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Comment Re:This is why ISIS wins (Score 1) 594

The Turks have never been allergic to the idea of genocide. Just look at the Ottoman genocide of ethnic Armenians during WWI. I'm sure if the Turkish government thought it could get away with it, it would kill every Kurd it could find

Ironically, the Armenian genocide was mainly carried out by ethnic-Kurdish Turkish troops. The Kurds have, however, acknowledged their role while the Turks still refuse to admit it ever happened.

Comment Re:Nope. (Score 1) 594

groups like IS who are boasting of their long term plans to make use of refugee movement, and just used it to send to mass killers into Paris (were you paying attention?).

Were you paying attention? French authorities have definitively stated that all the Paris attackers were French or Belgian nationals - not a single one was a refugee.

Comment Re:Price/Keyboard vs Chromebook (Score 1) 60

I recommend this: - it's an Android device with HDMI out, 2X USB, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth. Works great as a device for Amazon Video/HBO/Hulu (Netflix is broken, but a patch is due within the next week or two). It has a local filesystem, and all the Android apps are available for it.

Comment Re:Err, no. (Score 1) 149

Or you can be a dick, not lend anything out, and not enrich the lives of those around you. Just remember, what goes around comes around.

What if those around you have zero interest in the things you have to lend (whether it's music, books, etc.), because their tastes are all completely different?

Then, you don't have a problem.

Comment Re:Cool. (Score 1) 120

Problem is, the Berne Convention sets copyright terms at life + 50 years - with member nations having the right to increase those terms. So, life+50 is about the minimum we're ever going to see, unless we want to throw out the Berne Convention. If we do that, of course, no other nation is obligated to recognize US copyrights.

The Berne Convention also says copyright is vested upon creation of the work, with no registration required.

Comment Re:Just what we need.. (Score 1, Interesting) 211

At which point, they'll throw lots of money at the critters in congress who are writing the tax laws so that they include a few nice, shiny & new loopholes to get their net income below whatever threshold you, or anyone else, proposes.

This is why corporations should be taxed on gross income, just like individuals. I don't get to deduct all my customary living expenses before paying tax on the balance of my income - if corporations are people (spit) why should they get to do so?

Comment Re:Yep, keep searching (Score 1) 434

You do realize, right, that the facility in Benghazi was not an embassy, but a consulate? By international treaty, embassies are "sovereign territory", but consulates are not. It would have been illegal to have US military personnel guarding the Benghazi consulate, and it would have been illegal to send US military to its "rescue" without permission of the host country.

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