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Comment Re:"Sex robots will put 50% of world out of work"? (Score 0) 281

I, for one, am fully in support of sexbots and the unrivaled equality they will bring. No longer will women have to suffer unwanted attention in the form of unsolicited/undeserved gifts, promotions, or other forms of discrimination. No longer will they be seen as sex objects, not when sexier and more attractive robots take their place.

Comment Re:Its always been like this (Score 1) 281

Yes, imagine that, consumers choosing to not buy a company's services or products due to the unethical behavior of a company. But hey, they means people would have to think and act responsibly, which is apparently not in fashion.

It's hard enough to shop for products based on their quality (an unobscurable, measurable property), hardly anyone ever does and certainly not for most products they buy. Now imagine people also looking up a company's ethics, including when hidden behind all kinds of other companies. (most people don't even realize that the same company produces multiple different brand names).

Comment Re:Sounds good... (Score 1) 113

"Kilowatts per hour" doesn't make any sense at all.

Sure it does. It measures an increase in power generation -- for example, how quickly a cold plant can power up/shut down, or how quickly new power plants are being built. A solar photovoltaic plant would gain many kilowatts per hour from dawn to late morning, then a few more until midday, then it would start losing kilowatts per hour until at night it produces zero watts.

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