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Comment Re:Smart (Score 1) 281

Some unanticipated benefits were that the car tends to get pretty dirty when you drive it a thousand-plus miles in a short stretch, cluttered up with fast food containers and whatnot -- and there's an increased risk of spills and stains. So it's nice to just let Hertz deal with all of that.

My car is like that nearly 100% of the time, so that's nothing new. :D

Anyway, the point is that it's perfectly reasonable to choose a vehicle that is optimized for 95% of your driving, and rent one that is optimized for the other 5%. It can actually be very cost-effective.

That's true. In my case it's more like 70:30, not 95:5. However, I'm not ever going to spend the money for anything like a Tesla. Hell, my fuel bill for the entire year would be a couple payments or less. A Leaf _might_ be an alternative for when my paid for car becomes too expensive to maintain. I'd still be worried about people stealing or fucking around with the charger since a garage is not available. I'm wondering how long it will be for the new neighbor to have the charger for their C-Max stolen or damaged. The nice bright blue "I'm charging" circle around the charge port seems like it would attract the miscreants that live around here.

Comment Re:Smart (Score 2) 281

Nope. It's not even close to being cheaper. Assuming $3/gallon, it costs me less than $200 for the entire trip and if I were to fly, it's actually around $400-500. Then I would have to rent a car at the airport and drive another two hours. Adding in the time waiting at the airport for the connecting flight, security, rental desk, etc, it doesn't save me all that much time. The only time I've flown there was when my dad was in the hospital dying and it just cut the travel time down to about 10 hours (the hospital is in the city with the airport). My insurance rates are affected more by the numerous uninsured motorists and car thieves in my area than any amount that I actually drive.

Comment Re:Smart (Score 1, Informative) 281

When I drive to my mom's house several times a year, it's usually a 13-14 hour drive. I usually stop for fuel and to use the bathroom twice during the trip. Due to the lack of range in the Tesla and the recharge time, it would add another 1.5 hours to the trip. Not to mention that the nearest Supercharger is 450 miles away. It's already a long day driving and with a Tesla, it would be even longer. No thank you.

Comment Re:Only IRAN is celebrating (Score 3, Insightful) 459

Did you read the 2nd link? Reagan wasn't president in September of 1980. Also, the Shah of Iran was installed in 1941 by the British who thought he would be easier to control than his father. It was the British who wanted Mosaddegh gone after he nationalized their oil industry (not very pro-Western). Saddam was also the de-facto leader of Iraq since 1976, so if it was a part of some grand US conspiracy, you have your dates all wrong.

Comment Re:Why force her to do something she doesn't want (Score 1) 250

Luckily we are largely immune to it in the US due to our high immigration rate.

lol Far from it. BTW, the "trust fund" is just special bonds currently held by the US Treasury. Those bonds are then sold along with the regular Treasury bonds that are issued to make up the regular "national debt".

Comment Re:War is Boring is shit (Score 1) 843

They are a mostly known quantity, and they greatly out perform the systems they are going to replace.

That may be true unless you are looking for speed & agility to replace what the Navy and Air Force need it for or survivability while attacking ground targets like the A-10. It is supposed to match the F-16 manueverability and acceleration, but according to the test pilot report, it can't. In IMHO, instead of a fighter that "a jack of all trades, master of none", it would have been better to design different airframes for different roles, but have common subsystems where possible so you can have a common supply chain. Let the Marines have their STOVL aircraft that they think they need so badly, but don't cripple the other services. If the Chinese can make a F-35 clone, but without the problems brought on by having an airframe that can handle STOVL capability, Lockheed should be able to do it too.

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