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Comment: Comcast is being Investigated (Score 1) 112

by CrashNBrn (#49546043) Attached to: Comcast Officially Gives Up On TWC Merger
Comcast are being investigated. One of the conditions of the NBC Universal / Comcast deal was that HULU would remain independent from Comcast oversight. The WSJ (IIRC) reported that Comcast was directly involved in a meeting between high-level execs when HULU was being considered for sale. Comcast convinced the execs in question not to sell.

Comment: Plus, uMatrix, RequestPolicy (Score 3) 278

by CrashNBrn (#49529675) Attached to: German Court Rules Adblock Plus Is Legal
Unfortunately, I haven't seen the other fork, uMatrix for FireFox. While RequestPolicy (continued) is good, I don't think enough people are involved in its development which has slowed down quite significantly, since the few months after it's fork from Request Policy 0.5.x. The management of RP rules is a complete mess, and RequestPolicy doesn't give anywhere near the level of control nor information that uMatrix (or uBlock) do. uMatrix is potentially more efficient (less resources; faster) than uBlock.

As much as I hate FF for its Memory issues (refusing to release RAM when tabs and windows are closed). It certainly doesn't crash with any regularity, and FF Nightly (x64, Windows) is the browser I use 75%+ of the time.

Comment: Everyone forgets Opera (Score 1) 138

If you didn't install Opera then yeah, mobile browsing was pretty damned bad. Truth be told though, I was much more impressed with a mid-2000's Palm with stylus, than the near painful to use Android that came a few years later - mis-clicks, miss-drags, inaccurate to type on, a horrible default browser. Android had what 10 times the RAM of those PALM devices, yet performed worse and still to this day only gives you about 5 hours on a single charge.

Comment: Bullshit (Score 1) 247

by CrashNBrn (#49480143) Attached to: EU To Hit Google With Antitrust Charges
You could certainly buy a "computer" without Windows. Just like you can now --- except now it's easier.

IE could always be uninstalled, you just couldn't do it the "easy" way via Windows "Uninstall Programs".

You could also customize your Windows Install - since 98 all the way through to Win 8.1 and choose NOT to install IE. Although it required some effort and work, and if you so chose to not install IE, it was still recommended that you keep MSHTML among a few other pieces. Otherwise you would wind up with internal renderings that wouldn't work, and would be unable to read help files. Now if you didn't care about those internal renderings, then you could install a standalone help-file reader, CHM-reader. That would also bring quirks and issues, as the reader from sourceforge didn't really work as well.

Making a bunch of bullshit statements doesn't make them true.

Comment: Re:Actually, it's worse than that. (Score 1) 199

by CrashNBrn (#49475197) Attached to: Chrome 42 Launches With Push Notifications
10% is almost no one (as far as Chrome Developers are concerned). Tab Mix Plus for FF (with side tabs) has 1,000,000+ users. Tree Style Tab (which is probably the most functional of all the side-tab clones) has only 100,000+ users. Vertical/Side tabs will never be native in Chrome :: too much effort for too few users.

Which is pretty interesting, I bet less than 1% of Chrome's Users have any interest whatsoever in "DevTools/Inspect Element". I wonder when that will get removed from Chrome.

Comment: Re:Too late (Score 1) 156

by CrashNBrn (#49382701) Attached to: Firefox 37 Released
That may be true with a small session, or a minimal number of open tabs. Yet, with a large session|many tabs, FF becomes unresponsive regularly (CPU Spikes) and there's almost nothing you can do to make it release RAM, except for closing the browser. FF's CPU usage also spikes on launch 30-50% on a quad core with a large session, even when only a single tab of a given window is loaded on launch. The CPU usage also spikes whenever you manage tabs (move|close).

Compared to almost any other Browser FF lags badly in terms of resource management, including IE11, and Blink-based browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc). It also doesn't seem to matter what branch of FF you use, they all are horrible at resource management (FF Nightly 32bit or 64, WaterFox/64bit, FF Dev 32bit (previously Aurora).

I really doubt the shrinking user-base has much if anything to do with Australis either, it's pretty easy to add back the Status Bar, Addon Bar, or any number of bars that you want.

Although personally, I wonder why the hell they (Mozilla) don't distribute some of their Devs or money ($120+ Million for FF Development in 2012) to some of the MAJOR Addon authors and help them get on board with Electrolysis (e10s). I imagine FF's user-base will shrink even further before (or if) Mozilla ever sees the light.

Comment: Will stick with my PassPhrase Generator (Score 1) 267

by CrashNBrn (#49349689) Attached to: Generate Memorizable Passphrases That Even the NSA Can't Guess
I'll stick with my script, that generates strings based on passphrases :-)
cap liz donna demon self ---> ÍÅÏÜvÉ?#{c?>î/Û'7£Ûó¾n>Vî

Of course, here on slashdot that string will get reamed (6 characters removed), as not only does slashdot not do Unicode or UTF-8, it can't even handle upper-ansi characters properly either.

Comment: Re:For the love of a middle button! (Score 1) 199

by CrashNBrn (#49347777) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?
Logitech's G700s is decent, but I think I prefer the MX518/G400 -- primarily due to the better button layout and buttons that are easier to press in multiple ways - as opposed to G700s' top-body buttons which can only be activated via "claw-holding" or a very specific way to lay your hand so your index finger can depress that button. Which is also due in part to the idiotic placement of the fly-wheel-scroll-release button --- as opposed to it being depressed (instead of raised) or moved to just below the scroll wheel --- where it wouldn't intefere with the (only) top-body button.

The rest of the buttons, even the side thumb ones have far too much resistance and "sharp-angles". Many of the G700s issues can be "gotten used to", and you might not even notice most of the problems if you never owned the MX518.

Comment: Re:Firefox with a memory exploit? (Score 1) 237

I don't see any superiority in FF at all, beyond allowing customization. It's memory utilization is absolutely insane: 300MB just to open an empty browser --- although interestingly that memory utilization doesn't increase as you open tabs (initially) - so it looks like it requests more memory than it needs, except it doesn't freaking release the memory. Period. Full stop. Close windows, close tabs, does NOT matter. You have to close the whole damn browser.

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