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Comment: Re:Technically, it's not a "draft notice" (Score 2) 205

I just ran across my Selective Service packet from the 80s. I had thought they discontinued it, but I guess I was incorrect.

>And yes, female US citizens are not subject to this at all.
Clearly sexism, but it doesn't really matter because they won't reinstate the draft. The government couldn't get away with insane crap like the Iraq invasion if anyone's kids could wind up there.

Comment: Screen time (Score 1) 86

by Jeff Flanagan (#47400177) Attached to: Netflix Is Looking To Pay Someone To Watch Netflix All Day
It would be nice if these viewers could log actor's screen time so that could be used in ranking when searching for actors. I did a search for Steve Coogan, and he was only in the first search result "In The Loop" for about a minute. Peter Capaldi, the next Doctor, was good in it though, so it was worth watching.

Comment: No health tracking? (Score 2) 129

by Jeff Flanagan (#47399803) Attached to: Android Wear Is Here
Why would anyone want to strap a watch to their wrist if it's not picking up heart rate, body temp, movement, etc... If it just has Android functionality, I already have a HTC One M8 that can do everything it does and more. I'll stick with my Basis smart watch until I can get the health tracking and the Android functionality in the same package.

Comment: Re:Faith in God (Score 2) 299

by Jeff Flanagan (#47376035) Attached to: Site of 1976 "Atomic Man" Accident To Be Cleaned
Making fun of stupid, superstitious beliefs is now bigotry? How else do you suggest getting religious chumps to wise up? Education cures many of them as young people, but once someone has failed to reason their way out of religion by adulthood, they're very resistant to reality-based information. Are you a religious chump?

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