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Comment Re:We never had it (Score 1) 311

You are making the grand assumption that people who blog about the news and events are incapable of doing so effectively without charging a fee.

The mainstream journalism outlets (how am I including gawker in that? ugh) want you to believe that because some blogs are bad at journalism that all blogs must be ignored.

Comment Enough of this (Score 5, Insightful) 161

I find it condescending and somewhat cruel the focus the politicians are putting on coding and programming. With ageism rampant in the field and large number of workers being forced out of their jobs while being insulted with the mandate to train their replacements, these actions are a slap in the face to everyone already in the field.

The powers that be are striving to make everything cheap ass manufacturing style work. That's what they're really getting at here. Big business thinks that all workers are too expensive if they make over minimum wage. This is just an effort to flood the market with cheap (and in the end poorly trained) labor. In addition to that if they don't train enough people to crash the labor market ( and thus the pay ) they'll import as much as is needed to do so.

Our political class, both sides, doesn't give a single fuck about any citizens in this country. They don't do a single goddammed thing that is good for the people. Every fucking action helps Wall Street or some big corporation or some powerful organization or "charity" that is only really a slush fund for connected wealthy elites.

This is all just hand waving and bullshit to keep us from realizing we're continually being sold down the river.

Comment Re: fighting carbon pollution? (Score 1, Insightful) 369

Yep. And all that noise about how unsafe the pipeline is will be exposed as so much bullshit when (not if) a derailment causes a raging fire, many deaths and the evacuation of any towns near the conflagration.

BTW oil shipped east by rail within Canada has already caused deaths.

Rational thought is something reviled by the "Green" movement. It's all really about more government control.

If things really were so dire we'd be shutting down the coal plants as the new nuclear plants come online, but that's not what they really want. They want control not zero carbon emissions.

Comment Re: Sounds familiar... (Score 1) 602

Yep. Could we get some congressional hearings about how it is possible that the bank can only find foreign workers to do a job previously done by an American worker who gets laid off after training the foreign worker? I would love to see politicians actually stand up for actual citizenship. Back in the old days it used to be their Fucking job.

Comment Re:Should hit my monthly cap in 1/3 of a second (Score 1) 55

Not exactly, its GigaBytes per month and GigaBits of speed.

You'll have 8 times as long until you hit the plan cap, so 8/3 of a second or 2 and 2/3 seconds.

Way better ;-)

Again I have to say, this is like having a Ferrari that you can only drive a few minutes a month.

The cognitive dissonance between freaking tiny bandwidth caps and huge speeds just keeps growing.

Comment Re:Why stop there? (Score 4, Insightful) 684

In retrospect the first exporters of the "new world" seemed to die pointless deaths too, but their exploration and their expanding of the known world was not pointless at all.

The same would be true of explorers to Mars. Trips there might be one way to start, but trips to the new world were essentially one way too in the beginning.

Comment Re: How criminalizing the crime might prevent it. (Score 1) 737

Yep. The denying people's rights is wrong but this is SOOOOO important this time that we need to deny people's rights argument.

That's what every God Damed asshole tyrannical dictator said every time he marched his political enemies to their deaths. Every. God. Damed. Time.

The fact is this. The most important thing is the rights and the freedom of the people.

Comment Authority (Score 1) 198

With the Enterprise Architect comes the authority to lead. You don't need admin access so much as you need to cultivate loyal, capable followers from the SA's that you are leading. They should be the implementers of your architectural designs.

I do agree with the poster that you may need user level access to servers and/or the capability to configure/build different software in userspace before deploying it at a system level.

But Enterprise Architect is a leadership role mainly. From your explanation, you've been trying to lead and influence decisions all along, now they're giving you the authority to do so. Seize the opportunity!

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