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Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 38

How many were running OS X though? I know a few people who buy Apple hardware, but run a different main OS, just because the Apple hardware is better than 99% of what you can find in the PC notebook market and the 1% that is in the same league as Apple is just as, if not more, expensive.

Comment Re:LISP (Score 1) 297

I believe it to be more than just syntax. Languages like Ruby added some of Lisps "meta" ability on top of an Algol-family-influenced (C, Pascal, Ada, VB, etc.) style of syntax, BUT it will probably remain a niche language because meta ability plus complex syntax is recipe for write-only code if the developer is not careful.

The lesson is that you have to constrain either syntax or meta-ability to make the language practical for common usage.

Complex syntax and powerful meta abilities in a language creates too many opportunities to make abstraction spaghetti.

Comment Re:Editors suck at their jobs (Score 1) 211

Assuming it was when the first weather satellite was launched in 1960, we've had 55 years of data

Bad assumption. There is storm data (and damn good data) going back to the 1850s.

Thinking people didn't record storm data prior to satellites is like thinking that there was no data on human body temperature until the invention of the digital thermometer.


Comment Re:pptthh (Score 2) 211

The climate does change. It changed when humans were still in the stone age and it will be changing when humans are memories in the fossil records.

It is really impressive the way a bunch of Java programmers and tech support guys become smarter than all the climate scientists as soon as there is a story on Slashdot that mentions climate change.

"All those damn scientists are just wrong, and I know this because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and Al Gore is fat."

Comment APL family - collection-orientation (Score 1) 297

I always thought "collection-oriented" languages derived from or influenced by APL are interesting, such as the "J" language, "K" language, and the "A+" language. Although, these could perhaps be called "array-oriented" since they are less about stacks, graphs, lists, etc.

A sub-category of collection-orientation is "table oriented", which SQL is part of.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 231

let's not pretend that it was a wonderful product that took over the world by being the best thing ever

My interpretation is that the author is saying W95 was heavily influential, NOT that it was necessarily "good" as a complete product. The Xerox Star was also heavily influential, but by most accounts it was not a good product overall.

A product can suck overall yet still introduce and demonstrate catchy concepts.

Comment I must be happy (Score 1) 636

The only things I could think of to do if I was suddenly wealthy is a)get a $2500 gaming PC so I can max out the new games, and b) get a Suzuki G-48W Gregoire Maret signature chromatic harmonica (http://www.suzukimusic.com/harmonicas/g48w/).

The rest I'd turn over to my wife and daughter to do with as they please. Other than that, I'm already pretty satisfied.

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