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Comment: Re:Competition is good. (Score 1) 200

by Type44Q (#47795387) Attached to: Battle of the Heavy Lift Rockets

just itching to put loyal citizens in FEMA Death camps while installing a new world order

Seriously... just because all that happened before (umpteen centuries ago... alright, a few decades, at least) and just because Fascism is clearly on the rise again... doesn't mean it's relevant to this topic, you know. :)

Comment: Re:Loose Lips Sinik Ships (Score 5, Insightful) 247

by Type44Q (#47784891) Attached to: US Government Fights To Not Explain No-Fly List Selection Process

Do American citizens have a constitutional right to fly?

That isn't remotely a relevant or even intelligent qustion. What you should've asked is: Does the Federal Government have the Constitutional authority to prevent - without a trial of their peers - American citizens from travelling freely. The answer is, of course, a no-fucking-brainer.

Comment: Re:Thanks (Score 1) 122

by Type44Q (#47779983) Attached to: No, a Stolen iPod Didn't Brick Ben Eberle's Prosthetic Hand

especially with the explosion of news blogs and other internet only news sources.

Causation vs correlation: internet-only news sources are a mixed bag but if you want breaking-headline stories that definitely have a political slant/bias (whether it's the blatant "Fascism-masquerading-as-Conservativism" spewed by the likes of Fox News or the far-more-subtle and carefully-concocted "Fascism-masquerading-as-Progressive-Socialism" you'll hear on NPR), be sure to tune-in to Mainstream Media...

What this country needs is a good five dollar plasma weapon.