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Comment Re:It's not Obama (Score 1) 196

And this is totally unlike what every other president did who had a 747 to hop on to?

Ooh, good retort! Anything that another asshole in the white house did before Obama totally excuses him, even if he's wagging a finger at us driving cars while he rides in a fucking airliner.

When did it become OK to be patriotic and yet call the elected leader of this country "that asshole" instead of The President?

Anyone who hasn't called a president an asshole isn't a true American.

I have more respect and love for the country

Do you really not understand the difference between a politician and the country?


Comment Re:Bringing stuff back (Score 1) 92

I guess you're not familiar with Rifftrax, because the "aging" Mike, Kevin and Bill are doing quite well for themselves.

Furthermore, the show will now have a completely different cast. I think it's an incredible opportunity to see what a whole new crew of people can do under the guidance and aegis of the guy who created the whole concept in the first place.

Sit it out if you want, but don't bash it until you've given it a chance.

Seeing as how you are someone who is praising "Family Guy", I find it really difficult to give any credit to your ability to judge what's good or not.

Comment Re:kickstarter users incapable of learning (Score 1) 92

Except Joel Hodgson and Shout! Factory aren't Hollywood fat cats. Shout! has been very good to the show, working to make most of the episodes available for purchase, and they are now re-releasing the Rhino-era episodes which have been out of print for some time. Having secured the intellectual property from Jim Mallon, they are willing to give Joel the kind of control that made MST3K the best TV ever in the first place.

And Joel... we're still talking about the guy who started the whole franchise with a skeleton crew on a no-name UHF station with almost zero budget. Even if the new episodes aren't as good as the old ones, I sincerely believe that Joel and the new cast, writers and producers will give it their all.

I also don't see it as any kind of slam against the new project that Mike, Bill and Kevin have chosen not to be involved. Mike and Kevin were involved with the original show for about 10 years each, and Bill for about 3 years. They made wonderful contributions, but they have their own gig now. They have a good thing going with Rifftrax, which itself has been going for the better part of 10 years, and works from a significantly different business model that must be pretty successful given the amount of material they are able to produce. Rifftrax has clearly declared its alliance with the new MST3K and will be selling the new episodes, along with the old episodes it's already selling. Plus, Mary Jo and Bridget are now riffing for Rifftrax in their own unique style.

It's a big enough world for more than one franchise making fun of bad movies. Who knows... maybe ICWXP will hit it big next!

Comment Re:How does space elevator save energy? (Score 1) 135

People claim all sorts of things. While there are lots of problems with a space elevator on a world as large as Earth, energy efficiency isn't one of them.

Personally, I doubt that a space elevator will ever be practical on Earth, but it should be on Mars, and it definitely would be on the Moon. For Earth I'd favor something like the pinwheel. You can think of the pinwheel as a rotating space elevator that doesn't reach as far down as the ground. (You'd probably want to not reach further down than the upper stratosphere to minimize frictional losses.) You fly up to meet the descending arm at the bottom, and unload cargo onto it. Descending cargo can be handled the same way, or you could use a combination of parachutes and lifting bodies. You need to balance freight going up and coming down or you get orbital decay...either it lifts too high or comes down too far, but this can be handled by a station keeping ion rocket, possibly of Vasimir design. Reaching a height is a lot cheaper than going into orbit. This does require a large orbital mass.

Comment Re:Noise pollution (Score 1) 256

If you were handy, we'd do a little test. I'll take four different size multi-rotors up to 400' when you're not looking, and then we'll see how well you can tell where they are, which direction they're going, or if you can even hear them at all.

Then, I'll bring one in for a quick vertical landing at the same time a UPS diesel panel truck rolls up next to you to make a delivery, and you can tell me where the drone is, using only your ears.

You're speaking without experience, or deliberately trolling.

Comment Re:Americans...why ? (Score 1) 256

The massive amount of people killed each year

You mean the number that is far lower than the number of people killed through preventable accidents in hospitals? Or in car accidents? That sort of thing? The number that's been going steadily down for 30 years? The number half of which are suicides? The murders that are highly concentrated in just a handful of some sections of some urban areas that also feature high numbers of knifings, beatings, and other kinds of murders? Take those few urban areas (run, every one of them, for decades by progressive lefty legislatures/councils and executives) out of stats, and the murder rate in general (to say nothing of those that happened to involve the use of a firearm) are below 16 other modern western democracies including in Europe. In other words, "Americans" don't want to shoot anything/everything, but there are some urban areas in the US where politcal correctness and lefty politics have cultivated acute local crime problems. These are also the areas with the most draconian gun control laws, of course.

If you think your guns let you defend yourself against the government, you really need some help.

Which comment of mine are you replying to, exactly? Please be specific.

"The most important thing in a man is not what he knows, but what he is." -- Narciso Yepes