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Comment Re:Anyone else with security concerns? (Score 1) 212

How is gmail (an email provider, with a web UI) competition to Thunderbird (an email client)?

Gmail's web interface as an interface to Gmail is competition for Thunderbird as an interface to Gmail.

I use Thunderbird to read and send emails on my gmail account

That depends on how long Google continues to offer Gmail access through other clients without charge.

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 254

But can you communicate with emojis? I mean really communicate beyond "I'm happy", "that was funny", "you're a dick", etc?

The Chinese writing system was developed and advanced in order to keep the empire together, so that officials from different provinces could understand each other in writing even if they couldn't understand when speaking to each other. But emojis were never designed to do that, they were just an expansion of the smiley face concept, used to express an emotional state that may be not seen in the actual words. They're the equivalent of the hand drawn hearts put on love letters.

Comment Re:Devs continue to develop for these gimped thing (Score 1) 132

Indies are huge on PC (as they are on mobile), so that's all left. [...] Heck, while there are a few stubbornly PC only developers, many former PC only developers branched out to consoles

So in your opinion, at what point does a PC game developer stop being "indie" and start being "stubborn"?

Comment Re:Devs continue to develop for these gimped thing (Score 1) 132

That'd be fine if there were viable PC counterparts to certain console exclusives. Does PC have a flagship fighting game with terrain and platforms (like Smash Bros. or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, not like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, which are flat plane fighters)? Does PC have a flagship kid-friendly third-person shooter (like Splatoon)?

Comment Re:Politically incorrect fact (Score 1) 138

But the Get Windows 10 app will not let me proceed, instead telling me that NVIDIA has not made the GPU compatible and giving a link to shop for a new PC. Should I take a screenshot? Is there a recommended half-height discrete GPU to use instead of the integrated one? (Because the case is compact, a full-height GPU will not fit.) Should I follow the instructions in this thread to create USB install media? Or should I just leave that PC at Windows 7 and then attempt to Linux it once Windows 7 reaches end of extended support in a few years?

Comment Re: Don't hold your breath (Score 1) 201

There was also probably something of a monopoly mindset where foreign brands by and large were a lot less available and not desirable by American standards (small, slow, etc).

That was the case before 1975, sure. After that, the Japanese brands became the ones everyone wanted; they were faster, nicer, had better fuel economy, lasted far far far longer, kept their resale better, were better looking, etc. The American brands finally started catching up in the late 90s or so.

The American companies have had literally decades to get their act together.

It's funny, but I've heard horror stories about Mercedes reliability and few positive things about Audi. BMW I hear mixed bag stories -- expensive to maintain, but not completely unreliable, either. My wife and I owned a VW Jetta 20 years ago that was junk.

High-end German cars are indeed infamous for outrageous repair costs. They're really just status symbols. If you want serious reliability, you want a Japanese-made car. It's been this way for a long time. Even VWs are known to have problems, especially the Mexican-made ones.

We've had excellent luck with Honda, but my understanding is they've had their own problems -- "a quart of oil a month is normal"

How old? The Hondas of the 90s were some of the most bulletproof cars ever made. I think they've lost some of their luster since then, but that's probably more because other brands have caught up a lot. I had two 90s-era Hondas and those things never burned oil.

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