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Comment: Not new (Score 1) 43 43

the physical reaction to the experience could lead to death.

Horror movies used to have these warnings, and like this one, they were nothing but marketing.

Here's a poster from an old William Castle horror flick where they promise to insure you for $1000 against death by fright.


And you know what? I bet at some point someone died of natural causes by watching a movie, just as someone will die of natural causes from watching a VR game. Nobody's going to "die of fright" from playing a CAPCOM horror game.

Also, in popular culture a "ban" is almost always a great way to promote sales. CAPCOM's just trying to sell some video games with a more sophisticated, up-to-date version of, "If you have heart disease or are weak of constitution, you should DEFINITELY NOT see this film!".

Comment: Snowden deserves asylum; Assange doesn't (Score 0) 82 82

Snowden deserves asylum - he's wanted for a political crime, he's clearly guilty of violating US laws, and the US government doesn't accept a necessity defense when they're the ones he blew the whistle on, and even if he got a jury trial they'd make sure no juror who supports him would be picked.

Assange is a different case - the US wants him for political reasons, but Sweden wants him on trial for rape. There's a significant risk that if he goes back, gets a fair trial, and is found not guilty, the US will kidnap\\\\\\extradite him so they can try him for political crimes, and asylum would be appropriate then. But it's not appropriate now.

Comment: Re:Converted old cell phone to uplink transmitter (Score 2) 141 141

Many moons ago, I got tired of what was on the radio, and I built a pirate FM station. It had a studio supplied with over 50 volunteer DJs, but most of all it had the transmitter up in the mountains, with a UHF uplink system, to allow for very broad coverage of our city. I made the uplink transmitter form a 1985 Motorola cell phone, the old brick type. It was suitably modified to put out wideband FM audio. You might be able to read about it by Googling "Radio Limbo Tucson".

You're my hero.

Comment: Re:Indeed (Score -1, Troll) 317 317

You're talking to grown adults.

Like hell. I'm talking to KiA and if there are any "grown adults" there, you're going to have to prove it.

We are the same free minded geeks who have been around since Internet day 1

No, you're not. You weren't born on the Internet's "day one". I was there on the other hand, and the people I knew back then would have had pieces of Gamergaters/MRAs/KiAs/and /pol in their crap. You guys aren't fit to name the people who were there at the Internet's day one.

It's getting tiresome to have the open, free, principled sites and communications networks we built being labeled as "septic tanks" by the likes of yourself

Then keep them from becoming septic tanks. As I said, "learn how to behave".

There are 2 billion people online, we built this network for them

You didn't build shit.

You people are the creationists of the internet, and you are not taking us back to the stone age.

You've got a fair amount of evolving to do before you make it to the Stone Age.

Comment: Re:eSports commentary is already superior (Score 1) 62 62

Ever listen to football commentary or basketball? Its all color commentary or idiotic observations like "team X won because they scored more points"... no shit, fucktards.

You must have lousy sports coverage in your town, or maybe you just haven't listened to a game in a long time. You get continual analytics in most cases, and statistics that actually mean something. Occasionally, you'll get a fossil like Hawk Harrelson who's just a curmudgeon but even in that case, they teamed him with Steve Stone, who can break down pitch location, OBP, WAR numbers, BABIP, FIP and xFIP.

At least in this town, it's the same for basketball and football, though there haven't been as many advanced statistics developed for those sports. Maybe it's just because Bill James got the ball rolling (sorry) sooner for baseball. But all the announcers are pros and not a single one will give you the kind of obvious nonsense you describe.

Even the hockey coverage in town, whether you're listening to John Weideman and Troy Murry on the radio or Eddie Olczyk on TV, these are guys who will drop numbers on you and give you insights you probably wouldn't have noticed even if you were sitting behind the glass.

Naw man, there hasn't been a "Team X won because they scored more points" in a long while.

We don't need analytics

But people who pay attention to e-Sports and aren't dumb fucks like you might have an interest in analytics. Some people who are interested in video games care about more than whether the female announcer is showing cleavage. One minute you talk about how e-Sports announcers are so great because they give you the "micro" in Starcraft, and then you say you don't need analytics. Do you know what anaylytics are? And did I mention that you're a dumb fuck?

Comment: Re:Taxes (Score 3, Interesting) 182 182

You can't have no taxes and a government that wants to promise the world at the same time. Low taxes are fine if you have a government that isn't spending anything on programs and by the same token if you have a government that has or wants to have a lot of policies and programs, it is going to need to have a revenue stream to support them.

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.