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Comment Re:Daimler did not sell Chrysler to Fiat (Score 1) 42 42

" Furthermore each GPS system is to a non-trivial degree customized for the vehicle it is going into which makes the price quite a lot higher. "
That is a bad choice on their part.
Make them fit a standard double DIN and use custom surrounds to make them fit with the car better. Standard CAN interfaces could allow the Infotainment system interface with other systems like climate control and extra displays.
Use a OS like QNX, Linux/Android and just write an app for your make of car. Cortex A15s are cheap as is ram and flash.
You are correct that the price the auto companies pays is too high but that is their own choice. What they really do not want is a way for people to upgrade the Infotainment systems.

Comment Re:Nice. (Score 1) 201 201

"So you think somehow the gangs of LA are going to magically protect you from someone driving a garbage truck full of explosives into your neighbourhood"
Don't you think that if they could get a garbage truck full of explosives they would have already blown up a bunch folks waiting at a bus stop.

Comment Re:And the NSA? (Score 1) 219 219

Probably none at all. If you want to break today's encryption/hashing algorithms you would probably be using ASICs if not those then FPGAs with GPU compute being your last choice.
Dedicated hardware is the most efficient when you are dealing with a well known standard. For all we know IBM is still in business because it is building NSA ASICs using that 7nm process they showed.

Also time on this beast will be extremely expensive if they use it for any kind of code breaking it will not be for random slashdot users.

Comment Re:Not downsizing nuclear (Score 1) 484 484

Sigh... Coal is only useful for base load. The spool up time for coal is too slow for peaking.
Natural gas is ideal for peaking since you can use it in gas turbine plants for peaking since the spool up time is so fast.
I showed you references do you have any data at all to back up what you are saying?
France may or may not use natural gas for base load but many nations do since it is so cheap and clean.
I would say that the engineers in France are knowledgeable and I would also bet that they would agree with what I am saying. Too bad it is the political parties that want to cut nuclear.

Comment Re:Not downsizing nuclear (Score 1) 484 484

"It would not ... as most CO2 is produced by cars, house heating and industry."
Since renewables only generate electricity we can ignore all none electrical sources as far as nuclear and renewables. Unless you want to count the tiny number of passive solar heating installations.
If you look at this graphic
You will see that France gets around 10% from hydro. You will also see that France still gets some power from coal which is baseload power is is ideal to replace with nuclear. The natural gas is probably split between base load and peaking load. Replacing the base load with nuclear is again a simple matter the peaking is a more difficult issue which is why I suggested that France should convert their hydro from a base load to a peaking source aka as pumped storage. The power stored would come from a combination of both renewables and nuclear.
As to your comment about where the majority of CO2 comes from do you have any sources?
My research shows that home heating in france is more often than not electrical heating.

Do you have any real data or just insults?

Comment Re:Too Far Away (Score 1) 134 134

" Even if we point SETI-type radio telescopes at it and monitor it for signals, they will have spent 1400 years getting to us and there is no guarantee that whatever civilization was there is still there."
"Interesting discovery, but I can't muster up much excitement about this one."
Really? You are an idiot.
The discovery of life in another solar system would be a HUGE discovery. Finding a technologically advanced civilisation would change everything. There is no telling what we could find out if we could read the data from the signals over time. However just knowing that we are not the only life in the Universe would be huge.
Sorry sparky this is science not Star Wars.

Comment Re:Look for other users of the S/W for advice (Score 1) 150 150

Exactly. You have a specific task and probably specific software for that task. If the software supports CUDA then you might want to spend money on Tesla cards over CPUs. Does it use Open CL? Then you might want to look at AMD GPU compute cards.
Do you need a large memory space?
Do you need a lot of threads or just a few really fast ones.
If you have 50k for the system then I suggest you spend a little of it on someone that really knows this subject.
It may make more sense to just use Amazon E2C.

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