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Comment: Re:Poorly Designed Roadways Addressed By This (Score 1) 243

by CompMD (#47199437) Attached to: New Car Can Lean Into Curves, Literally

Mercedes' Active Body Control does a LOT for stability. This is just a new version. The version in my SL 550 let's me maneuver in ways that seemingly defy physics considering its a 4600 lb car. ABC does a very good job of keeping the car composed even when you're driving like a maniac.

Comment: use Gerrit (Score 1) 165

by CompMD (#44013055) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Self-Hosting Git Repositories?

Gerrit is a great tool that will host your git repositories, provide a robust access control framework, and give you excellent code review capabilities. It can connect to several types of auth back ends, and fits well in an enterprise. Gerrit is what Google uses for Android as well as for some internal projects. Several well known companies like Sony Mobile, Nokia, Qualcomm, Ericsson, ST, Garmin, Texas Instruments, and nVidia all use Gerrit and contribute back to the project as well.

Comment: Re:Where do run Steam? (Score 1) 353

by CompMD (#42351739) Attached to: Steam For Linux Is Now an Open Beta

I was part of the restricted beta, and identified why TF2 fails with older cards. nVidia G71 based cards and older do not support the OpenGL extensions required to run TF2. That's why your 6800 doesn't work.

I run a Dual Xeon X5472 box with a Quadro FX 3500 and Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, and it runs the Steam client just fine and Red Orchestra 2 mostly fine.

Comment: Meanwhile, in Kansas... (Score 1) 168

by CompMD (#41518987) Attached to: The Fastest ISPs In the US

In the southwestern-most part of the contiguous KC metro area, I have a symmetric 18Mbps FTTH line with no caps, no throttling, and local phone service from SureWest for $58 after taxes. They offer up to 50/50 service here. I've had no problems with the service, and it has always provided me with the bandwidth I pay for, and sometimes more.

North of me in KC, KS, they will have Google Fiber rolling out their network.

West of me in Lawrence, Wicked Broadband has 10/10 wireless service, and is rolling out fiber service.

Comment: Re:About time. (Score 1) 216

by CompMD (#41237315) Attached to: AMD64 Surpasses i386 As Debian's Most Popular Architecture

Two of my most heavily used servers at home can't run 64-bit software. They have dual Xeon 2.8s, 8GB RAM, and run the latest CentOS just fine. They were previously running vmware esx fine. My personal workstation at home is a Dell Precision 650 (and can't run 64-bit software) with dual Xeon 2.8s, 4GB RAM, a nice Quadro FX graphics card, and runs Fedora 14 and Windows XP in vmware quite happily.

These machines work perfectly and perform very well for what I need. What does it matter that they can't run 64-bit software? If I want to run 64-bit software, that's what my SGI Challenge XL running in the garage is for.

Comment: Re:I sooo want one (Score 1) 181

by CompMD (#41057145) Attached to: Tesla CTO Talks Model S, Batteries and In-car Linux

Taste definitely matters, that's true. Unfortunately, the atrocious diesel vehicles GM sold in the past killed most people's desire to ever own one. You should see how engine technology has changed in the last few years, its really quite eye-opening. Modern common rail diesels to have a bit of clatter, but its not obvious to the average person that they aren't gas. The new emissions control systems, including particulate filters, are superb. You won't see any crap coming out the tailpipe, and they don't smell at all.

The fuel in Europe is far superior to what we get here, but I agree that ULSD is a bit silly. I'm not getting into an argument over militarism, I only brought up purchase cost, and operational cost over the range of a tank.

Thank you for having civil discourse though, it seems that is beyond many.

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