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Comment: Re:How important is that at this point? (Score 1) 169

by Penguinisto (#48033509) Attached to: Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks

Really, you think professional 3d modelers don't know what a vertex is? Really?

They have an idea as to what it might be ('a mathematical point in cartesian space' would be the description given if you're lucky), but, say, how it behaves under subdivision and which SubD algorithm produces the best results for a given use case is another story entirely. That's why I put the word "really" in the sentence you took your question off of.

Let me give a more concrete example: Raytracing. Sure, they'll know how it would (mostly) behave in their given suite (depending on which render engine(s) they send it to regularly), but knowing how light (and more importantly, shadows and occlusions thereof) behaves, so as to produce a better result, especially when shooting for realism? A pro photographer likely has a better idea of how light works than most of the schlubs who push mesh around. ;) Put it this way - I can count a very small percentage of folks who have done a good enough job of it to fool all but the most experienced eye.

Comment: Um, no! (Score 0) 248

by s.petry (#48033253) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

No, Hinduism and Atheism are NOT compatible. The easiest way to demonstrate that you are wrong: Hindu people believe that failures in morality/karma/dharma result in a corrupt soul and may result in reincarnation as a lesser creature as punishment.

You don't have to study the religion very far to know that much. And sure, maybe you live in the backwoods someplace and can't find an Hindu to talk to about Hinduism. You could have had the courtesy of reading past the first paragraph in the Wiki page too, where you would have seen in the first sentence "In Hinduism, dharma signifies behaviors that are considered to be in accord with rta, the order that makes life and universe possible. A soul, reincarnation, and "an order that makes life and universe possible" are all superstitious and incompatible with atheism.

Good grief man, stop believing everything you are told.

Comment: I'd like Bulls*&t for 1000 Alex! (Score 4, Insightful) 248

by s.petry (#48032549) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

And the answer is "How many logical fallacies can you fit into a paragraph." *ding ding ding*

Perhaps "I'd like Trolling Slashdot for 1000", and the answer is "Mention Religion in a summary, more than one preferably"

No, discussing alien life is not "new" and no, this is not some interesting twist on the discussion. Claiming that "we are going to find alien life by XXXX date" is akin to claiming "the world is going to end by XXXX date". I don't believe in your tarot cards, your phrenology, or what ever else you claim gives you the power to see the future. We all know that the potential is there, but.. well you can read the definition of the word on your own.

You hopefully stopped reading when the guy correlates finding planets with finding life, knowing it was a troll.

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by s.petry (#48032445) Attached to: Grooveshark Found Guilty of Massive Copyright Infringement

From further reading, the ruling is based largely on the Chairman's testimony. There is some corroborating testimony from other employees backing requests from executives to upload "popular" music to their service to seed. Logs and actual evidence are not provided, and searching a bit found nothing. I'm not digging through PACER for this, be my guest if you are inclined :)

Transcripts are not available so it's impossible to know if context, however the Chairman is quoted stating they "bet the company on the fact that [it] is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission” to use plaintiffs’ content. Id. Escape discussed the possibility that its strategy of illegally growing its user base before settling with plaintiffs might permit it to collect information about Grooveshark users’listening habits, which it could then sell to plaintiffs for more than Escape."

This would put liability on the company, but I would suspect that it would require backing evidence which we can't see. Considering that there are personal charges brought against 9 other employees, there is an obvious concern that a plea bargain could contaminate testimony of the Chairman. That said, backing testimony does exist.

The plaintiffs claim that logs and source code were destroyed in discovery, but this is a normal claim by RIA lawyers when facts don't yield what they want. Of course the RIA is mentioned all over the court findings, including the initial lawsuit started by UMG and RIA. The initial law suit was over material that was recorded prior to 1972 and was not subject to copyright protection.

I'm so glad that the Copyright laws are here to ensure that the Hendrix family receives money from Jimmy's works. Oh wait, they fuck over everyone they can and pocket everything.. nevermind.

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by s.petry (#48032273) Attached to: Joey Hudy: From High School Kid to Celebrity Maker to Intel Intern (Video)

I agree with the premise, but not the conclusion. Obviously these are opinions which are perspective based, so I'd be happy to have more data on how you came to your conclusion.

IMHO (not really that humble most of the time) I don't believe it's so that they can tell people they are worthless as much as they can claim that certain people and projects are much better than reality dictates. We can claim all of these Government programs really work if we hype small things like this, and of course ignore the fact that people are accomplishing exactly what you could have seen in a school science fair back when I was a kid. Not only that, but you can become a celebrity by doing so.

No matter which of us is closer to the truth in our opinionated conclusion, the fact remains that this is propaganda and not "News for Nerds". The unknown is what the purpose of the propaganda is, which often stays hidden for a very long time.

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Ok. You are obviously much better informed than I am, and I guess you are quite pessimistic about the total amount of oil that would ever be found. But as prices rise, things which are hopelessly uneconomic become more plausible.

Mind you, I consider this totally the wrong way to go. But when prices rise enough there will be a lot more oil available. But there are lots of reasons that that it only becomes available when the prices rise dramatically. Small fields, difficult access, expensive construction, dangerous conditions, etc. Not to mention continuing CO2 pollution.

We *need* to develop renewable energy resources. I'm not really sure that we should be moving into full scale deployment now...except for cases where there isn't much downside, or whether the technology is already mature. (Hydro comes to mind.) But we need significant investment in developing renewable technologies to the "demonstration project" stage. (I.e., one step past the pilot project.) Some of the investment should continue to be in basic research, but more needs to be invested in moving from research result to useful plant. (Don't take that too literally. Rooftop solar isn't exactly a plant, but it falls within the pervue of what I mean.)

Comment: Re:More eugenics propaganda? (Score 1) 179

by s.petry (#48031335) Attached to: New Research Casts Doubt On the "10,000 Hour Rule" of Expertise

It is impossible that you are clueless regarding the term genetics. It is further impossible that you can not know that genetics includes traits such as skin color and slant of eyes. Therefor any claim that genetics makes a person smarter, or dumber, must include racial traits in order to be valid. This is not complex deductive reasoning.

This is explained in the previous posts so you either chose to selectively read what was written or you are just trolling.

Comment: Re:Funny, however.. (Score 1) 137

by s.petry (#48030847) Attached to: Grooveshark Found Guilty of Massive Copyright Infringement

No offense is intended, but I refuse to simply take someone's word for it. I'll try to read through the piles of evidence this evening and see what is there. Sure, it may have not been sensational enough to make a headline, but you don't provide any evidence either.

I would not be surprised if there is no evidence, because this would not be the first time we have seen a Kangaroo court in action. I have seen copyright be grandfathered in some cases by the MPAA/RIA so this would surely come as no surprise.

The surprise however is the passivity of the people when these things have occurred in the past.

Comment: Re:which carries more serious charges? (Score 1) 40

by drinkypoo (#48030787) Attached to: Four Charged With Stealing Army Helicopter Training Software

Stealing US Army software or stealing IP and proprietary data related to Xbox Live?

I suspect that it was the same thing. Perhaps this is part of the "peace dividend"? Full Spectrum Warrior was developed from a military training tool. Perhaps there is similar crossover here.

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