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Comment: Re:Less relevant than an old Popular Mechanics (Score 1) 143

by LWATCDR (#48466151) Attached to: Here's What Your Car Could Look Like In 2030

I will be 50 next year so it is not ageing.
THe thing is that people forget just how bad it was in the past. In the 60s people where sure that the Bald Eagle and the Bison would go extinct. In the 1970s lake Erie was considered dead and a river in Ohio was so polluted that it caught fire. People were predicting that humans would be on the brink of extinction by 2000.
As education and standards of living go up population growth goes down. China forced this issue in ways that I find immoral but Indias population growth will soon start to slow. Recycling of a lot of materials along with new methods of extraction will increase the amount of commodities available. Take a look at historic trends and you will see commodity prices are still going down as a whole. Sure you see spikes now and then but the trend is down.
Frankly I wish I was younger because I think the future is going to be better than the past. But then I am a big history fan and know that it was not all sock hops and malt shops.

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by LWATCDR (#48460879) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

And you just proved that you have no understanding of this issue.
Do you have any idea how much oil is used for electrical generation in the US?
Less than 2% of all electrical power comes from Oil. Far less than wind or solar. It is only used really in remote locations like Hawaii where gas and coal are not practical.

Comment: Re:Less relevant than an old Popular Mechanics (Score 1) 143

by LWATCDR (#48458275) Attached to: Here's What Your Car Could Look Like In 2030

The problem I have is the "resources will decrease" part of it. Iron/steel, aluminum, and glass are just about infinitely recyclable. Power if the Lockheed High beta, the Polywell and or Thorium molten salt reactors go into production will also be even more available than now. Frankly it is just as likely we will live in a world with greater abundance than today.

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by LWATCDR (#48456541) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

Simple you where not on the Jury so you only have the evidence the media you pick gives you.
1. Brown was high.
2. He had just robbed a store and physically attacked the owner of the store.
3. The officer had injuries.
4. The shots where fired at close range. AKA the evidence did not match the witnesses.
5. Eyewitnesses are not reliable.

The real issue is we do not want trial by public opinion. That is called a lynch mob. MLK never set anything on fire or looted.

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