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Comment Re: Expect drama (Score 1) 68

Umm... Are you illiterate, drunk, or just not bright? If you can comprehend what you read then re-read my post. I'm the one clearly suggesting not interfering with speech. Or, rather, I'm the one who is curious about why one would actually want to restrict someone's funding and, in doing so, limit their speech. See, I'm the one who's a fan of letting idiots say what they want, even if I think they're morons, and letting people spend their money however they want without trying to busy myself with harming others in the name of 'justice.'

That might be too complex for you. If it is then, well, I'm not sure what to tell you. I don't think I can explain it any better so I'm just going to hope you get it and passively ignore you at this point.

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 1) 85

And yet that's never happened. Funny that. However, I certainly agree that I'm an asshole. On a more serious note, nobody noticed - it's not like I was anywhere that bugged people. Well, she noticed but it turns out she just wanted to hold hands. (She's still here, at any rate.) I was kind of surprised at how few people were in the theater - it was a Regal in Buffalo. They all went and watched the 3D version. If someone had even slightly indicated displeasure then I'd have certainly stopped - while I am an asshole I'm not that much of an asshole. I'm usually pretty perceptive too. I also wasn't holding it up and waving it about or anything. It was down between my knees and automatically dims in the darkness. You'd probably have had to work to notice as we had the entire row to ourselves and it was the furthest row back. Not even the usher complained - probably because it bothered nobody and was on silent.

It's tempting... Man is it tempting. I mean, hell, you're offering free life skills assistance, right? So far you've been willing to call me an asshole, without really knowing much, and that's certainly true. So you're willing to be brutally honest, perhaps perceptive, and you seem to be convinced you have all the answers to what is and isn't socially acceptable behavior. Boy have I got a wall of text and some questions for you. You have no idea how tempting that is... ;) Tempting indeed. I mean, you guys helped me pick my favorite Linux distro. You've given me advice on investing (albeit not intentionally). You, meaning Slashdot in general, are generally smart and insightful as a whole. In fact, I'm on my current adventure, in part, due to some advice from a person here on Slashdot.

Alas, I'll think I'll pass for now. I also need advice about buying a boat. I don't know anything about boats but I'm told I could invest a small amount and make a tidy sum on a resale assuming I'm willing to park some currency for a while. You don't know anything about boats, do you? It's a big boat, it has sails and a motor and stuff. It's in Barbados and has engine and cosmetic issues and the insurance had lapsed. It's huge, like 130' huge, and the price is pretty high as is the estimated repair cost but the resale value's pretty high too - a 200% profit would be reasonable but the turn-around could be a couple of years (or more - I don't know) as the market isn't that strong currently, or so I'm told.

I mean, yeah, if you're giving out free advice... *shrugs* It can't hurt to ask, right? I really should do a funny Ask Slashdot style journal post.

Comment It's even worse as an international merchant :-( (Score 1, Interesting) 134

I had my card suspended because i sent $2.50 over paypal to a kid in the UK for some software.

I'll see you that and raise you how it looks from a UK merchant's side. Running a simple on-line service with a small monthly subscription fee and a fair proportion of international customers, we literally lose more subscriptions because of unexplained card failures than all other causes put together, including active cancellation by a subscriber's own choice.

Worse, as far as we can tell, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. The system simply doesn't work reliably and there is no useful information whatsoever provided to the merchant when the card fails. About the best you can do as a merchant is contact your customers after the failed charge, try to convince them that their card being declined is neither an indication of fraud on your part nor something they should be embarrassed about themselves, and hope they are willing to sit on the phone being told how important their call is for a few minutes while they wait to speak to their card issuer and confirm it's a valid transaction. Unsurprisingly, relatively few customers will actually do this, even those who have otherwise been active customers apparently happy with the service.

The card industry's incompetence is a tax on trade, and the sooner it dies its long overdue death and payment methods fit for this century take over, the better off literally everyone involved else will be.

Comment my credit union calls me in seconds. Cashiers shou (Score 1) 134

I've been happy with my credit union's fraud prevention and detection (which is outsourced to some company). Sometimes I'm 100 miles from home when I spend about $800 on electronics at Fry's or Microcenter. (The datacenter is 100 miles from my house, for now.) The transaction sometimes returns a "call to verify" code. The merchant COULD call, they are supposed to, but most cashiers just say "it didn't go through". This is a training issue on the merchants' side, in my opinion.

At the same time that the cashier is saying "it didn't go through", my phone rings. It's the fraud department calling to verify the purchase. The cashier re-runs the card and it works fine. It seems to mainly happen when buying from an electronics retailer, as I also remember the same thing at Best Buy. I'm fine with that. I know that if a crook gets my card, the bank is watching out.

Occasionally, they'll call about an internet purchase or some other purchase after it happens (fraud detection). It's quick and easy to verify the transaction.

I used to do another type of fraud prevention and detection, not directly related to credit cards, and I know our false positive rate was under 0.1%, probably under 0.01% - we stopped at least a thousand fraudulent instances for every one we declined in error.

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 1) 85

I don't think anyone noticed but the person I was with and she thought it was funny. I think she just wanted to hold hands, otherwise she might have just let me be. I'm an asshole but, you know, if someone had noticed and looked displeased or bothered then I'd have stopped. I'm not THAT much of an asshole.

Comment Re:Expect drama (Score 1) 68

Eh? Why do you care so much if someone's doing something you don't like on the internet? Do you begrudge them making money off of fools, for thinking differently than you, or what? It looks to me (and you're probably aware of my perspective) that you're just wanting to take someone's income away because you don't like what they have to say. I seem to recall you mentioning campaigning for this in the last thread on this Patreon matter. To what end do you want to curtail speech and strip people of their income?

Comment Re:Down under (Score 2) 43

But "que han dejado tus perros" means "that have left your dogs" with a stylish order change (the real meaning is "that your dogs have left").......but as a matter of fact even people might fail at understanding that.

If you wanted to clarify that the dogs were left (not the caca), then you can add 'a' to indicate the object, as in "...que han dejado a tus perros."

(not sure about "caca", though).

Caca is correctly translated as 'shit' (though swear words vary depending on the country. We do this in English too: bloody and shag are not swear words in America, but are in England).

Comment Re:In soviet russia (Score 4, Funny) 52

Great, now I'm picturing a Russian version of the "Monorail song", with the Lyle Lanley guy having a heavy Russian accent.

The Soyuz will not fit in there
"The building's tall, like Russian bear!"
What if perchance the roof should bend?
"Not on your life, my Yakut friend!"
What about us cleptocrats?
"Your wallets will grow very fat!"
My vodka's gone and now I'm sad.
"Have another, dear comrade!"
Were you sent here by the Kremlin?
(displeased voice) ".... Next question please." (waves for undercover agents to take him out of the room)
"You see it's Vostochny only choice. Now throw up hands and raise the voice."
Cosmodrome! Cosmodrome! Cosmodrome!

Comment Re:Well there's your problem (Score 3, Funny) 52

The funny thing is that in 2013 they actually lost a Proton-M and $1.3B of technical equipment because a technician installed the angular velocity sensors upside down. There was one problem in doing so, in that they didn't even fit upside down - but no worries, he was able to hammer them into place ;)

Comment Re:I want to see the video... (Score -1, Offtopic) 52

The Rada voted Yanukovich out - even including a majority of his own party. Russia claims that "proper parliamentary procedure" was not followed, but they're not the arbiter of that, the Ukrainian constitutional court is. And yeah, clearly the US is so into meddling in Ukraine that they won't even give them anti-tank missiles or counter-fire radar systems with a meaningful range. And it took a year of begging to even start go get anything more significant than blankets and sleeping bags. Yeah, the US is clearly so into helping Ukraine out! And look at all those US missiles in Ukraine, whooee! Meanwhile, Russia has been pouring some of its most advanced military hardware into Donbas, and when that wasn't enough, regular rotations of its army. But hey, Ukraine's got sleeping bags, so that's something, right?

There's long since been new elections in Ukraine. There were indeed two "nazi" candidates running. Combined they got barely more than 1% of the vote. The old "Ukraine is run by Nazis!" yarn is getting old.

Lastly: might want to check where you get your information from.

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