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Comment: Re:Here's the bill: public notice key (Score 1) 108

by afidel (#48029325) Attached to: California Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Warrants For Drone Surveillance

Expense has a massive impact on how and why a technology is used. Phone tapping used to be cost prohibitive because you had to have someone review the results in real time, today between metadata and speech to text you can mine the conversations of literally the entire world for less than 0.0007% of US GDP, and so we have. If aerial surveillance of the populace cost as much as 20 patrol cars with officers then few departments will even bother with an air unit and those that do have one will use them sparingly, if it costs less than the fuel for a patrol car there will be a push to use them, and that will open all kinds of abuse.

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by afidel (#48022937) Attached to: Google To Require As Many As 20 of Its Apps Preinstalled On Android Devices

Well Kitkat is apparently making good inroads as it went from 13.6% in June to 24.5% in early September, and versions earlier than JB are down to 21%. This move by Google to cut off the bottom feeders that want to push old models without any hope of them ever being updated can only help these numbers. Personally I think they should cut off any manufacturer that doesn't agree to at least security updates for 2 years (typical length of contract in many parts of the world).

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by afidel (#48005115) Attached to: The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes

Yup, just like with the BLM/MMS it's a case of regulatory capture. In fact in the financial sector it was even worse as the banks were basically allowed to make minor changes to their operating and reporting structure to choose which regulatory agency(ies) they reported to so if one agency started to get too strict they'd just make changes and get a new regulator, and once enough banks switched there would be downsizing at the effected regulator so there were strong incentives not to go strong on enforcement.

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by afidel (#48005077) Attached to: Breakthrough In LED Construction Increases Efficiency By 57 Percent

I don't mind paying $20 for a light bulb I'll probably never have to replace again
OLED's are nowhere near that, OLEDs are expensive to manufacture, and the most common current chemistry results in a blue half life of 15-20k hours, or 5-7 years at 8 hours per day. With traditional LEDs the bulb lifespan isn't dominated by the LEDs themselves, but rather by the heat sensitive electrolytic capacitor (this is why in the real world LED bulbs have no advantage over CFLs, they both fail due to capacitor failure).

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Now the ammo box I can understand...Murica! F yeah! Murica! MURICAAAA!!!! Land of the FREE! Freedom! Democracy! Liberty! Guns!!...but the government have bigger guns and tanks and armored vehicles and drones and aircraft and ships and missiles and....yeah, fat lot of good your guns will do

Uh, a small minority of people in a foreign country with a gun ownership rate 1/10th that of the US just kept all our high tech war apparatus occupied for over a decade, if you think the military operating on domestic soil (massive desertions) would be able to subjugate the populace by force you're nuts.

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by afidel (#48000113) Attached to: Forest Service Wants To Require Permits For Photography

This will get overturned the first time a journalist fights it, freedom of the press is probably the most important right in a democracy and this supreme court has shown that they're very strong advocates of the first amendment (perhaps too much so in their interpretation of corporate personhood, but that's another thread).

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