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Comment: Will stick with my PassPhrase Generator (Score 1) 200

by CrashNBrn (#49349689) Attached to: Generate Memorizable Passphrases That Even the NSA Can't Guess
I'll stick with my script, that generates strings based on passphrases :-)
cap liz donna demon self ---> ÍÅÏÜvÉ?#{c?>î/Û'7£Ûó¾n>Vî

Of course, here on slashdot that string will get reamed (6 characters removed), as not only does slashdot not do Unicode or UTF-8, it can't even handle upper-ansi characters properly either.

Comment: Re:For the love of a middle button! (Score 1) 181

by CrashNBrn (#49347777) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?
Logitech's G700s is decent, but I think I prefer the MX518/G400 -- primarily due to the better button layout and buttons that are easier to press in multiple ways - as opposed to G700s' top-body buttons which can only be activated via "claw-holding" or a very specific way to lay your hand so your index finger can depress that button. Which is also due in part to the idiotic placement of the fly-wheel-scroll-release button --- as opposed to it being depressed (instead of raised) or moved to just below the scroll wheel --- where it wouldn't intefere with the (only) top-body button.

The rest of the buttons, even the side thumb ones have far too much resistance and "sharp-angles". Many of the G700s issues can be "gotten used to", and you might not even notice most of the problems if you never owned the MX518.

Comment: Re:Firefox with a memory exploit? (Score 1) 237

I don't see any superiority in FF at all, beyond allowing customization. It's memory utilization is absolutely insane: 300MB just to open an empty browser --- although interestingly that memory utilization doesn't increase as you open tabs (initially) - so it looks like it requests more memory than it needs, except it doesn't freaking release the memory. Period. Full stop. Close windows, close tabs, does NOT matter. You have to close the whole damn browser.

Comment: Like Bing and Yahoo? (Score 3, Interesting) 231

by CrashNBrn (#49303135) Attached to: FTC: Google Altered Search Results For Profit
You mean like how Bing and Yahoo (powered by Bing, but not the same results) promote their own "versions" of things ahead of other search results?

Search for CSS/HTML via Yahoo (the default in FF now) - you will get a slew of "MDN" (mozilla developer network) results, top-listed. Or how Bing promotes Bing Videos|Images instead of Google's?

We're pretty much talking about Google top-listing ONE of their "own" results. That hardly affects any business, nor is it a credibility hit. Their own service/info is still relevant to the search at hand.

I think we'd all be happier if Google would just stop ignoring our search terms.

Comment: Mostly a Tie? (Score 1) 307

1 failed PSU fan, crashed and burned an 8088 board.
3 Monitors CGA (12+ years before it gave up it's magic smoke), SVGA (2+ years), LCD (8 years)
4 Harddrives: (40MB - bootsector virus, 600MB failed to power up,
--- 160GB random write failures until a bootsector fail, and a 1.5TB WD Green with almost no usage 1 PSU that wouldn't post - out of the box.
2 Keyboard failures.
3 Graphic Card failures from Sapphire and XFX --- attempting MFG replacement was a joke. I no longer buy from those two.
3 Motherboard failures, and 3 Mouse failures (though I don't know if a puppy chewing through a cord should count...)

No other hardware failures, before they were naturally retired anyways.
I voted for Graphics Card, as I thought it was a tie between GPU/MOBO, but it looks like it should of been Harddrives like the majority...

I think most of the GPU failures were due to crap-fans, and a case of bad caps.

Comment: Re: Oomph. (Score 0) 70

by CrashNBrn (#49106127) Attached to: Intel Core M Enables Lower Cost Ultrabooks; Asus UX305 Tested
Anyone that classifies such a large group of people --- anyone buying a $400 computer as a "retard" isn't much above a retard themselves.

I fully expect my "$400" laptop to last at least 4-5 years. Will soon remove the optical-drive for a SSD, and add an 8GB ram-stick (for 16).

Of course it's AMD across the board; maybe the OP is referring to $400 Intel machines... they're not worth much beyond decent battery life --- I only get 2-3 hrs, but its pretty rare (for me, at least) to be away from any kind of power-source for more than a few hours.

Comment: GFCF Diet (Score 1) 289

Take a look at the GFCF diet, and ignore the anti-vac info/groups. One of our friend's children was diagnosed at ~4yo - he went from "normal" to completely introverted non-responsive almost overnight. Since then, they have done normal socialization (lots of sports) and the GFCF diet. If you didn't know their child was Autistic, you would probably be hard-pressed to glean that on you own.

Comment: Not when the fine is $1/unit and the profit is $9. (Score 1) 412

by CrashNBrn (#48973303) Attached to: Major Retailers Accused of Selling Fraudulent Herbal Supplements
Maybe, if the lawsuits could use RIAA-style pricing for the fine: $150,000 per fake bottle sold.

As is though, when have you seen a "class-action" lawsuit exceed 10's of Millions? How many million bottles of fake-contents do you think have been sold?

To eventually fix itself, the fine would need to exceed the profits. That never happens.

Comment: When it was Dial-up, in Europe & the UK (Score 1) 495

Users in Europe/UK had to pay per-minute telco charges on top of the cost for the dial-up service (which itself was time-limited). Pretty much everywhere else in Canada and the US had free local-calling, so you only had the extra-fee of the dial-up service (which was usually time limited). One of the services I used (in Canada, early 90's), gave free time on off-peak hours 10pm-8am for ~$25.

Most of the people I knew from Finland, UK, Norway, were pretty jealous of our unlimited phone service.

Comment: AMD is not so bad (Score 1) 118

Aye. I got a 17" HP Pavilon, AMD A8-5550M Radeon HD, 2.1Ghz with 8GB Ram (single-stick, 2 slots) for $450 (@Office Depot). I'll add another 8GB of RAM and an SSD this year (into the DVD slot). While it certainly wont win any races, or run recent Triple-A PC games... then again who wants to run recent Triple-A games ?? ;-)

Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes. -- Dr. Warren Jackson, Director, UTCS