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Comment Windows 10 (Score 1) 867

Yesterday morning I had a migraine. In the afternoon I let one of my PCs "upgrade" to Windows 10 after I reinstalled Win 8. I'm not sure which was worse.

At least the PC managed to roll itself back to Windows 8 when the 10 install failed. This was on a simple Asus motherboard, clean Win 8 install, AMD APU, no expansion cards, and only a KB and mouse connected to USB.

Comment I got a 4K TV Yesterday (Score 4, Informative) 117

I did some side-by-side comparisons between a year-old Samsung 1080p set, and a new Samsung 4K set.

NetFlix 4K looks a lot better than their 1080p service, but just like the 1080p service, the video is over-compressed, so fine detail is missing. YouTube 4K videos look amazing.

Comment Re:Does Sony also provide... (Score 1) 117

>I was more thinking Gear VR style headset to take advantage of the higher resolution.

That does seem to be the main application of a phone screen that dense. I had hoped the Note 5 would have a 4K screen for Gear VR, but that didn't work out. Gear VR with the S6 is fun, but the pixels are huge.

Comment Re:VM's (Score 1) 350

Those of us who use VMs have different needs than the typical user. I have 16 GB of RAM, so I can run 3 virtual PCs at reasonable speed to test networked applications, but I'd only put 8GB in a PC that isn't used for VMs. This would still be a PC for serious use, just not for virtual machines.

Comment I've never been a fan of split screen. (Score 1) 147

It's much better now than it was in NTSC, but if you want to game with someone in the same room, for the best experience, you'll want a dual-view display so both of you can use the entire screen. It seems like this hasn't been supported on consoles since the Xbox 360 though. I'm happy Skyping with friends while playing online so we all have our own big screens. It's nice to still be able to hang out while living in different states.

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