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Comment: Re:There ought to be a law (Score 1) 103

I haven't smoked pot. Not that I was never curious... rather, doing so may get me arrested, thrown in jail, or fined.

Yeah, right. You're just afraid because you believed the propaganda about sperm count and tiny nuts, and yours are already minuscule. Anyone who wants to smoke pot can do so and get away with it, if they care even a little. There's lots of states where it's legal now.

Comment: Re:Can we use this? (Score 1) 110

by HiThere (#49549175) Attached to: Wormholes Untangle a Black Hole Paradox

There are many variations of this. One I *think* works (but I don't have the skill to check) is that the universe is "sort of" like a simulation, where only macroscopic items have a defined state, but the macroscopic items have defined contents and a defined energy spectrum, and when you arrange to "look closely" at one of those items, it alters the state of the rest of the item in a computationally conservative way, such that you can't detect the difference until you start getting really close to the limits of the simulation, at which point you get results that are statisticly chosen to confirm the conditions of the macroscopic item. So if you split off a bound pair of subatomic particles, they are so pair has defined characteristics, but there is no definition of the components until you look.

Think of it as a way of simplifying the model so that it can run faster on the host computer. The actual "host computer" may not really exist, but if it did, this would be the most efficient way to program it.

Comment: Yes and No (Score 2) 38

by s.petry (#49549155) Attached to: Github DDoS Attack As Seen By Google

Sure, the US needs enemies but this is not the case of faking enemy action. This attack was easily traced to Chines devices which were injecting Javascript into HTML files, resulting in a massive DDOS. The servers performing this were part of the Chinese version of Google, which returned contaminated cache pages to queries.

Call me a skeptic, but I don't think the injections were limited to the cache servers Google names. I think this was done at a lower level to achieve the scale. The reason for the attack is somewhat of a mystery as well. China can just block Github, they don't need to DDOS.

Comment: Re:Protect the income of the creators or they can' (Score 1) 286

Ideally, creators get to say what happens. That's bound to encourage people to create. They can release their songs into the wild if they want, or not. But it's not up to 'us' to decide.

We don't really care if people create unless they are driven, because we want them to do their best. And yes, they can release their songs into the wild if they want, or not. If they don't share them with anyone, then nobody can copy them. And their ideas can die in obscurity with them.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 286

I think a book is fundamentally different from a film in the technical sense that any available copy can be reproduced without loss of quality. That's why it doesn't matter that we lack the original manuscripts of the Bible or Shakespeare.

Are you ignorant, or trolling? It's hugely important that we lack the original manuscripts of the bible.

Comment: More than 1 way to skin a cat (Score 1) 109

by s.petry (#49545431) Attached to: Comcast Officially Gives Up On TWC Merger

The merger may be off, for now, but that does not mean that there will be no collusion and behaviors of a merged company down the line. Proxies are not something new in terms of abusing monopoly powers.

Sure, I am glad this deal is off. At the same time, I don't trust these mega companies holding monopolies to do the right thing.

Comment: Re:Google: Select jurors who understand stats. (Score 1) 316

by Penguinisto (#49545423) Attached to: Median Age At Google Is 29, Says Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Holy shit - that was so beautiful I almost cried. :)

On a more serious note - parent post (or something like it) needs to be required reading for anyone who wants to be more than just a rotating scrum team leader or etc.

Hell, it should be required reading for anyone with "Sr." in front of their job title.

Comment: Re:Google: Select jurors who understand stats. (Score 1) 316

by Penguinisto (#49545345) Attached to: Median Age At Google Is 29, Says Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Something you may not have considered...

Yes, younger coders/admins/etc are willing to put in insane hours, and can bang out huge swaths of effort.

The problem arises when you realize that most of the kids are not so adept at, well, solving problems that arise. As a corollary, that lack of experience is a basis for lack of creativity. They only know what they were taught with perhaps a few limited ideas, and haven't enough hands-on time in the real world to realize that there are multiple ways to get something done, especially on a macro scale - many of those ways being far more efficient and elegant than what they just barely learned in school.

Oh, and I have found that the kids by and large have little-to-no people skills. At all. In a company larger than 400-500 people, the ability to explain and persuade becomes just as important as the ability to do your job.

The good news is this: over time, those kids get that experience, those skills, and most of them realize that there is more to life than throwing 80+ hours a week at a project.

So let's tie it all together: As the near-median mid-40's guy, I've found that I don't have to toss my life upon the altar of the Kanban board. Instead, I find ways of getting the work done more efficiently, and have the people skills to demand (and get) management to set realistic timelines to meet the company's goals (meanwhile, the kids just bitch, moan, then go blast out 80+ hour work-weeks to meet the deadline, often at cross-purposes which blows the timeline anyway - then someone else has to go back in and refactor their barely-running shit, usually after release).

...and that my friend, is what an old fucker brings to the table. ;)

Comment: Re:Google: Select jurors who understand stats. (Score 1) 316

by Penguinisto (#49545183) Attached to: Median Age At Google Is 29, Says Age Discrimination Lawsuit

You do realize that there is one possibility no one has considered: English may not be the guy's first/native language?

He may be a mouth-breathing idiot, but destroying his argument publicly (instead of his grammar skills or lack thereof) would be far more effective, no?

Comment: Re: so....why? (Score 1) 91

by Penguinisto (#49545077) Attached to: Gen. Petraeus To Be Sentenced To Two Years Probation and Fine

Probably somewhere in the middle... he knew the location of enough closeted skeletons to avoid a stay at Hotel Leavenworth, but he was not quite powerful enough to just have the system shrug it off.

Then again, consider that he is still, even now, a paid consultant for the Obama Administration (ostensibly concerning ISIS), so take from that what you will...

Comment: Re:Good enough to criticize the mechanisms (Score 1) 126

Agreed... I stopped bothering at "So if I can find an Apple-approved app and get it to load external content..."

It's a possible corner-case privilege escalation at most, and nothing near the breathless 'OMGWTFBBQwe'reallgonnaDIE!' summary and headline. Oh, and it still requires the user to do something stupid.

Wake me when someone finds a way to take remote control of an OSX box without first requiring a complicit keyboard actuator to help him do it.

Comment: Re:Interesting, but that is all (Score 1) 150

by s.petry (#49542199) Attached to: Yellowstone Supervolcano Even Bigger Than We Realized

We don't have either of the things you mentioned so it is completely out of our control. To go a bit further, the colonization of Mars would require Earth for quite a long time. We can't grow food or raise cattle in the Martian atmosphere, so self sustaining colonies are a very far way off. Underground cities have a similar problem with a food supply. We are very dependent on the Earth's surface, and so is our current space exploration abilities.

We can't measure "what if" against things that don't exist. Reality is a bummer sometimes.

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