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Comment: Re:Bathtubs are dangerous too (Score 1) 134

The problem is a completely different one. Namely that judges don't know jack shit about technology. Which means we'll get two things at once, on one hand judges that will buy into the hype and believe anything thrown at them concerning how Mr Evilhacker killed my beloved Granny (who just happened to leave everything to me, but that's not the point now), and on the other hand we'll get judges that simply cannot wrap their mind around just exactly this happening and letting actual people who used this vector for murder go because they just can't even imagine how this should work.

Comment: I can't help it. I am looking forward to it. (Score 1) 134

I pity the fool who gets to bite it, but apparently it is a necessity that people can die from something before anything remotely resembling safety and security gets implemented.

Then again, why should I pity someone who has no idea what he is doing but feels the pressing urge to do it anyway?

Comment: Re:Maybe it's catching up with them now, though? (Score 1) 144

by Opportunist (#48481961) Attached to: Ubisoft Apologizes For Assassin's Creed

Can we agree that they BOTH make horrible decisions when it comes to game quality? Both companies are guilty of buying out good studios with a well established franchise and then milk it 'til the cow's dead.

Frankly I don't care which of them is worse, NEITHER of them sees a dime of my money until I have very good reason to believe something changed for the better.

Comment: Define AAA (Score 1) 144

by tepples (#48479669) Attached to: Ubisoft Apologizes For Assassin's Creed

Has there been ANY 'AAA' title released in the last 10 years that the CEO of the company that published it shouldn't have made [an apology like this] after it's release?

The answer to that question depends on whether you consider first-party Wii and Wii U games to be "AAA". Without defining AAA, we'll just talk past each other.

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