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Comment: No Extensions, Horrible Tab Stacks (Score 1) 463

by CrashNBrn (#49752861) Attached to: Ads Based On Browsing History Are Coming To All Firefox Users
I hope Vivaldi gets to a usable state, but I really doubt it will wind up where I was hoping Opera 13 might of gone. You still can't use (most) extensions, and it looks like their plan for tabs are singular stacks, which are damned near useless once you get used to the freedom and functionality of Tree Style Tabs. Sidewise for Chrome/Opera comes close, but has so many quirks and issues as it has to run in a separate window.

Comment: Re: bye (Score 1) 463

by CrashNBrn (#49752747) Attached to: Ads Based On Browsing History Are Coming To All Firefox Users
Maybe, but in almost every single browser topic here on /. there will be at least one thread going off about shitty Australis --- Which really puts into question the rest of their complaints. The Firefox Australis UI may look different than the previous traditional FF UI... but so what?! If you don't like it, its little more than some standard CSS to adjust the UI however the hell you want.
Almost every single FF bitch about changes is little more than bullshit --- I have yet to see a FF change that can't be reverted with either CSS or an extension.

If there really was some agenda to "destroy" Firefox, they certainly wouldn't leave in the ability to undo/revert these so-called horrible changes.

I use FF primarily, and Opera Dev (Oink). Prior to 2012 (1999-2012) I used Opera (versions 5-12) 99%+ of the time.

The FireFox "+ Customize" along with UserJS and UserCSS gives you most of the freedom that Opera users used to have with regards to control over the UI.

I know I'm thankful Firefox is still around, and I wouldn't of been caught dead using it back in Opera's heyday.

To me the biggest slap in the face in regards to "Chrome/Blink" --- you aren't even allowed to reorganize extension icons on the "address bar". You cannot/are not allowed to move extension icons to any other place in the interface. Chrome's UI is so locked down as to make a comparison between a blink-based browser and gecko-based browser almost impossible as far as the UI is concerned.

Comment: Chief Engineer Politician (Score 3, Insightful) 105

I was wondering if it was just me. Almost every sentence/answer began with what *sounded* like it would actually be an answer then diverted to GM is great. We have data. We are looking into shit... Ah good to know, I didn't realize companies that made stuff looked into shit.

How the hell does a "Chief Engineer" talk like a politician? Oh right, cuz the Chief Engineer didn't answer any of the damned questions.

Comment: I used to agree, and don't even like guns (Score 2) 94

by CrashNBrn (#49740147) Attached to: Grand Theft Auto V Keeps Raking In Money
I used to think somewhat along those lines as well. Then I played Saints Row (mostly the Third). I swear it started accidentally when I ran over a pedestrian in SR2 - due to the car controls being so bad (or me sucking) --- and then getting some "virtual award" for it. Destruction ---> Reward. Wacky Destruction --> even more Reward. Insane Destruction ---> you get the picture.

For some reason the guns don't really bother me in this Instance. Perhaps because it's so insane.

And Fun. I did say fun right?

Can't say I have much interest in the similarly categorically grouped GTA franchise.

Comment: Re:Resource Hog? (Score 5, Informative) 108

uBlock Origin is the original uBlock by gorhill - which was forked from HTTPSwitchboard. Gorhill gave uBlock ownership of uBlock to another team (see uBlock FAQ) , but still maintains his "personal" version... which has over a million users -- compared to the supposed official version uBlock - which has less than 80,000 users.

Interestingly enough, uMatrix - also by Gorhill is now available on Firefox, as well as Opera and Chrome.

Oddly enough, uBlock for FireFox doesn't appear to be related to Gorhill nor to the official uBlock team.

Comment: Re:AT&T customer uses $24,298.93 in services (Score 1) 234

That type of bill, if Erroneous would need at least a 3rd-level Rep to approve -- i.e a level above the rep you speak to when you say "Let me speak to your Manager."
So the rep on the phone can't do jack about this case, and would "ruin" their call stats if they tried to get a Manager's Manager on the line without scheduling an appointment/callback.

Comment: Comcast is being Investigated (Score 2) 112

by CrashNBrn (#49546043) Attached to: Comcast Officially Gives Up On TWC Merger
Comcast are being investigated. One of the conditions of the NBC Universal / Comcast deal was that HULU would remain independent from Comcast oversight. The WSJ (IIRC) reported that Comcast was directly involved in a meeting between high-level execs when HULU was being considered for sale. Comcast convinced the execs in question not to sell.

Comment: Plus, uMatrix, RequestPolicy (Score 3) 286

by CrashNBrn (#49529675) Attached to: German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal
Unfortunately, I haven't seen the other fork, uMatrix for FireFox. While RequestPolicy (continued) is good, I don't think enough people are involved in its development which has slowed down quite significantly, since the few months after it's fork from Request Policy 0.5.x. The management of RP rules is a complete mess, and RequestPolicy doesn't give anywhere near the level of control nor information that uMatrix (or uBlock) do. uMatrix is potentially more efficient (less resources; faster) than uBlock.

As much as I hate FF for its Memory issues (refusing to release RAM when tabs and windows are closed). It certainly doesn't crash with any regularity, and FF Nightly (x64, Windows) is the browser I use 75%+ of the time.

Comment: Everyone forgets Opera (Score 1) 138

If you didn't install Opera then yeah, mobile browsing was pretty damned bad. Truth be told though, I was much more impressed with a mid-2000's Palm with stylus, than the near painful to use Android that came a few years later - mis-clicks, miss-drags, inaccurate to type on, a horrible default browser. Android had what 10 times the RAM of those PALM devices, yet performed worse and still to this day only gives you about 5 hours on a single charge.

Comment: Bullshit (Score 1) 247

by CrashNBrn (#49480143) Attached to: EU To Hit Google With Antitrust Charges
You could certainly buy a "computer" without Windows. Just like you can now --- except now it's easier.

IE could always be uninstalled, you just couldn't do it the "easy" way via Windows "Uninstall Programs".

You could also customize your Windows Install - since 98 all the way through to Win 8.1 and choose NOT to install IE. Although it required some effort and work, and if you so chose to not install IE, it was still recommended that you keep MSHTML among a few other pieces. Otherwise you would wind up with internal renderings that wouldn't work, and would be unable to read help files. Now if you didn't care about those internal renderings, then you could install a standalone help-file reader, CHM-reader. That would also bring quirks and issues, as the reader from sourceforge didn't really work as well.

Making a bunch of bullshit statements doesn't make them true.

Comment: Re:Actually, it's worse than that. (Score 1) 199

by CrashNBrn (#49475197) Attached to: Chrome 42 Launches With Push Notifications
10% is almost no one (as far as Chrome Developers are concerned). Tab Mix Plus for FF (with side tabs) has 1,000,000+ users. Tree Style Tab (which is probably the most functional of all the side-tab clones) has only 100,000+ users. Vertical/Side tabs will never be native in Chrome :: too much effort for too few users.

Which is pretty interesting, I bet less than 1% of Chrome's Users have any interest whatsoever in "DevTools/Inspect Element". I wonder when that will get removed from Chrome.

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