage of user information had occurred.

Comment Local "Advertising" DB (Score 1) 351

It would seem, something like a vetted database of Ads, be it images, scripts, or even 'some' video - should be created by the Ad-companies that would most benefit from user-trust in this area. The DB could be updated on a regular schedule, kept on the users device. Addresses and scripts would undergo local Anti-Virus software, along with the majors pre-vetting additions to the advertising DB.

No Bandwidth usage to display an Ad.
Mostly(?) secure resources (local advertising DB) utilized for ads.

Comment Re:Firefox for Android + uBlock Origin (Score 4, Informative) 102

Likely None --- or Worse. uBlock is the evolution|forkish of the "AdBlock+". Now if you don't mind some fiddly-bits, uMatrix is even better (less memory, less CPU usage, etc). uMatrix is interesting as it takes the reins from all of these: NoScript, Ghostery, Adblock+|uBlock|RequestPolicy.

Comment You Missed the BEST One (Score 1) 128

Version 6 is generally associated with failure in the world of dynamic languages. PHP 6 was a failure; Perl 6 was a failure. It's actually associated with failure also outside the dynamic language world - MySQL 6 also existed but never released. The perception of version 6 as a failure - not as a superstition but as a real world fact (similar to the association of the word 'Vista' with failure) - will reflect badly on this PHP version.

Apparently, according to this PHP 6/7 RFC, version 6 of software is bad...
I can think of... Total Commander 6, Opera 6, VB6 (hated here, but still)... I think Photoshop 6 may well used too.

Comment Re:To be expected (Score 1) 246

In what world do you live in? In almost all cases (at least in North America) - the tech, hardware, software, and even other industries almost always follow the "American Political" distribution ---> Two major players + a bunch of bit players. Perhaps its cause is the "form of Capitalism" that the US espouses, wherein Corporations keep consuming other corporations.

You will lose an important tape file.