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Comment: Re:I'm not surprised they don't want to defect (Score 2) 133

Sorry if the truth hurts, but that's how the shit flies. Sure, some do it out of patriotism and with enough "the enemy is everywhere and trying to kill YOUR CHILDREN" propaganda anyone can be very patriotic until they find out that at the other side there's just exactly the same ordinary guy trying to live his life and getting by somehow. Few and far between are the hyped up supersoldiers who'll die gladly for land and fame. Usually you have a bunch of people who just want to make another day go by.

It's not the ordinary guy that "hates" you. Far from it, usually they don't give a shit about you. It's just like it is over here: The real assholes are up at the top. Kill them and the world is a better place.

Comment: Re:Dem haxxorz dey be haxxin. (Score 4, Insightful) 133

In a country where the internet is about as commonplace as for us having your own rocket launch system in the backyard? Please. How do you hit NKor via internet? Take down their online payment system? Hack their official pages so their citizens would get to see defaced pics of li'l Kim?


I can see that as an offensive force, but defense? Please.

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