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Comment just add a camera? bullshit. (Score 2) 16 16

technical issues with 3d aside, to get any meaningful information about it fitting, you first have to have actually have meaningful information about the product! this means that you would need a full 3d model of each article of clothing for each size from every seller. furthermore, you need information about the material it's made of and most importantly, how it reacts to being washed which means information about how the clothing was constructed. with all that information, you might as well be the one making the clothing.

stores aren't going by the wayside just yet.

Comment Re:Is this any different than the US government? (Score 2) 100 100

Is this any different that our government forcing printer manufacturers to put secret watermarks on pages printed?

actually, yes it is! the point of the watermarks made on color printers is to make it easy to track down counterfeiters, specifically those printing USD. fun fact, North Korea loves to counterfeit $100 USD notes.

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