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Comment: Re:Miracle on 34th street.... (Score 5, Insightful) 99

The judge dismisses the 'bitcoin is not money' portion based of a ruling that the IRS and Fed Reserve do not have the authority to define what 'money' is. (both having defined bitcoin as 'property' and not 'money') Which is all fine and good, but the US Marshal has already ruled bitcoin as property since they disposed of the seized bitcoin through a property sale. There are very particular and different rules governing the disposal of money and property. One would think the US Marshals office actions would be the statute defining action.

do you really think the US government wont have it both ways? i'm reminded of this story: "US government declares hacking an act of war, then hacks allies"

if I've learned anything in my life, it's that laws, logic and common sense dont really matter to the government or big business... unless it's convenient.

Comment: blanket compliance or possible lawsuit? (Score 1) 210

seems to me that it's better to err on the side of safety by complying with all requests than have to deal with people in court because joe blow didn't like that you wouldn't remove his misdeeds. i mean, there are about 1000 requests a day and if you deny even 1% of people, you could end up in court in multiple countries in just one day.

Comment: sample size too smal. (Score 1) 332

Twelve of 18 men in the study gave themselves at least one electric shock during the study's 15-minute "thinking" period. By comparison, six of 24 females shocked themselves.

also, what is a "mild" shock? given the option of a small shock to leave, it's no big deal, just a momentary tingle. crank it up to 240V and see how many people press the button for a full two seconds to leave early.

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There's almost no cig tax in Russia, they're on the order of $2 a pack.
It can't be worth the hassle to save the... what, 25 cents of tax?

I guess if they were counterfeit or stolen it could be worthwhile, though.

Bringing them into Canada makes sense, with some of the highest stupidity taxes in the world, though. They're $14 a pack in this province.


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by Gravis Zero (#46630239) Attached to: The Inside Story of Gmail On Its Tenth Anniversary

just a joke, bro. if you listen to it, you would notice that it's actually a person reading the article as if they were a basic text-to-speech program. they could have made it better by excitedly yelling, "OH MY GOD, PONIES!" in the middle and then "oh uhh, the summary, right..." and finish reading the summary like the text-to-speech program.

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