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Submission + - Fusion Experiment Nears Self-sustainability->

Gravis Zero writes: On Aug.13, the National Ignition Facility (NIF) focused 192 ultra-powerful laser beams on a deuterium-tritium filled capsule. In nanoseconds, the capsule imploded and released a neutron yield of nearly 3 * 1015, or approximately 8,000 joules of neutron energy.

Early calculations show that fusion reactions in the hot plasma started to self-heat the burning core and enhanced the yield by nearly 50 percent, pushing close to the margins of alpha burn, where the fusion reactions dominate the process.

"The yield was significantly greater than the energy deposited in the hot spot by the implosion ... an important advance in establishing a self-sustaining burning target, the next critical step on the path to fusion ignition," said Ed Moses, principle associate director for NIF.

NIF has no plans to attach lasers to sharks.

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Submission + - Petition the US President: Why use Microsoft products?-> 1

Gravis Zero writes: The question as to why the US government has been and continues to use proprietary and expensive Microsoft products instead of Linux and open source applications has been posed the the US President via We The People website. With 100,000 (digital) signatures, we can get an official answer.
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Submission + - IBM's 90nm phase-change memory tech unveiled->

Gravis Zero writes:

IBM says it has produced 90-nanometer-size processors that can store multiple bits of data per cell over time without the data becoming corrupted. The multi-level phase-change memory (PCM) technology should lead to solid-state chips that can match NAND flash disks' 1TB capacities, but are about 100 times faster and feature a much longer lifespan, claims the company.

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Submission + - Google hack 'directed by Chinese politburo'->

Gravis Zero writes: BBC has a well written article about this revelation.

One cable, released by whistle-blowing site Wikileaks, cites a "well-placed" contact as saying the action against Google was "100% political".

A politburo member is said to have been angered after Googling his name and finding critical comments online.

The cable says it is unclear whether China's top leaders were involved.

There is also a video for all you tl;dr people.

I think it's only fair to ask China, "why so serious?"

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