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Comment Re:They *don't* want a better world for our kids (Score 1) 91

"which even the president of Greenpeace has stated is the best option, given our energy needs"
No he did not.
One of the former founders of Greenpeace said it not the current president of Greenpeace.
BTW I support nuclear power but when posting facts one should make sure that they are facts otherwise the entire post becomes suspect.

Comment Re:Cart before the Horse (Score 1) 206

"Which is more likely, Ockham: the first black Democratic president turns out to be more right-wing than Nixon, or just after the oath of office, he and his family are threatened by the Security-Intelligence empire that has more power than Hoover could have ever fantasized about?"

Simple President Obama found out that was not what he thought it was when he was running.
The idea that US security agencies threatened the family of the President of the US is bat crap crazy. Your razor is very dull.

Comment Re:Dear shills that keep pointing out he's in Russ (Score 1) 206

"Honestly, I think you have it backwards. The president and congress do what the NSA tells them. Not in a crazy conspiracy way. Just in the simple, "you don't want to risk an attack on your watch, do you?" sort of way."
The NSA and CIA are under the president not congress he can fire the directors without congressional approval.
So you are saying that he is breaking the law because he does not want to be blamed for an attack on US soil? Yea that makes things better.

Comment Re:Why Android on Pixel (Score 1) 208

Actually I have a Nexus 10, Nexus 7, and my current phone is a MotoX.
Yes I have. Google mail does not seem like a blown up phone app to me. Play Store, Play Music, Play book, and Youtube all work really well on my tablet.
Yes I have been using Android Tablets for a while and they work just fine as do the apps I use.

Comment Re:We all have to work together. (Score 1) 307

You are such a silly person. Marxism And Objectivism both saw themselves as a way to make people's lives better. They like every Utopian idea leads to creating a hell for those that do not fit in. Even the Star Trek Federation Utopia as creepy as hell when you look at it. The idea of locking mentally ill people on an isolated planet is just creepy as hell.
Only when you are young and lack wisdom, just a fool, or a narcissist do look on any utopian ideal with anything more than mild interest or amusement.
Or to put it simply beware of the man with a plan.

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