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Comment: Re:Excellent (Score 1) 227

>This new version is better in many ways....but it will still make you sick.

No it wont, unless you're prone top motion sickness, in which case VR is not for you.

Even VR a decade ago didn't make me sick, and I'm having a great time with my VR Gear and S6. Oculus fixed whatever caused the virtual world to warp as you turn on older VR systems like eMagin's device. It literally feels like being in a different environment. The phone version of Oculus is damn good, and the PC version will be much better. The head-tracking seems to be perfect in almost any app or game.

Comment: Re:I'm shocked ... (Score 1) 249

>The only difference today is that more people carry cameras.

Which is a huge difference, and the reason brutal cops are finally starting to be prosecuted. So many Americans are clueless authoritarians that will go along with any claims from those in power, so it takes incontrovertible evidence to hold them accountable for their crimes against the American people.

Comment: Re:To think I once subscribed to this site (Score 0) 249

You're obviously totally lost. Maybe you'd be more comfortable at a wingnut propaganda site that will reinforce your right-wing delusions. Free Republic, Zombie Breitbart, and Fox News are good possibilities for people like you who don't want to be troubled by reality.

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