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Comment: Re:Does this mean no more Gnome desktop? (Score 1) 677

by J053 (#46763127) Attached to: The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money

You have plenty of documentation available on and

Ya know, this is a trend that is really beginning to piss me off. In the beginning, one of the best things about UNIX/Linux was that the documentation was all, always, locally-available. And, for the most part, to read it you just had to type "man whatever". Yes, manpages were not known for their readability, but they did (usually) have all the info you needed. Now, for so many projects, the documentation is all somewhere on teh Interwebs, or (at best) you have to find /usr/share/doc/program-version/ and, if you're lucky, there will be some documentation there.

Would it hurt GNOME/KDE/whatever devs to at least include basic manpages in their packages? Why can't aI type "man evolution" to see what command switches might be available, or to get some kind of tips?


+ - A Real-Time Map of Travelers Getting Screwed By the Thanksgiving Storm->

Submitted by Daniel_Stuckey
Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes "Travel officials expect about 3 million people to venture by plane to their turkey dinner, and already hundreds of flights have been canceled and thousands delayed—including more than a third of routes at the major airport hub in Dallas, which will have a ripple effect down through the airline system as thwarted passengers try to hop on other flights.

The annual clusterfuck apparently inspired flight-tracking site FlightAware to develop an interactive "Misery Map" visualizing flight statuses in real-time and the megastorm traversing the country simultaneously. Because who doesn't love a little data viz schadenfreude?"

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+ - The most dangerous iPhone case ever->

Submitted by Mark Gibbs
Mark Gibbs (2907449) writes "One of the more dangerous gadgets I have ever received is on my desk and, frankly, it makes me nervous. It's like having a hornet's nest in front of me and knowing that if I'm careless I'm going to get really badly stung ... the device is — and I'm not making this up — an iPhone case."
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+ - EU Plastic Bag Debate Highlights a Wider Global Problem

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "An EU citizen uses around 200 plastic bags per year. That's too much, says the EU. But, wasting plastic bags is not just a European problem. Countries around the world are struggling with the issue, and it especially affects growing economies such as Asia. Some Southeast Asian countries don't even have the proper infrastructure in place to dispose of the bags properly. The problems for the environment are many. Plastic bags usually take several hundred years until they decay thereby filling landfills, while animals often mistake the plastic for food and choke to death. Additionally they are a major cause of seaborne pollution, which is a serious hazard for marine life. This autumn, EU has started ambitious plans which suggest reducing usage by 80% by 2017. Some countries have already applied measures: England has added a 5p charge to previously free bags, and in Ireland the government has already imposed a tax of 22 euro cents ($0.29) per plastic bag. The EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potonik said: 'We're taking action to solve a very serious and highly visible environmental problem.'"

Comment: Re:Reasonable throttling (Score 1) 222

by J053 (#45416769) Attached to: Legislation Would Prohibit ISPs From Throttling Online Video Services

I thought the 'common carrier' status meant they were required to send everything without preference. Because since if they lost their common carrier status, they'd be responsible for things like child porn.

Once again, for, I dunno, maybe the thousandth time here, ISPs are explicitly NOT Common Carriers in the US (I don't know about other countries), but Enhanced Services or Information Services. The ISPs fought against Common Carrier status for lots of reasons , such as being exempted from usage or access charges from the backbone providers (who are Common Carriers).

Comment: Re:The emperor has no clothes (Score 3, Informative) 526

by J053 (#44712443) Attached to: Obama Admin Says It Won't Fight Looser Marijuana Laws, With Conditions

Federal marijuana prohibition is not a law, it is a usurpation. It took a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol, and that amendment was repealed. There is no legal authority whatsoever for the federal government to ban a drug.


Actually, the basis for present-day prohibition of marijuana is the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, which updated the Paris Convention of 1931. The Paris Convention was targeted at opioids, while the Single Convention of 1931 added cannabis and other drugs, as well as establishing the "Schedules" of drugs used today. Since the Single Convention is a treaty, it had to be ratified by the US Senate (in 1967), and has the same force as any other law or provision of the Constitution itself (see Art. VI, US Constitution). Thus, no Amendment was required to allow Congress to pass legislation implementing the Convention.

I don't like it, but it's not unconstitutional.

Comment: Re:Freedom? (Score 1) 662

by J053 (#44648397) Attached to: Concern Mounts Over Self-Driving Cars Taking Away Freedom

I just want to see better cruise control - more akin to actual autopilot. Especially on freeways, I should be able to tell the vehicle "maintain this speed, stay in the lane (modify speed as needed wrt other vehicles/road conditions) until point X" and not worry about it. I'll handle city street/"last mile" driving myself.

Comment: Re:NYT not hacked. (Score 1, Informative) 98

by J053 (#44576685) Attached to: Washington Post Hacked, a Day After New York Times

Yes - ignore FOX. I have the real scoop from Rush:

RUSH: Folks, you can try to get to the New York Times story on the Clinton Global Initiative on the Web. I don't think you can. It's been taken down. Well, I don't know if it's been taken down or they just ended the access to it. But don't worry, I have enough of it for certain pull quotes. Oh, the whole website's inaccessible, so maybe the Times got hacked. Okay, Times got hacked. I thought just that one story pulled down. All right. It's obviously the Clinton story, the expose of the Clinton Global Initiative that's resulted in the Times website being hacked. The story is in the UK Telegraph, by Tim Stanley. "The New York Times Takes Down the Clinton Foundation. This Could Be Devastating for Bill and Hillary," is the headline. The lead is, "Is the New York Times being guest edited by Rush Limbaugh?"

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