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Comment Re:Have you? (Score 1) 247

Most of them have the cheese up front with the deli. The trend seems to be various cheeses at the deli you can get sliced, and then a separate display of a bunch of other block cheeses you can browse. As I said, they like to locate the deli up front.

That's because the cheeses available up front in the deli are much more expensive than the ones at the back in the dairy case.

Comment Re:oh, man. Prepare for another round. (Score 1) 86

Last time it was the Sorbanes-Oxley act. The company security policies were changed by a committee mainly run by lawyers. These 300$/hr billing rate guys have never logged into anything, always had a bevy of flunkies who did all the access to the computer, who printed out emails and who typed back the responses scrawled on the print outs.

And that's IT admins' OWN DAMN FAULT!

The regulations governing civil engineers are sane and good. You know why? Because organizations like the ASCE stepped up to create reasonable professional standards. That's how it works, people: you have to put on the big-boy britches and take some responsibility, proactively, to get the result you want.

If IT admins want that non-braindead regulations to happen to IT, then they need to fucking make it happen themselves -- otherwise the lawyers will step in and they'll deserve whatever ridiculous BS they get.

Comment Re:Corporations (Score 2) 86

It should work the same way professional licensing for civil engineering works: the technical professional involved should hold the legal liability (and be licensed so that it's abundantly clear to everyone that he is the one liable), but the company should be required to have its personal-information-holding servers administered by such a licensed professional so that he has the job security to be able to stand up for himself.

In other words, make it so that all professional server admins can (and will) refuse to obey "skip the security" orders, and make it illegal for the CEO to replace the professionals with unlicensed yes-men.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

Let's do that for homeowners too. If you are told that your door is unlocked, but you still don't lock it, and some robber comes and steals your stuff, the homeowner should be thrown in jail. And the burglar should be given a medal for exposing the lack of security in the house.

The thing that's stupid about your analogy is that houses usually only hold the homeowner's stuff. The real analogy should be about the owner of a bank failing to properly secure it.

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