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Comment: Re:What if... (Score 1) 133

by chill (#49499595) Attached to: The Origin of the First Light In the Universe

What if...

Instead of a stupid troll you were actually interested in the answers. Interested enough to either take some classes on the subject, or expend some effort educating yourself.

We live in an age where the vast majority of the world's information is available for little to no cost or effort, yet you actively choose to remain ignorant.

Step 1: Understand what science is.
Step 2: Take a class or look it up.
Step 3: Keep digging

Comment: Re:Off Site (Score 1) 445

Almost. If you're serious about archiving low volumes of data, use these:

The can be read in standard BD and DVD players, and the drives aren't expensive. I picked up a DVD-R one for under $100, and a pack of disks for $45.

Then I found I have so little data that I want to preserve for a long time, I've never bought a second pack of disks. :-)

Comment: Re: Right wing social agenda (Score 1) 10

by chill (#49412945) Attached to: Gleichschaltung [LONG]

There was a concerted attempt to take over another group and fundamentally change their goals and message. That is s hijacking.

The fact that they were not strong enough to fend off the attack doesn't make it any less of a hijacking.

I agree apathy played a part on their demise, but the religious right parasites played a large part as well.

My irritation with the religious right is with their hypocrisy and complete unwillingness to accept the lessons of both the Reform Party and TEA Party debacles -- that their views represent a MINORITY in this country. They, too, are unable to achieve their goals on their own and need to coopt the agendas of others to succeed.

Comment: Right wing social agenda (Score 1) 10

by chill (#49409497) Attached to: Gleichschaltung [LONG]

I was at one of the very first TEA Parties in downtown Chicago. It didn't fizzle out because of a tendency towards apathy and the difficulty in sustaining a high level of outrage. It was hijacked by the right-wing social agenda crowd and they killed it.

TEA stands for "Taxed Enough Already", and in the beginning of the movement that was what it was focused on. Too many taxes. That WAS the issue.

Then came the right-wing social agenda crowd injecting anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, and several other topics that had NOTHING to do with taxes and big government.

The original TEA Party movement was LIBERTARIAN, not "conservative". They were very much for keeping the gov't out of people's lives -- including out of the bedroom and NOT enforcing any social agenda.

What happened to the TEA Party is the same thing that happened to the Reform Party. Remember when Pay Buchanan hijacked the 2000 Reform Party Convention in Long Beach, the police had to be called and the Convention settled by the courts? They showed success where the Christian right-wingers never could, so they got co-opted and died because their soul was sold.

Comment: Re:And redundancies come through faster as well! (Score 2) 330

by chill (#49406375) Attached to: Inexpensive Electric Cars May Arrive Sooner Than You Think

Wait an extra day or two and I'm sure the breeze will be enough to cool you off. :-) Or, leave a little earlier and drive at night. Hurricane warnings come DAYS in advance.

Stop and go traffic for hurricane evacuations are for people who wait to the last minute to go over the causeway.

Comment: Getting Older (Score 1) 4

by chill (#49305869) Attached to: Are printed books' days numbered?

I've been finding that reading e-books is *more* popular among the older crowd. The Kindles, Nooks and reading on tablets allows people to adjust font sizes and zoom in ways that making reading pleasurable once again.

Also, try picking up a backpack from a middle schooler when they have it full of their books. They're back breakers. My daughter switched to e-books in college and loves them for the simple fact she isn't going to strain something just to lug them around.

Paper books will survive, but start to get relegated to niche status -- especially for anything technical or lots of non-fiction. That stuff becomes obsolete so fast I'd rather have the electronic, up-to-date versions.

Comment: Re: Is there any way to block the use of old ciphe (Score 1) 89

by chill (#49179469) Attached to: FREAK Attack Threatens SSL Clients

I was thinking server side, for the web server. But yes, you need to ensure every service you provide that uses TLS is properly configured.

I'm not sure how much this would impact something like SMTP-S or IMAPS, since the connection duration on those types of service is so short.

The big target is going to be web servers.

Comment: Re:Is there any way to block the use of old cipher (Score 3, Interesting) 89

by chill (#49175663) Attached to: FREAK Attack Threatens SSL Clients


The question is does OpenSSL accept the weak ciphers as a downgrade bug even when EXPLICITLY DISALLOWD.

I haven't seen answered in any of the linked articles so am digging/testing.

After the last couple of bugs my organization set the explicit cipher/algorithm/has acceptable list. The export ciphers were excluded on purpose from our list.

SSL Labs has a recommended list buried in their documentation somewhere.

Comment: Re:Typical government official, breaking the law (Score 1) 538

Nope. The devil is in the details as to the nature of the law being violated.

The difference between a civil offense and a criminal offense are usually defined by the nature of the offense and the punishment assessed. Civil offenses involve violations of administrative matters.

Read more: http://criminal-law.freeadvice...

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