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Comment: RoM (Score 1) 555

by WillgasM (#45496373) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: MMORPG Recommendations?
Ugh. I play Runes of Magic, but I really hate to recommend it to anyone.
It's free to play (technically), but once you hit endgame you'll pretty much need to spend money to gear. I've dropped more on diamonds than I care to admit. However, once you're raiding the top dungeons, you'll probably make enough gold to buy all the diamonds you need.
The mechanics of the game are actually pretty cool. It's pretty much a WoW clone, but with a more intricate gearing system. Essentially you sacrifice gear to pull its stats and then place those stats on your own gear. It's also dual class. You level a primary and secondary class and can use some skills from each tree. Each combo also has certain elite skills tailored to it. It's lots of fun when it's working.
It's never working. It's code developed by a Taiwanese company, adapted to German by a now defunct company, later adapted to English by another branch of that same defunct company, all of which was sold to a new company that also can't seem to get their shit together. Expect memory leaks, crashes, and bugs that crop up with certain events each year. It sounds like a bureaucratic nightmare to get anything fixed. Players contact community managers who can't really do much more that give you some items for your trouble at promise they'll get in touch with the team in Germany who I assume has to contact the team in Taiwan. Nothing gets fixed fast, and sometimes things don't get fixed at all.
Again, I hate to recommend it, but here I am plugging away at it every day. I've sworn it off at least once before, and yet I keep coming back. omg, I'm in an abusive relationship, aren't I?

Forty two.