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Comment: Re:We had a distributed social network (Score 1) 151

by LWATCDR (#48216083) Attached to: We Need Distributed Social Networks More Than Ello

"Now the pendulum is swinging back again because the cost/value equation in favor of corporate networks makes less sense (specifically, we didn't realize the consequences of selling ourselves and our data for 'free' services until it was too late.)."
Nope. The vast majority of people really do not care. For all the outrage over privacy you hear about in the tech press the vast majority of people just do not care.
They do not even mind the ads.
Why pay for a social network when facebook is free?
Facebook is the path of least resistance and cost for the masses and they will keep going that route.

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actually I have to disagree. It is so much easier to stay connected to friends that have long moved away and to reconnect with friends that move back. Of course I am older than most people on Slashdot so yes I have friends that moved away 15 years ago and then move back to town that I want to reconnect with.
It is makes me feel more connected with my brother that lives 3 hours away to see his posts daily on facebook. I do call and talk with him a couple of times a month but with facebook it is daily.
Of course I used to do the same thing with email but email is less popular than it once was.

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Maybe the just don't want to. They are under no obligation to do that. The entire idea behind FOSS is that the users would put in the "effort" to improve and maintain it.
That can be money to pay for someone to work on it or working on it themselves.
Just because you have worked on a FOSS project does not mean you are a slave for life to it.

Comment: Re:1..2..3 before SJW (Score 3, Informative) 753

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"If you listen to the NPR segment, they have a couple of women who were former compsci majors give accounts of how the men in their classes denigrated them and mocked them for missing some knowledge. "
That is not sexism. Guess what? They did the exact same thing to males in the class.
I have read studies that show that women do better in all women schools because men tend to compete and display while women tend to co-operate.

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Office is a different strategy.
On CP/M you had Wordstar, Dase II, and often SuperCalc or PerfectCalc. On a lot of other machines like the Apple II, TRS-80, and the Pet you had Visicalc.
When the PC came out Wordstar and Visicalc thrived for a short time then cam Lotus 123 and WordPerfect. WordStar died as did VisiCalc. Dase hung on for a good while fighting off Paradox.
Then you had Windows and Office took over most of the market.
Microsoft is desperate to not have Office go the way of Wordstar, Visicalc, Wordperfect, and Lotus123. When you change platforms new software has a great opportunity. Olders systems are left trying to not tick off their customer base by being too different but at the same time fit with the new platform.

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" Refreshing, no question, and in direct contrast to Google and Apple as you point out."
Actually no it isn't in direct contrast.
When Apple first entered the mobile market they only had to worry about Blackberry, Wince, and Palm. In the smartphone market there was no real dominate player. It was in many ways a lot like the early days of micros with Atari, Apple, Commodore, Radioshack, Ti, and the CP/M machines fighting it out.
Apple and Google where friends and Google got Maps, search, and youtube on the iPhone.
When Android came out IOS was pretty much king. so Google kept putting their products on IOS to keep market share. Apple having the marketshare did not feel the need to put any services on Android. They used their services to keep market share.
Now Microsoft to get market share supports Android and IOS. Android and IOS see no reason to help Microsoft gain marketshare. It is the exact same pattern.

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Actually it is the opposite. You benefit preaching doom and gloom.
If your advice is taken what ever the worry can not happen because you stopped it. If good things that could have happened didn't no one will really notice.
If your advice is not taken you just take the "it is only a matter of time" and keep your true believers scared. Any failure no matter how small is a victory for you.
If your advice is not taken and something bad happens you where right all along.

You can not really fail being an anti.

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"this is what I went through when I bought a retina macbookpro day one. There was a rough transition. I had to hack Word's internal settings to make Word usable. Firefox was unusable for close to a year."
Did you have to hack Safari to work on the retina? what about Apples office products?
You are talking about an issue where older software from a different vendor had issues vs the OS having issues on older hardware. This is a very different issue.
"It is. You can change that stuff easily."
So it would have been simple to default to the best font for each device. If DPI is x use this font.
Not a tragedy to be sure but it is lazy.

HELP!!!! I'm being held prisoner in /usr/games/lib!