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Comment: Because girls just can not hack it with boys. (Score 1) 588

Gee I guess this is so girls don't have to face the pressure of competing with boys. We all know that girls need special help.

I just do not know that this is really needed. I know lots of very smart women in STEM that are very bit as talented as any male. The issues of fair pay and frankly pop culture need to be fixed.

Comment: Re:This sh*t again? (Score 1) 245

by LWATCDR (#49492389) Attached to: EU To Hit Google With Antitrust Charges

"e Shopping, by promoting sites on its own Google Shopping platform over other sites, and doing so without indicating to the consumer that Google has an interest in those sites."

I googled iPhone.
On the right hand side, outside of search results, I see "Shop for iPhone on Google" and it has a sponsored marker on it! Did I mention that it was in a box on the right hand side as well?
Really? Just how is that not indicating to the consumer?

Comment: Re:This sh*t again? (Score 1) 245

by LWATCDR (#49487811) Attached to: EU To Hit Google With Antitrust Charges

You did say this.
"No, but Google needs to be forced to not abuse its position of dominance."

If google is not abusing it does not need to be forced to do anything.
I am a big fan of antitrust but frankly It does not seem to be used with real monopolies very often.

I am questioning if Google is abusing or is in a position of dominance. A large market share is not a monopoly position.
The questions on the use of Android are really silly since IOS, WP, and others are more locked down.

Comment: Re:Deflection (Score 5, Insightful) 321

by LWATCDR (#49487715) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan

Wait I have a solution to this problem.
1. Run a test.. You could call it a pilot program in one school.
2. The company that wants the contract pays for the pilot or at least half of it.
When it fails you do not have a missive program fail and it costs a lot less.
This is brilliant. I wonder why no one thought of this before.

Comment: Re:This sh*t again? (Score 1) 245

by LWATCDR (#49481189) Attached to: EU To Hit Google With Antitrust Charges

Exactly how are they abusing their dominant position?
They do control default search on Android but you can put any search engine and or browser on Android unlike ios.
Also Apple and Microsoft do not use Google as the default search engine so the mobile market is not dominated by Android.
On the Desktop the default search engine on the default browser on the most popular OS is Bing.

It is so easy to change search engines that the end user lock in is just not a problem.
Google does not offer pay for search placement. If you google search engine Bing the top result.

Comment: Re:This sh*t again? (Score 1) 245

by LWATCDR (#49479745) Attached to: EU To Hit Google With Antitrust Charges

Umm.. No they didn't/
You can not pay to be placed in search results on Google. You can pay to have your ads show up in the ad space to the right and at the top marked as an ad.
Try it and Google iPhone.
First you will see an ad and then the results. The ad will have an icon marking it as an add and then you will see results below that.
Or try Art by Lori Ramatar and you will see no ads.
I know the artists and she does not pay for any ads on Google.
So no. You are wrong.

Comment: Re:This sh*t again? (Score 1) 245

by LWATCDR (#49479701) Attached to: EU To Hit Google With Antitrust Charges

" When a single search engine has 90% of all traffic, whether your business shows up in its search results or not, and if it does, then how high relative to its competitors, can easily become the single biggest determinant of your success. If such placement is not fair (whatever that means), there is an issue."

So Europeans need to be forced to use Bing and Yahoo.
What it comes down to is Google provided too good of a service.
Simple truth is that I almost never use Google to find a product to buy. It does not have the best product search by far.

Comment: Re:The prosecutors ought to be impeached (Score 1) 342

by LWATCDR (#49473455) Attached to: Allegation: Lottery Official Hacked RNG To Score Winning Ticket

That is why he is the prosecutor and not the judge.
Frankly it does not matter what he things it will matter what the Jury thinks and odds are very high that they will think he not telling the truth.
What I do not understand is why he needed to change the time. A GPS receiver and a time server in the secure area should have been good enough.

Comment: Re:Time to stop considering individual components. (Score 1) 85

by LWATCDR (#49449551) Attached to: Intel's Core M Performance Is Erratic Between Devices

"It's something some of us Apple fans have long figured out is that individual specs sometimes are completely meaningless."
No they are not.
If you are transcoding video then a fast video card if using OpenCL or Cuda will really speed things up.
If you are not then an I7 will really help.
I love OS/X and I really like my macbook pro but the new iMac, Mac Book Pros, and Mac Pro are not as flexible as I want or need.
SSDs are advancing too fast for me to not want the option of installing a new one. Apple charges too much for memory as well so yes I want to plug it in.
The issue btw is not that the new MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Pro lack those features. The issue is that none of the Apple line are really expandable.
BTW Thunderbolt does not count. It is too slow for serious CUDA or OpenCL work. It just can not match the speed of a 16x slot.
Right now I am running Xeon Ivy Bridge-e machine with 32 gigs of ram and two SSDs in a raid and it still takes a while to do some compiles.

If you steal from one author it's plagiarism; if you steal from many it's research. -- Wilson Mizner