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Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 483

Ahh, sorry. I thought you might have been but considering the number of people on here who toss out the ridiculous, "It's free!" when obviously someone has to pay for it, I wasn't sure.

As you can see, those same people who claim everything is free don't like when it's pointed out forcing people to pay money does make something free.

I would hardly consider paying over $3K per year to see a doctor once every other year to be free.

Comment Re: I have several drones and I support this (Score 1) 188

Can you provide a link to this law (and it must be a federal law)?

FAA is bound by Section 336 Special Rule For Model Aircraft from enacting new regulations regarding model aircraft which fall within the parameters described in Section 336.

On the other hand, a model aircraft operated pursuant to the terms of section 336 would potentially be excepted from a UAS aircraft certification rule, for example, because of the limitation on future rulemaking specifically âoeregarding a model aircraft, or an aircraft being developed as a model aircraft.â Public Law 112-95, section 336(a).


Of course, all it will take is a little creative reinterpretation. Not like that's anything new when some Amendment, law, regulation, etc gets in the way of what those in power want these days. The Rule of Law is pretty much dead in the US.


Comment Re:Look at the bean counters for your answer (Score 1) 162

Well said. Those who preach privatisation as the best way to bring down costs "because private companies are so much better at being efficient", should think about this. I think it's common sense - it certainly stands out clearly in the UK, IMO.

The NHS is the most current example, I suppose - costs are spiralling out of control, mostly for two reasons: having to hire agency staff (ie. outsourcing to the private sector) and not being able to send patients home after treatment, because the councils have no resources ready to take care of them - because they have also been outsourced to the private sector. Even the government - the all Conservative government, the darlings of big business and the priesthood of small government - are admitting that this is the way it is.

Outsourcing is mostly a bad idea, because you replace a workforce that you have yourself vetted, and who have spent years getting to know your products and your company culture intimately, with staff you don't know, who really don't care about your company and your product and who are somewhere far away from where you can reach them and hold them to account. Only idiots would consider doing this sort of thing; but therein lies the problem, of course.

Comment Re:Novel Idea (Score 1) 339

I agree that foreign income to US companies is not effectively taxed "twice" due to foreign tax deductions, it is being effectively taxed at the US rate instead of the foreign rate. This is in comparison with say France which does not force French companies to pay French taxes on income earned by German subsidiaries (and instead, leaves the German income to German tax rates).

Comment Two, both for mobile devices. (Score 2) 482

(1a) Root/jailbreak everywhere, as an easy option (not called that any longer). Rather like the security control on Mac OS. "Security" on by default, but can be turned off with a click.

(1b) An unlocked SIM socket on every device, of every size, along with a dialer/calling app for mobile networks. So that I don't have to choose amongst the limited selection of "phablets" but can instead use an iPad Mini or a Samsung Galaxy S2 as my phone if I want to.

Comment Punish people for following rules YOU WROTE? (Score 0) 339

It's not illegal, so Obama needs to shut the fuck up about what's 'patriotic'.

The government writes the rules; if they're too stupid to write rules that aren't gameable, they're idiots.

If our corporate taxes are so high (the highest statutory rate in the industrialized world, and nearly the highest effective rate (2nd to New Zealand)) that businesses are driven to shenanigans like this (which certainly wasn't cost- or challenge-free for the company), then clearly our tax rate is too high.

It's TRUE globalization, kids; not only will companies go overseas to find cheaper workers if there's no added value to having some lazy American do the work, companies will go overseas if the savings found in moving offset the relative inconvenience of having their hq elsewhere.

Comment Re:Novel Idea (Score 1) 339

How about we just lower our tax rate to 15%

That would be a start, but element #2 is not taxing US corporations on income earned outside the US (that income is already taxed by foreign localities). Every other country in the world operates on taxing corporations on income generated in their country, perhaps the US should join everyone else...

Comment Is he suing his sister too? (Score 2) 742

...since they'd removed the cuffs, and she asked them to re-cuff him to she could take the much-ballyhoo'd picture? Surely being re cuffed induced some of his "suffering"?

For those countering the suspicion that surrounded this kid's actions with "why would he possibly put himself through this? What did he have to gain?"...there's 15 million reasons for you.

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