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Comment Re:Works for me (Score 1) 137

There's a lot of marketing power in it, too. Not only do they get to offer big TVs for ridiculously low prices, it's also safe to tout benefits like a "150% price match guarantee", when they have the exclusive contract to sell that exact model.

Since smart consumers already know about the model exclusion trick that retailers do in order to offer that "150% price match guarantee", care to tell me why this particular kind of marketing gimmick isn't illegal?

There literally is NO WAY to obtain a price match and EVERYONE involved knows this. IANAL, but how this is not false advertising or fraud is beyond me.

Comment Re:The judge issued a verdict ahead of trial? (Score 1, Informative) 222

If the judge is clearly siding with one party ahead of trial, shouldn't they be able to get him off this case on grounds of being biased? Or is this also not a thing in the funky US justice system?

Bias being grounds for removal? Hell no. Not even when it's blatant.

Sorry, perhaps I should clarify first.

Our legal system has fuck-all to do with "justice" anymore.

Comment Re:What a marketing! (Score 1) 53

Because it is fucking smart maketing.

"Hi, my name is Mark Cuban. I'm an arrogant asshole who sponsors an organization that teaches you how to avoid abuse by acting like an arrogant asshole spewing vulgarities."

That's pretty much the gist of this. Oddly enough, this won't make me open my wallet any more than the average person, so I fail to see how this is "fucking smart marketing".

And it's hardly even relevant for Slashdot content, so it pretty much means fuck-all to us here, validating the parents point.

Comment Re:One huge problem still (Score 1) 173

How do we guarantee we don't contaminate Mars and vice versa? The risk of bringing back a deadly disease is not zero. Suppose Mars has prions or something we have no immunity for?

I agree it's a small chance, but also a potential civilization-killing chance.

Ironyite - the story of an entire civilization looking to escape it's own destruction by trying to use the intergalactic fuel mineral Ironyite.

Why do I get the feeling someone on Betelgeuse leaned over and said, "watch, here comes the funny part."

Comment Re:Already solved (Score 1) 110

I'm already using the most robust security model for the Internet of Things. I call it Things. My fridge doens't need an internet connection, nor does my light switch. My Smart TV thinks it does, but based on recent information I am in the process of removing that privelege. I think the difference between the winners and losers will be the CIO's that don't feel the urge to jump onto flavour of the month hype and connect everything to the Internet. The entire concept breaks the first rule of Engineering. Keep it fucking simple you fucking fucktards.

They will keep it fucking simple. As a consumer in the near future, you will no longer have the privilege of "removing" said privilege, so you won't have to worry about "options" anymore. You will either connect your IoT device properly and never be offline, or the device will not fucking work.

They will also keep it fucking simple by not worrying about any of that complex security bullshit, because there will be no security.

Our future is rather fucked when it comes to security, but really, it's no different than today.

No different.

Comment Security is not a priority. Never has been. (Score 1) 110

"...leaving all companies scrambling to figure out the security piece of the puzzle now, before it's too late."

This statement is made as if companies themselves do not control the design and development of their own damn products. The simple fact is they do, and they'll either choose to do the right thing and prioritize security, or they'll choose to do the greedy thing and rush to market.

Of course, we all already know what they will choose. Otherwise we wouldn't be having this discussion.

" is going to be upfront and at the center of the discussion."

Might as well stop throwing this kind of bullshit around until you look back through consumer-throwaway-product history and try and find where the hell they ever brought security to the center of the discussion.

As I said before, we already know what greedy capitalists and their investors will choose.

Comment Define "lawful" for me. I dare you to. (Score 1) 137

Yes, feel free to toss up the black-and-white definition of "lawful" these days, because it's so clear in the post 9/11 era, right?

Even our elected leaders don't know what the hell "lawful" is anymore, much like our Constitution. All that matters is sales, as demonstrated by the ass-kissing COO of Blackberry who wants to claim this crap as a "way to differentiate".

Yeah, you're different alright. You're the brand no one really wanted before due to technology.

Now you're the brand to avoid completely, regardless of your damn technology. Congratulations.

Comment Wait, who again? (Score 1) 202

"...Attackers Coordinate Via Unencrypted SMS"

You mean the media? Yes, they often attack using SMS as their weapon of choice when blindly and viciously terrorizing truth or due diligence.

If you're talking about the Paris terrorists, well yeah, I guess they could be stupid enough to do that...or just be attention whores like the media...

Comment Re:Cue the Luddites (Score 3, Interesting) 151

Before the inevitable 60 posts bemoaning the fall of civilization, it's probably worth noting that logographic scripts are very common in the world, and have been used throughout history. What could be more revolutionary, and interesting, in the 21st century to see logographic elements making inroads into languages with alphabetic scripts? Kudos to Oxford!

It's probably worth noting that at one point the Ford Motor company only made one car (The Model T), and while the concept of automobiles and transportation has endured throughout history, the concept of one way to do it has long died, along with the kitsch of a crank-start car (a.k.a. using pictures to communicate)

If Ford were to start selling one kind of car again regardless of where roads may take us today, that's hardly room for praise. At some point a person with half a brain is going to ask the all-important what-the-fuck-were-you-thinking question that clearly wasn't asked at Oxford when adopting a picture as a word.

The "inroads" that brought logographic scripts into existence were born from ignorance, and there's a reason they have died off throughout history. We have words for that shit now.

Comment Re:F : A - I ( L (Score 0) 151

Actually, the OED is still a respectable scholarly work. This is just an offshoot that picks interesting words every year as a kind of PR stunt, and to show that they are actively studying language rather than just collecting words.

Society "collects" and helps define words, not representatives from OED who merely work to validate them as an addition to OED.

And President Obama could make a porn video as a "PR stunt". Doesn't mean it has fuck-all to do with his normal duties, much like dicking around with emojis has fuck-all to do with the english language.

Comment Re:They could have bid with their Delta (Score 1) 55

ULA also has the Delta 4 rocket which uses U.S. designed / made rocket engines. Previously they were letting the 3 core Delta 4 handle the big launches and the single core Atlas 5 handle the smaller launches, but there is no reason they couldn't have bid with a single core Delta 4 if they wanted. Something smells politically fishy with this.

Oh, it smells politically fishy now, but oddly enough it didn't back when we were signing contracts with our largest cold war enemy to help drive our space program?

Oh yeah, that makes a hell of a lot of sense...

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 161

This is how our government is spending its time? When we're being infiltrated by terrorists, when Walmart is fleecing the taxpayer for $billions in welfare, and when Donald Trump is running for President, they're focusing their efforts on the mislabeling of something that any reasonable person knows is snake oil anyway?

No wonder our country is so fucked up.

Uh, our country is also rather fucked up because of the massive lack of "reasonable" people who don't know any better.

Of course, with the narcissist generation, it's almost impossible to tell if that's genuine stupidity or merely fashionable YOLO.

Comment Re:Original Jack3d is the best (Score 1) 161

I took that stuff for years and it was the best pre-workout supplement. I know it was risky/dangerous but man that stuff actually worked. Nothing else like it. Thanks (aka fuck you) to the US government agencies who won't let adults make their own decisions on what's best for them.

If it's results you're after and don't give a shit about your health, then just take steroids.

If you're unconcerned about safety, why even bother with legality...

Comment Re:resemblance (Score 1) 161

Any company called Sunrise Nutraceuticals LLC just sounds suspect to me.

The Nutraceuticals part sounds all sciencey and healthy too, but means nothing really.

Mere names mean nothing as well, unless you're ignorant enough to believe "Marlboro" and "Budweiser" are somehow health products peddled by caring and loving executives.

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.