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Comment Re:So the few (trolls) get to hurt the many? (Score 1) 175

How about you ask your daughter whether she'd rather be free to express herself, or have the certainty that if she receives an inappropriate twit, that the throw-away account used to make it will be banned (and might get her own main account banned if she writes a twit that offends someone).

Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 2, Informative) 600

what exactly do you propose that they do instead? Just go bankrupt?

Fine by me. The internet was fine when it was more a hobby than a competition to get eyeballs and ad revenue at any cost.

How do you know which ads aren't abusive?

For one thing, the website hosting them should be willing to shoulder any costs from malware or fraudulent advertising. If they aren't willing to guarantee their content won't harm you (or your grandma, who will cheerfully click any "your computer has a virus" links), then you know they are abusive. Also, the ads shouldn't make the website unreadable.


I'd actually be willing to do that, so long as the decision was mine (ie, my browser keeping track and confirming before sending anything). But not if they want more than the about 1/2 cent each ad is worth, or if they want the payment ahead of time.

Moreover, what exactly does "abusing ads for profit" mean?

It means sacrificing the site's quality in the name of profit. It means flashy ads that make the content unreadable. It means fake "Download" or "your computer has a virus" ads that my grandmother will click on and install malware. It means ads containing a fake "close" button meant to trick people into clicking on it. It means splitting your one page content into 10 ad-filled pages. It means all those other things that take away from the site, pop-ups, pop-unders, autoplaying noisy videos.

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