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Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 255

Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative has enabled you to see source code for something like ten years now. You need only to sign up, sign an NDA, and give them a reason to request the source you're wanting to see. I've never had a request denied and I've used "because I'm curious" as the reason. You can modify the source all you want, of course. You can't release it and I don't think you're allowed to actually edit it, recompile it, and use it.

So, you can't do a whole lot with it but you can see it. Some of it. I don't believe they make it all available, I've never asked for everything. If you've never seen a single line of the source then you could just try asking them. Actually, Wikipedia indicates the program is about 15 years old now.

Comment Re:Hillary, is that you? (Score 1) 255

The problem with that reasoning is that it's entirely irrational. Yes, some of what you pay for a product goes to pay the taxes. Your income comes from where? Would you say that you employer pays the income taxes for Microsoft when you buy a product from them? The business gets its income from where? Would you say your employer's customers pay your employer, who pays you your salary, who buys Word which portions of the sales price going to the taxes that Microsoft pays? And who pays the person who purchased the products made by your employer?

Comment Re:Hillary, is that you? (Score 1) 255

I, and presumably you, can not even worry (though we might not like it) if they take 20% of our income. If you take $2000 out of $10000 that's must more painful than taking $20,000 out of $100,000.

If the subject is a business, it's actually pretty easy to avoid making much of a profit at all. For example, if you own your own business then just pay yourself a salary and pay the taxes on that. The business isn't taxed, really, you are. To the IRS, that's a legitimate business expense. Open a new office, give folks a raise, or whatever and those become expenses and the profit is less... Then, well, you add in depreciation and all sorts of things - it gets pretty damned complicated.

Which leads to this: Those who can better afford it are more able to take advantage of the loopholes. I don't think it's possible to set up a tax system that does not have potential for abuse. Sadly, those who can benefit the most are the least able to afford the professionals to do their taxes. I recommend everyone hire an accountant and pay a lawyer, and I recommend that they consider incorporation, but many people can't justify the expense. Oddly enough, they probably *could* justify the expense (in many cases) based on how much they'll save but many folks don't seem to look at it like that.

Finally, I've said this before but I think it bears repeating, I don't think my government has an income problem so much as it has a spending problem. I have no problem with the amount I pay in taxes and could easily bear a higher tax burden but I'm not just going to give it to them so long as I can (legally) avoid it. We've got enough bombers, aircraft carriers, and tanks.

Comment Re:Context (Score 1) 213

No slight intended, and certainly none directed towards you, but Slashdot is a fine example of your post being largely correct. If there's an insanity or illogical position to hold, and to hold firmly, someone here has that conviction. I truly mean no slight, it's one of the things that make Slashdot what Slashdot is.

Comment Can this be co-installed with the stock version? (Score 1) 84

Can this be co-installed with the current version (for instance, on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, the latest Long Term Support Ubuntu release)?

Or do you have collisions which require you to purge the old one in order to try the new one, or which cause foulups if you don't?

(Honest question. I've seen a lot of that kind of thing with other projects. So now I'm a bit shy of trying the latest-and-greatest release of any tool on the production machines I depend on for time-critical work.)

Comment Re:Are there that many drone in the air in the US? (Score 1) 33

Are there really that many drones kicking around that they are this much of an issue?

The rule (and its change) wasn't about "drones" - it was about any and all RC-controlled flying things. Balsa-wood models that grandpa has been flying around in circles in his back field for 40 years, for example. Hundreds of thousands of people have been flying RC aircraft for many decades. And no, it's never been an issue and still isn't. The FAA's random rule-generating system has nothing to do with reality.

Comment Re:FAA doing it right (Score 1) 33

Other than that, they have no reason to exist and should be shot down, no mater where they are.

So you're thinking that these machines, which people have been flying for decades - an activity enjoyed by millions of people over multiple generations, should all be shot down? Really?

If I find your car annoying or your mobile phone to be an intrusive image-capturing device, can I shoot at them? No? Why not?

Comment Re: Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 283

The best thing about Sanders's economic policy is that it's utterly fantastic, impossible thinking, entirely ungrounded in reality. Which means Congress won't go for it unless it's a Democrat majority, so that's a NOOP.

Don't get me wrong - nobody who is running is at all qualified for the job, but when John fucking McAfee is the best of the field, this country is in huge trouble.

Comment Re:Excess (Score 1) 213

Also, creating a huge shaded area should create an interesting micro-climate underneath the power plant.

This. From my admittedly limited ecological studies, there's not a lot of life out in the 'high desert'. Instead, the life there tends to cling(relatively) to sheltered bits.

Increasing the amount of shelter could drastically increase the amount of life in the desert by providing more shelter. Much like how rather then disrupting and killing off wildlife, the trans-alaskan pipeline is often used as a travel lane and shelter by the caribou, moose, and such.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 283

You need to seriously chill out.

It was a intended as a funny comment (I included a smiley) about a ridiculous *actual* statement Cruz made (you know, a "fact"). Regardless of his age, it does seem to reflect his character - if you've actually watched and/or listen to him. You compared him to Rand Paul and while they may have similar political positions on some things, their personalities are quite different - which was my point. Hilliary is another matter altogether.

I guess you and whoever modded my post agree that facts are "overrated".

Comment Re:Good ... (Score 1) 193

Sidebar: Any chance that was an actual experiment to document what would happen? I'm not saying it would be right to jeopardize people like that, but you have to know how the system will react.

Nope, the professional driver was just being a moron. The cars have extensive logging though, so they knew precisely what happened.

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