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Comment That Elusive 7" E-Reader... (Score 1) 508

Here's an example: over the past several years, e-readers have standardized on 6-inch screens. For all the variety that exists in smartphone and tablet sizing, the e-reader market has decided it must copy the Kindle form factor or die trying. Having used an e-reader before all this happened, I found a 7-8" e-ink screen to be an amazingly better reading experience. Oh well, I'm out of luck. It's not the worst thing in the world, but I'd fix it immediately if I could.

Oh well, if only you could find a 7-8" ereader. You must of scoured the earth.

Display Size:
5" (47), 6" (343)
7" (24), 8" (1)
10" (4)

You must of searched heaven and hell for that 7-8" e-reader.

eBook Reader Display Size
Under 6 Inches (8)
6 to 6.9 Inches (70)
7 to 7.9 Inches (47)
8 to 8.9 Inches (2)
9 to 9.4 Inches 9 to 9.4 Inches (1)
9.5 to 9.9 Inches 9.5 to 9.9 Inches (4)
10 Inches & Above 10 Inches & Above (2)

Comment Re:PHP and CGI make it too easy... (Score 1) 193

Interesting. Banshee includes many features that every other "CMS" require "extensions" for -- which winds up being mostly unverified third-party code from developers of possibly questionable skill. It would also appear that Banshee's source has undergone at least one external third-party security audit.

I wonder how Banshee compares to ProcessWire...

From the surface at least Banshee looks more "big-feature" complete|inclusive than ProcessWire.

Comment Re:Tree Style Tabs (Score 1) 316

Opera has something close (Tab Sidebar), but it's extremely basic atm, and has a few too many quirks --- especially when you have more than one window with Tabs.
Chrome & Opera can use Sidewise --- which also has quirks since it is forced to run in it's own window, because Google.
Sidewise does at least allow for TreeStyle pseudo-tabs, and suspended windows/tabs/sessions.

So even with "Tab Sidebar" you still wind up needing at least one or more other extensions, and it still doesn't match FF's TreeStyleTab's functionality.

Comment Re:The Ribbon is functionally limited (Score 1) 249

That will allow you to create a similcrum of the existing Ribbon subjects, but it will not let you specify the dimensions of the elements (actions) that you are adding -- nor it's behaviour as the Ribbon changes width --- as to whether it should be "large" or med, small, if the element should stack on another --- you can't actually layout the toolbar, and if you even try to recreate the existing Ribbons the flaws of the limited customization is glaringly apparent.

Comment The Ribbon is functionally limited (Score 5, Insightful) 249

While the Ribbon interface is somewhat functional, it is limited compared to what it is replacing.
* The Ribbon interface replaces both toolbars and drop-down menus.
----> The Ribbon interface is not as complete as the drop-down menu's.
----> The Ribbon interface is basically not customizable.
----> The Ribbon interface takes up more space than multiple toolbars and a menu-bar.
----> The Ribbon interface is limited to one "topic" available to use at any given time,
---> Toolbars could have multiple different toolbars on-screen at any given time.
---> Toolbars could be docked to different locations on the window: sides, top, bottom. ---> Toolbars could be UNdocked, and displayed outside of a given window.

Comment Re:In other words ... (Score 3, Interesting) 46

In America maybe. Except this is Finland. Executive salary likely isn't more than 5-10x that of the blue collar workers. On top of that, I highly doubt that a company founded by Engineers from Finland would of set up an internal company infrastructure to include "executive bonuses".

In other words, Yeah No.

Comment Re:Movie theaters, too. (Score 1) 242

Depends on your theatre of choice maybe? We go to "iPic" and pay a price-premium for movie tickets (50-100% above normal rates). Order Food, Coffee, Alcohol, delivered right to your super-sized-enterprise-grade-lazy-boy-chair - and only about ~50 seats in the theatre. At the iPic they play the normal trailers, and a pre-show about some of their drinks or highlight a seasonal dish. Oh yeah, and Free popcorn.

Comment Re:Do anything other than what Perl did (Score 1) 304

Why do you even need a string concatenating symbol? The lack of a symbol when strings are adjacent would be enough for a compiler|interpreter to determine it should be concatenation - if the language was designed as such.

It irks me everytime I use a language that uses "+" as string concatenation. Plus is Math addition for petes sake.

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