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by Tablizer (#47961915) Attached to: Mark Zuckerberg Throws Pal Joe Green Under the Tech Immigration Bus

that won't get you hired on a high-paying job right away. You have to start as a junior, and suck it up when they offer you low pay initially.

That's not how most companies work. If they want to fill position X they want a perfect fit for X, or as close as possible. They don't want juniors nor PhD's, but the exact qualifications with nothing more or less. (If you have excess qualifications, that's seen as a risk of leaving.)

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by Tablizer (#47961901) Attached to: Mark Zuckerberg Throws Pal Joe Green Under the Tech Immigration Bus

If you owned the company, wouldn't you want the same?

Sure, but they hide their real M.O. from Congress and voters. There is no general shortage, but a shortage of those who instantly fit the profile our company wants. But I don't tell Congress that because then I wouldn't get want I want.

All you need to do is put "expert in " and you will get past the HR screen in 90% of the companies.

You mean lie? In both cases you seem to be endorsing lying.

Perhaps to you that's just the way to play the game in the real world, but it backs my original premise that the H1B program is based on a lie. You just don't seem to think that's a "bad thing", or accept it as the ugly-but-necessary reality of politics and capitalism.

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There are some problems you ignored. First is that the industry claims there is a "shortage" to justify high quantities of H1B's. There is no evidence of a general shortage, only spot shortages, which are necessary for those with glut skills to be accepted into new-trend skills.

Second, is that during IT recessions they don't shut off the H1B spigot: visa workers keep coming. IT has been booming and busting since at least the 80's and I see no reason this pattern will change.

And I have seen H1B workers being abused. Your example is only a spot sample.

In general, the industry wants "instant employees" rather than spend time and money on training. This means that if a US techie loses their job in a glut area, they cannot get retraining for the new area because the company will hire an H1B worker that already has experience. The citizen can read books etc., but companies prefer existing paid experience.

Companies just want what they want when they want it and don't want to pay anything inconvenient for these goals.

Regardless of whether there are some H1B abuse myths floating around, the whole premise is based on a lie.

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If you get a cataract, spend the extra money on a CrystaLens. Unlike 45 year old natural lenses and implants available before 2003, they will actually focus. Of course they're under patent so they're about a thousand dollars each more expensive than other implants. I'm sure I'll have a cataract in the other eye not too long from now, the last eye doctor I saw said "a couple of years" and it's been longer than that.

I think I'll wait until 2023 when the patent runs out and everybody makes them, the ones like my mom has will be obsolete. I only use that eye to look at tiny things, anyway.

Insurance paid for all but the extra thousand, it was the best thousand dollars I ever spent. The device inside my eye is my favorite device of all.

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Glad to hear. I've been holding off on updating to see if there were any serious performance issues. However, I wish someone would release a comprehensive benchmark list for some of the older devices just so I can have a better idea of how much of an impact it will have on performance. Ideally I'd like to think it might improve a little, only if because iOS 7 felt rather rushed and they've likely been able to tune some of the code.

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